Finally got around to watching Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I got spoiled on it aaaages ago -- at the same time I heard about it in the first place -- so never put it high on TBW list. And missing out on the surprise *does* lose it something... but oh, the journey. Loved it.
And the genre deconstruction was great, but holy shit the witch/labyrinth art. Like Dave Mckean and Romare Bearden got high together, somehow had a daughter despite Bearden being dead, she became a magical girl, and her ultimate attack was collage art.
I'd fallen out of love with mahou shoujo. So many were either too cute or trying too hard to be subversions, without actually subverting much. I fannishly grew up on CLAMP, so... 🤷🏾‍♀️ But this was Utena-level (that's praise). And me only a decade late, lol.
It's on Netflix, if anybody wants to watch it.

• • •

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16 Aug
I wonder if white liberals finally understand just how much of a threat white supremacy has always been to this country. Assuming Trump is defeated and the Senate flips in November, assuming the transition actually happens -- are they prepared to solve that problem this time?
White supremacy is the framework for US classism, our misogyny, our tax structure, our education and health care, everything. It's why we lag so far behind similar countries: To hold somebody else down, you gotta stay down with 'em. Our enemies know this is a huge weakness.
And I say "this time" because we've been here before. After the Civil War, Union leaders appeased rather than punished the traitors. After the Civil Rights Movement, white liberals appeased again, cooperating to erode every CR gain and even aiding Black & Brown oppression.
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8 Jul
Just catching up with this Harpers nonsense. I see why they didn't name names -- because their argument only works in abstract. The moment you cite specifics, you realize they're supporting mass dehumanization, historical revisionism, and any number of fascist principles.
Fascism sounds great in the abstract, too, when it's framed in this abstract way. Then you notice the bodies it's standing on.
::grumbles in proofreading, seeing two "abstracts.":: That's why I shouldn't Tweet late at night, damn it.
Read 4 tweets
17 Jun
Been thinking about one of the questions @wkamaubell relayed to me during our NYPL event earlier tonight, which was basically: In a time like this, for an artist, should I be doing more than just writing? It was a good q, so my thoughts are still chewing on it. Thx, questioner.
The question is at around 19:00 in the video.
My initial response centered on the power that art has. There is no "just writing" when it comes to things that influence our Zeitgeist. Here is the interesting thread I referred to, about how 1 actor's bias influenced how TV portrays cops for years.
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9 Jun
Folks, lots of us have sent around links to bail funds & mutual aid, but the next phase of the fight is going to be legal defense for arrested protestors. Cities play mad legal games to defend the status quo, erode the 1st Amendment, and "make examples" of those who want change.
Protestors will need competent, well-trained lawyers, researchers, etc., and that's expensive. National Lawyers' Guild already does this work pro bono, but cops want to overwhelm the system same as COVID overwhelms hospitals. People are gonna need the legal equivalent of PPE.
I donated $10,000 to the NLG-NYC Chapter (@NLGNYCnews), earmarked as seed money to pay staff working on coordinated mass defense for arrested protestors. They've opened up that fund to anyone else who wants to contribute, too. New Yorkers, come thru!…
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7 Jun
OK folks. Getting lots of questions about #PublishingPaidMe, and need to clear up misconceptions. A lot of people are treating advances like the earnings for a book, and... no. Basically advances indicate what the publishing industry *thinks* readers will like in the future.
So they are effectively attempting to peer into a crystal ball when they do this. Since these are big corporations and not fortune tellers, some hard facts go into this guess: the author's previous sales, for one. Sales of comparable books by comparable authors.
But here's where hard facts start to slip and other factors start to slip in. Like, who are my comparable authors? Who is trying a different subgenre of SFF with every series, a different style, etc., like me? IDK. How many readers *like* authors who jump around like that?
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5 Jun
Defund the police. Starve departments of money til they *have* to fire their most violent, who cost them the most money. Make precincts pay up for the damage cops inflict, not taxpayers. Take away all their li'l military toys, which they don't even have training to use properly.
Use the money to bring counselors back into schools, mentally ill people back into housing, and social workers back into most of the situations we currently treat as criminal. Ban states from contracting with for-profit prisons.
If the appeal to human decency isn't hitting for you, just think how much we could do with the *billions* we spend on police departments filled with violent thugs who think they own us and not the other way around. How many *billions* we'd save on lawsuits. Seriously. Think.
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