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13 Sep, 7 tweets, 2 min read
1. Imagine a 2% of Filipinos controlled all the media and politics and finance in Japan

How long would this last until the Japanese people started saying

"Hold up. This is Japan, the homeland of the Japanese. This is unfair and not OK. You people need to leave."
2. Of course, the 2% of Filipinos are not dumb and they understand this awkward situation they are in

"How can we avoid eventually getting kicked out by the Japanese people since we are hoarding all the wealth and power in their country but we don't belong here?"
3. "My fellow Japanese! What is a Japanese? I say a Japanese person is determined by their culture and values! Certainly not by their skin color!

Look at this little refugee kid from Africa here. I say he can be a Japanese too! Let's let him in guys"
4. "As a matter of fact let's let everyone in! Let's bring in Africans and Mexicans and Arabs and Chinese.

Excluding them because of their race and skin color is very evil and mean! We are now a progressive inclusive diverse modern nation!"
5. "Yes yes Japan belongs to everyone! Not just to the ethnically Japanese. That is an old ignorant belief. Anyone can be a Japanese with the right values. Being a Japanese person is so much more than silly skin color or genes."
6. "What? You're saying Japan is the homeland of the ethnically Japanese?

Oh my God you must be a Japanese supremacist! There is no place for such dangerous hate speech inside our tolerant progressive inclusive modern society!"
7. If you live in a Western (White/European) country this situation might sound familiar

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18 Sep
1. Thread on what identity is and why and how the ***s confuse you here

Let's start with the basic idea. An identity is something that identifies you

In other words an identity is something that differentiates you from others (who don't have that identity)
2. An identity is supposed to separate you from others

In other words an identity is supposed to be exclusive by definition

An identity is supposed to EXCLUDE people (very mean I know)
3. Why? Well because an identity that includes everyone is useless

Imagine if everyone had literally the exact same national ID (identity) number, what would be the point of having it even

Identities need to be exclusive or they are not really identities at all
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17 Sep
Censoring the entire internet is hard but they're trying. They also have alternative equally effective plans:

-Making "hate speech" outright illegal
-Making online anonymity impossible
-Declaring people who post memes "terrorists" and sending all noticing goyim to gulags
They are trying to do all four of these things ASAP and everywhere

In every country they succeed more or less with some or others

Eventually everywhere it will be practically impossible to publicly or even privately talk about what they're doing
These people are working around the clock towards a global system of censorship

They're extremely pissed that the internet allows goys to communicate freely between countries
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16 Sep
If racism meant "racial discrimination" then anti-racism would mean no racial discrimination whatsoever

Yet time and time again we see everyone using "anti-racism" to refer to racial discrimination against White people
Why is this important?

Because this exposes the structure and mechanism behind the entire brainwash

I keep insisting that discrimination against White people is not "racism" not because I want to be annoying but because I want to expose the structure of the brainwash the ***s are using to attack us
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12 Sep
1. It's wrong to refer to anti-White discrimination as "racism"

I've been trying to explain this but I don't think I'm doing it right

It's actually accurate to refer to it as reverse-racism

I've been trying to explain that anti-racism IS reverse-racism
2. Why is it wrong to refer to anti-White discrimination as "racism"?

Well for starters, you are agreeing with the narrative that "racism" is evil which must be fought against

Even worse, you are saying that that "anti-racism" must be supported
3. The problem is that you can try calling anti-White discrimination "racism" (and maybe this even makes sense to you) but that's not what "racism" actually is to the public

When you say "racism" what 95% of the population instantly thinks of is White men oppressing brown men
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11 Sep
Because of the "equality" brainwash explained in my pinned thread

It grabs two groups and creates a relationship of "oppression" between them where the "oppressor" group is now morally bankrupt
Also this brainwash means that the supposedly "privileged" oppressor group now represents pure evil and must get attacked on by society from all angles

And the supposed "victim" group is now holy and special and must get eternal concessions
So reality ends up being literally upside down to the brainwash

The privileged oppressor becomes IRL the oppressed victim and vice versa

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5 Sep
"You won't be able to redpill ALL the normaltards so why even try just give up"

That's not how normaltards work bro

Normaltards will all move in one direction then suddenly move in a new one like an avalanche

But you need to build up the underlying conditions to trigger it
It's hard to measure this though

It seems like nothing is changing then suddenly everything changes all at once

Every person you redpill is worth a lot because it adds up towards that critical mass even though you can't measure it with a progress bar on your screen
There's a reason ***s are desperate to censor the internet

Yes their propaganda machinery is huge but they need it to be because they are using it to push the normaltards in an unnatural direction
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