The angular houses in #Astrology are the most important and planets here are felt and experienced strongly. The angular houses represent the cross of life.
1st YOU
4th Home | Mom | Inner World
7th Others | Marriage & Business
10th Career | Reputation | Dad
Angular Houses: to be

Succedent Houses: to use

Cadet Houses: to understand/ transform

-Dane Rudhyar
The angular houses are naturally associated with the Cardinal signs

1st house = Aries
4th house = Cancer
7th house = Libra
10th house = Capricorn

These are outwardly directed/ action oriented houses and signs
The succedent houses follow the angular houses and represent taking what we have created in the in the angular houses and developing and or/making something useful
The succedent houses in #Astrology are
2nd Your values | Income
5th Your children | Creative Projects
8th Your Resources | Crisis
11th Your Hopes| Wishes |Groups
The succedent houses are naturally associated with fixed signs

2nd house = Taurus
5th house = Leo
8th house = Scorpio
11th house = Aquarius
The cadet houses have the weakest influence and are less productive.
3rd Communication | Siblings
6th Work| Health | Service | Habits
9th Travel | Higher education
12th Confinement | Secrecy
The cadet houses are associated with mutable signs

3rd House = Gemini
6th House = Virgo
9th House = Sagittarius
12th House = Pisces

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24 Sep
The first house in #astrology actually corresponds with your first breath. It is not often mentioned but the 1st house shows the conditions of your early home environment; along with the 4th house.
The first house holds our rising sign and/or ascendant. This shows the mask that we developed early in childhood as a survival mechanism. This is the doorway to the natal chart; however not everyone will be given approval to enter this doorway 🎭
People that have a sun sign the same as the rising sign are as they appear to be. Other people are more complex.
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15 Sep
The #Virgo #NewMoon on 9/17 encourages us to get our lives in order. This is the time we clean out our closets, catch up on emails & implement new healthier patterns. Virgo is also the sign of service so asking how are you actually contributing to the betterment of humanity?
Messges for the Collective for the #Virgo New Moon 🌑
Theme: You’re on the right path ✨
Embrace: King of Cups + The World
Raphael: Alternative healing 💚
Michael: Eternal Love 🌹
Vishnu: Trust
Closing Message: Leaning
The central theme of this #NewMoon You’re on the right path. Such a common question; people always want to know what their life purpose is or if they are on the right path: you are never on the wrong path! “Even people that betray you are apart of the master plan”
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8 Sep
The #Midheaven is the most elevated point in the natal chart. The sign on the cusp of the Midheaven gives us insight into our reputation, our career choice as well as our Father figure

When considering the Father figure we must take into account the Suns sign, house placement, aspects, the 10th house planets, sign on the cusp, and well as the condition of Saturn
When we are looking at career in totality we want to look at the 10th house sign on the cusp, the planets inside, the ruler of the 10th house and the 6th house for the day to day activities of the career path
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28 Aug
9/2 we have a #FullMoon in 11° of #Pisces. This Full Moon indicates we may have to sort through some illusionary energy. Pisces is the sign of the creative but also a sign closely connected to self-deception. Open your eyes; remember to fuel your idealism with some realism
With the Moon in Pisces being conjoined by Neptune planet of escapism you may be tempted to turn away & avoid what’s in front of you. The quote “denial is a save now pay later scheme”With the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Pisces we are being called to balance intuition & logic
On the Full Moon; Saturn planet of limitation opposes Venus planet of love & relating; this can bring the the reappearance of a Karmic lover or the remembering of an old wound regarding a lover. We may feel short of love, time & pleasure. We may face our own limitations in love
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18 Aug
We have a #NewMoon in 26 degrees of Leo on 8/18. This New Moon conjoins Mercury planet of communication and is encouraging us to speak our truth & give voice to out creativity. Leo is a sign associated with the heart and pride. Embrace being heart centered ♥️
Along with this New Moon which is nicely aspected we will also have Chiron square Venus which may bring past hurts/wounds to the surface and Saturn in square aspect to Mars which can make it feel like we are standing still.
I consulted various oracles for collective messages for this #New Moon and the first I received was: Awakened Creativity 🔮. Leo governs the 5th house in Astrology Keywords: I create. This message was perfect ImageImage
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11 Aug
I had a request to do a Natal North Node thread. Personally I look at the house placement over the sign the nodes are in.
In synastry I make a mental note of the node house overlays and I absolutely find someNode connections important. However I do think you can have a soul connection with someone and not have nodal contacts. I love the vertex
A common placement I see in star crossed relationships is one persons Venus square the nodes of another. If you can’t get rid of them or break away from one another Saturn conjoining one of the other persons nodes. Big ones for soul lessons
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