Pity state of Massive & Beautiful Bagawan Shiva (Suddha Ratneswara) temple in Ootathur - Near Srirangam & the Priest pathetic condition!
It's an architecture marvel & has the stamp of both Choza & Pandya Kings
Preist here is paid 3500/-PM to manage the temple!
He is also responsible for 7 ft tall Panchanathana Nataraja statue which is valued in crores!

Apart from this, some guys have put a petition on the poor priest for not keeping Ambal Sannidhi open!!

As a lone man,he could only manage one Praharam at a time
So he takes turns
Does those idiots know the devotion & dedication of the priest

His family has been doing Pooja to Shiva Bagawan of this temple for past 200 years, hence he is continuing.

Neivedyam too is made for Bagawan from 3500!!

Else who else will come to do Pooja for 3500?
He says - even a cook gets 2-3K per day if he goes for cooking to a small family celebrations etc & these officer pay 3.5k monthly!

This is the state of our temple priest
While Mullah & white gowns are paid 10K to 15K per month from Govt without any revenue from them!
Freeing up Hindu temple from Govt clutches is the only way to help.our community & sustain our Dharma

The temple has a speciality too.
Water from the Brahma theertham in this temple is set to cure kidney ailments
It is true about the ootru water curing kidney problems. I have personally seen atleast four people cured in my own contacts. The effect of the Ootru water over the panchanathana stone of the Natarajar and the vettiver in the garland has a scientific detox effect
Please read the blog to know more about the temple
It's a beautiful blog

• • •

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18 Sep
A pissful #love jehadi,Mudassar ahmed from coorg (Karnataka) used 2 call & harass a married hindu lady
1 day, the woman finally gave up & asked to meet him
Wen he came, she, along with her husband,relatives & local boys thrashed this sulla nicely & handed him over local police 🔥
And the result
Is self defence & defending our own family from #Jehadies is prohibited or is itself a crime
See the action of the police
Instead of throwing thr guy into jail
What have they done!!?
Is it democracy or democrazy?
Should thr police even entertain this complaint ?
Harrased a women - what does he expect
Arthi to his deeds?
When beaten, playing victim card
This has been their tactics!
Does #Hindus have lost their living rights in this country?
Beti Bachao - how?!
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16 Sep
95% மார்க் வாங்கியும், FC என்பதனால் வாய்ப்பு மறுக்கப்பட்ட எந்த முற்படுத்தப்பட்ட வகுப்பை சார்ந்த இளைஞனும் இளைஞியும் தற்கொலையை நாடியதில்லை!

மெடிக்கல், என்ஜினீரிங், வேலை வாய்ப்பு எதுவானாலும் 'மெரிட்'டால் வெல்ல முயற்சிப்பான்!

95/96/97% மதிப்பெண் பெற்றும் அந்த இடம் தனக்குக்
கிடைக்கவில்லை என்றால் அடுத்த வாய்ப்பைத் தேடிப் போய்க்கொண்டே இருப்பான்!

அயல் மாநிலமா, அயல் நாடா, எதுவும் அந்த முற்படுத்தப்பட்ட வகுப்பை சார்ந்த இளைஞன்/ இளைஞிக்குப் பொருட்டில்லை!

எனவே அது 'நீட்' டோ, JEE யோ...

கிடைத்தால் தர்ம வினை - கிடைக்காவிட்டால் கர்மவினை!
சர்வம் கிருஷ்ணார்ப்பணம்! அதிக பட்சம் தனக்கு மெரிட் இருந்தும் வாய்ப்பு மறுத்த அரசுகளின் மீது ஒரு பிடி சாபம்!

அத்துடன் முற்படுத்தப்பட்ட வகுப்பை சார்ந்த இளைஞன் அடுத்த வாய்ப்பைப் பார்க்கப் போய்கிட்டே இருப்பான்!

படிப்பு மட்டுமின்றி பல்வேறு தேர்வுகளில் நாங்கள் வாங்கின
Read 6 tweets
14 Sep
What a fantastic early morning news
Umar Khalid arrested
Now see how the #Urbannaxal & liberal Kabal will cry all over Social Medis
Don't be surprised if Bollywoodians too tweet in support of this tukde tukde gang!!
@republic - why u call him Student leader!
#MondayMotivaton ImageImage
Here is the first cry baby Image
And the another one
Says he stands with Umar Khalid !
Is this Umar Khalid not the son of leader of SIMI which is banned outfit in India !
And these #UrbanNaxals queing up for support !! Image
Read 6 tweets
9 Sep
A Small Story: My Friend's Experience

There happened a celebration in an organisation 🎉
They opened up a new facility for a new team with 140 + people 👍🏼🍫

During the end of the ceremony,there was a award function to honour all those who worked for establishing the
function & also those who worked for making the ocassion a memorable event!

Awesome,they recognised all contributions 🏆

The contract company's officials -from sweeper to electrician to cofee maker

The whole communication department, 4 arranging branding,Dias,gifts,webcast!
Admin, for getting all things done from transport to food to everything

Finance person, for showing up savings in the project

IT for helping HR in virtual Onboarding & Dispatch of laptop

EHS for taking care of Employees

Secretary to CEO!
Read 7 tweets
8 Sep
I strongly condemn such heinous crimes. Miscreants burnt the 60yr old Chariot of Bagawan Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy of the famous Antarvedi temple,Andhra Pradesh. Somehow or the other, several unpleasant things r continuously happening only in the Hindu Temples, ImageImage
their properties and funds reminding the then Aurangzeb in some States particularly in Andhra Pradesh.

Sins are multifolding & fermenting. I request on behalf of the Devoted community the protectors of our Sanatana Dharma and temples viz., the Head of the Mutts & Peethams to ImageImage
please raise a red flag against such acts carried out detrimental to the interests of Crores of Hindus hurting the religious sentiments and faith by the continued mischievous actions of some sections of the people only to create unrest in the peace loving Hindu ImageImage
Read 7 tweets
8 Sep
U know there is Urdu Meduim UPSC Exam!
Who takes it?
Graduates from Madrasas!
Their graduation subject-only in Qu@ron & no mainstream subjects!
Their papers r corrected by another M naturally!
These Urdu Quor@n master can become secretary of Science & Technology ImageImage
with no knowledge about S &T
no knowledge about any main stream subjects!
A Normal Indian,after his post graduation takes 4 to 9 yrs to become an IAS while these scoundrels take the shortcut to become IAS!
They get 1 lac aid for preparing IAS prelims &
I guess,10 lacs once he passes!
But a Hindu has to pledge his mother's mangalsutra to study!
Does new education policy address this issue?
Can we then have UPSC Exams in 14 official language?
Can we have religion based UPSC?
Y only #Muslin have privelage that he
Read 5 tweets

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