Read this thread of 8th June and know what and how long term their plans are - see make up of geopolitical world is such that there are only 2 or 3 slots available in mutltipolar world with US as a constant and both India and China can’t be there at the same time.
So either India or China will have a dominant position in the world order. That talk of multipolar world is the biggest bull crap thrown around- as there can’t be multiple power centres in the world. If India has to come up, Chinese fall must come.
China may be a commie country but in a way it is a larger subset of Pak-where an army has a county to govern- no wonder both find common cause in each other. PLA has a country and it is a rag tag coalition of commissars, commies, militia and faux drawn from single child families
If you don’t go for China, they will come for u- it is a race of survival of the fittest. Our biggest problem until now has been the ghost of 1962 but events since Galwan has been of great help as it has actually made forces get into action. It is not abt capability but faith
China is doubly scared than us- their decade old policy of salami slicing has finally found a match in @adgpi’s strategic use of forces for calibrated “readjustment”. Yes for way too long, we were in the awe of an adversary but not anymore & @narendramodi at helm makes all diff!
Folks need to go and study the changes PLA carried out after Xitler came to power in their PLA set up, as also their 3 tier commissar system besides creation of their 5 theatre commands. Belt road was part of that entire change and both feed each other.
Chinese model of dealing with its adversaries has following key elements-
1) Slow boil conflicts: they never settle disputes with principal adversaries as it helps them follow what is called “creeping acquisition” in investment parlance - like a rogue trader.
2. They will always leverage your innate strength of being a democracy - things that u take pride in and blame them to subvert. So while their ambassador will get time slot on our TV, ours can’t even get a statement published in People daily.
3. They use ur openness to hit you.
4. They will leverage their connection to hit us at crucial juncture - like leveraging trade union connections to force strikes, using environment lobbies to force suspension of road n infra projects. Happened with Chardham road recently and with OFB strike as well!
5. They will use journos- opinion makers and editor to keep reminding you of 1962 drubbing, bad economy and Covid situation. Note how none of those naysayers will Qn China abt its role in all 3 matters. It is no rocket science that lockdown caused slowdown and economy will b back
6. Next element of their strategy is using opposition and anti Modi forces to create fissures in the society. Likes of Swamy represent this element of their strategy else how can a man with such continuously shifting views be so constant abt China for decades- he is their man!
7. Next key element of their strategy is to economically strangulate you by flooding your markets in the name of cheap products. This is where PM @narendramodi ‘s #AatmaNirbharBharat scheme is handy. We need to reignite the manufacturing in the country.
8. Imagine giving them $ 60 billion worth of trade surplus year after year after year.This has happened coz of greed of our own folks as well as that decade of decay (2004-14). And this calls for a completely diff approach-good thing is that PM Modi is doing all readjustments
9. Lastly, on China, we need to come to the view that either one of us will exist in our present shape and form and that one will only be India. Everything we plan, execute and deliver on must be carried out with that approach. MEA babus and their Nehruvian era ideas can wait!
Endnote : Sooner Indian establishment accepts the fact that China and India cannot rise together peacefully, better it will be for us and will help contain China. Our objective must be to force the disintegration of China in time and Quad alliance must target that!

• • •

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18 Sep
The farm sector reforms can do wonders to agriculture sector in large states like Bihar, UP, MP and Rajasthan. It will also help break stranglehold of politicians that make them damage the sector to preserve their interests via Mandi routes. It will basically free the farm!
I foresee Bihar coming up in a real big way & become an Agri powerhouse in next 5 years - of course state need to follow a combo of Guj & MP model to revive agri in Bihar. That state has everything going for it- land, water and above all labour which sustain Agri everywhere else!
To me, Bihar not becoming the food and veg bowl of India even after 70 yrs is the biggest mystery - yes people will blame frequent annual floods and Kosi but those are problems for which solutions do exist. Biharis have powered Agriculture across India but not in their own state
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29 Aug
Down with COVID since Sunday- in hospital since Monday. Fever has subsided and chest is also better now. List of medicines is very long and so is the list of injections being administered to me as I am a BP patient for long. However here is my advice to all of you. Please read on
Always,always,always wear masks. Even during peak of lockdown phase I was in office- never took a break. But I always wore masks. Then as lockdown easing started and social interaction increased, everyone beginning to take it lightly but I never failed to wear mask. Yet i m +be
Now that I have been tested positive and going through the rigour of the medical practises, here are my suggestions to you for pre COVID stage-
1) always wear masks
2) maintain hand hygiene
3) always maintain distance from others
4) do betadine gargles twice a day in hot water
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2 Aug
Let me narrate you a story of an Emperor” & his Suburban Xiomi Kingdom-known as Virat Kingdom.

The Emperor- much like last Emperor of his favorite kingdom up North East side of India was crowned so by a loyal group of Einuchs and guardsmen led by Palace Chamberlain named Shotty!
The Emperor was very fond of clothes, so one day- the Palace Chamberlain- invited his other brother-Jr Shotty only- to the palace. Junior Shotty was the agent of some exquisite silk thread that was imported via Silk Route into India. Emperor was told abt dress, Shotty will weave!
The Emperor (a part time lawyer - not of Stevie Wonder fame) had usurped many causes of others & need to appear daily on a Cyber Street (early morning) with occasional weekly appearances on the TV street. His subjects would make a beeline for him & so would his many frenemies!
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22 Jul
None of you so called Hindu activists are paying one rupee to support those lakhs of people whose life is dependent on Yatra in our state- Govt is

Most bizarre is this argument of temple loot-no sir, our temples in Ukd are not rich as you all think so it is NEVER about income!
Govt support of temples in Ukd is a must for the fact that -
1) our temples are located in remote locations. Earlier Raja used to be responsible for upkeep and maintenance, now Govt does
2) lives of lakhs of people are dependent on pilgrimage. Again which is supported by govt
3) Most oft repeated argument is Govt wants to loot temple wealth. I suggest all these guys would do well to check financials of BKTC & even Gangotri and Yamunotri Temple committee - for a state with budget of 50000 crores, combined temple annual donation is less than few crores
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7 Jul
So tomorrow is the “jannat despatch” day of that chocolate faced terrorist from Kashmir- Burhan Wani. And sharing something that is not available anywhere —> letter from Arshad Chotu-JeM terrorist from Multan. His wish was to be buried such that Burhan is always close by- well!
Arshad Chotu- per… this report- was killed in 2014 in a group fight between HM and Jaish; what is bizarre here is the deaire of Jaish terrorist for HM terrorist- surely Burhan Wani wasn’t just into women & was actively involved with men too..... pious men!
Well during his heydays, this HM terrorist son of a school headmaster was dating 9 women between Anantnag and Tral- women who later facilitated his journey to the graveyard close to his home- while women remained at their homes, Arshad Chotu must hv been waiting in promised land!
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6 Jul
Another bunch of lies by Swamy cabal >>…

Iam not a great fan of Awdhesh Kaushal or his org RLEK. Infact if at all anything, Kaushal has been part of inner coterie of Cong’s first family.

It was only few days back, that RLEK got Utkd Govt law struck down!
Only a fool will accuse Ukd Govt of using RLEK-Rural Litigation and Entitlement Kendra- a NGO with a long track record of judicial activism in the matters of environment & other matters. On June 6, their PIL led to HC striking down a law meant to provide relief to ex CMs of ImageImageImageImage… << on RLEKs petition HC struck down the mentioned law. Now Swamy cabal is accusing Ukd Govt of taking help of this NGO all because it entered the judicial battle as an intervenor and argued in fav of the law. Anyways least said the better abt this cabal!
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