@deadbeatrefrain XY would start with hair stroking. Whispering cruel things to him with his lips brushing XXC’s ear. Confessing what he’s doing and who he is, how blind and foolish XXC is (using that word on purpose). All while petting his hair so softly.
@deadbeatrefrain Pressing himself up against XXC’s side XY cradles his cheek in his hand. Whispers that he watches him, how he imagines taking him in the courtyard. Out under the sun where anyone could see. Tasting him, making him beg.

XY takes his earlobe between his teeth. Gentle, so gentle.
@deadbeatrefrain XY removes XXC’s blindfold, gently lifting his head to untie it. Pulls it away from XXC’s ruined eyes. He knows XXC’s pride won’t let him allow anyone else to see, the sunken lids that mar his beauty.

XY whispers he is more beautiful like this, runs his tongue across his scars.
@deadbeatrefrain XXC makes a small noise, barely more than a breath in the silence but XY freezes. Listening. When XXC’s breathing deepens again he places a kiss over one ruined eye. Keeping his lips there as he gently nuzzles the warm delicate skin.
@deadbeatrefrain XY pulls back, flicks the tip of XXC’s nose with his tongue. Sits back to take him in. Hair spread in a dark wave around him, beautiful skin pale and smooth as the first snowfall in winter. Beautiful emptiness behind his lids.

Petal pink lips parted in sleep.
@deadbeatrefrain XY runs his tongue along XXC’s open mouth, brushing the inside of his bottom lip. The smallest taste. Presses his lips to XXC’s slowly, listening to his breathing.

Lips can be so sensitive, but XXC doesn’t stir as XY feels his softness. Tongues the tantalizing heat of him.
@deadbeatrefrain XY wants, so much. Licks into his mouth, feels the slide of their lips. Has to stop himself from taking too much, pressing too far.

Whispers in his ear the things he wants to do to that mouth as he brushes XXC’s lip with his thumb.
@deadbeatrefrain He wants to stretch those lips around his cock. Teach him how to take him all, even if it means XXC will choke again and again until he learns. Hard lessons are the ones we remember after all.

XY presses his thumb inside XXC’s mouth as he talks, opens it just a little.
@deadbeatrefrain So this is turning into an actual fic. It's all written, but twitter style so it's a hot mess. I'll clean it up tomorrow, post it on AO3 and put a link here. I'd like to credit you or gift it to you or something if you're ok with that. Let me know? 😊

• • •

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