This story is beyond horrifying - and it’s enraging not only that the White House and leaders in charge in DC are showing no sense of urgency - we are not getting anything beyond lip service on climate change.
All we have out from the burning West is beyond horrifying stories, corresponding cruelty and utter lack of care or humanity from a ghoulish, heartless, and cruel Trump regime, and nothing but tweets of talking points from Democratic politicians.
This is beyond abnormal - this is whole another dimension
We have no choice but 2 vote 4 Biden bc the other option wants our state (along w other blue states) burned 2 the ground. But even when we vote 4 Biden we can call him out 4 being another conventional politician only preoccupied w white people from swing states. This is not ok.
No surprise that Trump doesn’t care if deep blue states like CA, OR, WA burns to the ground - the Q is why isn’t Biden speaking out and attacking Trump for ignoring our ongoing climate catastrophe?
While watching the Niners game just got served with a @JoeBiden ad - here in the Bay Area. Not sure why he is spending $ on ad here. What’s even more ridiculous as the whole state is burning & we can’t see through smoke, the ad mentions nothing about climate change. smfh
About freaking time - shouldn’t have taken this long.

• • •

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30 Sep
The moderation of this #debate is a sham - everyone knew Trump would come in to be a bully - yet this Fox News stooge posing as a credible journalist had no plan to get this bully under control. Beyond ridiculous and absurd. #debates
Wallace is enjoying the humiliation by his network’s master. This is most likely by design
Fox’s Chris Wallace “moderating” this #debate to enable to get Trump his clean shots with lies in without any interruption or fact check - while discussing topics on right wing frame. Biden’s campaign was negligent to even agree to this setting as the first of three #debates
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28 Sep
If Sen. Dem leaders center their #SCOTUS strategy around the hopes of 1 of their marquee Senators scoring some viral video clips during SJC hearings while helping 2 legitimize an #IllegitimateSCOTUSNominee - they are even bigger bunch of losers than we previously thought of.
Any Senate Democrat who has any modicum of pride or reverence for our democracy wouldn't consider meeting an #IllegitimateSCOTUSNominee appointed by tax-cheat, crook who has been openly pointing at this nomination to cement his hold on power. Show some sense of pride & life Dems.
Why would any Senate Democrat w/ any sense of self-respect and concern for our dying democracy even consider sitting down with an #IllegitimateSCOTUSNominee who is most likely heading to SCOTUS to rubber stamp Trump's dictatorial aspiration? In what world is that justifiable?
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28 Sep
Who does Trump owe $400 million to? We are talking half a billion. Is he paying off his debt by offering geopolitical favors to American adversary like Putin compromising the lives of our generals and soldiers he attacks as losers and suckers?
The size of Trump’s debt which’s be significant portions of budgets of states like MT, ME, NH etc is beyond mind boggling. How in the world anyone from Cong. treat anything (ie a scotus nomination) from this #IllegitimatePresident (a national security liability) as legitimate?
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27 Sep
This is why we need someone like @SenWarren function as the moral leader of the Democratic party. No one else can take on the unprecedented corruption & grift that defines Trump’s regime & the GOP b/c no else can burn Trump & his cronies w/ her strategic plans & moral clarity.
The fact that Trump is most likely a tax cheat shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention for last 5 years. It’s why Warren anchored her candidacy in plans that featured going straight after Trump’s corruption…
It’s why we so desperately need leadership like Warren’s - who is the only Democrat who has shown the tenacity and urgency to go after who is most likely the most corrupt occupant of the White House our country has ever seen…
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26 Sep
If we had just 5 more Elizabeth Warren in the Senate Caucus with half her tenacity and 🔥 we’d have unstoppable momentum for Dems to mount all out fight to #blockbarrett
Thankfully @EdMarkey is one of those @SenateDems who can match @SenWarren’s 🔥 - it’d be nice if others stepped like this to indicate they will match their words w action to #blockbarrett
Would be nice if members of @SenateDems caucus & MoC's followed the lead of @SenWarren - call out Trump's #SCOTUSnominee for what she is - an "illegitimate Supreme Court nominee"

Sen. Dems simply cannot treat this farce of a process as business as usual.
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26 Sep
Dear @SenateDems

❌ Boycott hearings
❌ Boycott all votes
❌ No UCs
❌ No quorums

RT/LIKE if you agree - Dems must pull out every single stop to stop #AmyConeyBarrett - Trump's #illegitimate #SCOTUSnominee
Key point. @SenateDems can’t count on an incompetent and out of touch chairperson like @SenFeinstein to manage a farce of a hearing for Trump’s #illegitimate #SCOTUSnominee #blockbarrett #boycotthearings
Dear @SenateDems - follow the lead of @SenWarren:

❌Don’t legitimize Trump’s #IllegitimateNominee
❌Don’t say her name
❌don’t legitimize McConnell’s illegitimate process.
Pull out all the stops to resist this #SCOTUSnominee
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