Let me tell you about @NDLB2020

#NoDemLeftBehind is a coalition of rural Democratic candidates for Congress.

And for the amount of $$$ it costs to send 1 moderate Dem from a toss-up district to Washington, we can send 11 progressive candidates.

Think about that.

11 additional votes for universal healthcare.
11 additional votes to fully fund education.
11 additional votes to support climate change policy.
11 additional votes to invest in green infrastructure.
11 additional votes to end qualified immunity.

There's so much focus on how likely a district is to flip on day zero (before there's a candidate or $1 raised) that no one pays attention to where the district is 50 days out.

Imagine you have a no-show incumbent + a candidate who perfectly fits the district.

Imagine the incumbent holds no town halls, no debates, and no opportunity to hear from constituents.

Imagine the incumbent isn't even raising money because they feel so safe.

Imagine the incumbent never travels around the district. Never sees people.

Those are the incumbents I'm talking about.

Now imagine they're challenged in a competitive race for the first time against challenger candidates who reflect the district, who were born and raised in the district, who are military veterans and military family members.

Imagine those challengers have visited every community. Spoken with people in every town.

Imagine the challengers are doctors, lawyers, union workers, farmers and teachers, too.

Imagine the challengers aren't afraid to fight.

Imagine those challengers speak to voters who haven't heard from a candidate in at least a decade.

Imagine those challengers create grassroots volunteer networks.

Imagine those challengers don't need to dampen a progressive message in a rural area because it resonates.

Because those are the types of candidates we're talking about here.

We're talking about specific rural races--with no show incumbents and with grassroots powered candidates who truly reflect their district because it's their home.

No seat is safe in 2020.

And what we have in 11 districts is only one side showing up for the fight--and that's us. No Dem Left Behind.

@RobAnderson2018 @DevinPandy @AC4Congress2020 @AllenLEllison @Mia4MD @NatalieClineWV @SWFLMom2020 @DrGaryWegman @BlairWalsingham @tomforwi
So you can watch $11 million dollars be spent on one individual toss-up race in America--where the candidate must run as and be a moderate democrat.

Or, you can divide $11 million, 11 ways and send 11 progressive votes to Congress.

Because when it comes to moving this country forward--it doesn't matter how close the race looked before it started.

It only matters how many votes we have on universal healthcare. And 11 congressmen create a voting block that can't be ignored.

Any basketball player knows you don't charge the guy guarding you if you're looking to make a play.

You find the opening and walk right on through.

And that's what we're going to do.


• • •

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15 Sep

That's such an incredible thing to read from someone I admire greatly.

And I have to tell you--it's because of Rob Anderson and 11 other people that I feel supported enough to do this work.


Candidates Who Support Other Candidates

Let me tell you about @RobAnderson2018.

This guy is a force. Not even multiple hurricanes have slowed him down.


He's running in #LA03 against Rep. Clay Higgins who recently loudly proclaimed he'd shoot peaceful protestors.

Rob Anderson constantly lifts everyone around him up.

That's how you know he means what he says and why you can trust him to lower student loan debt, to fix healthcare, and to invest in much needed infrastructure.

As a plus--he doesn't threaten to shoot people.

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14 Sep
My home is ground zero for disinformation.

And the reason for that is largely due to the collapse of local media and local journalism.

Accountability in the sharing of information is absent.

Here's how dangerous propaganda spreads.

A Thread🧵
So why is my home ground zero?

National outlets mention that #MO04 tends to vote Republican, we have a lower proportion of college degrees.

That we lack sufficient access to the Internet.
And while those statistics are objectively true--it's misses the bigger picture.

But we split ticket vote constantly.

Intelligence isn't dictated by one's amount of student loan debt.

And not all things on the Internet are objectively true.

No--our problem is less complicated--we simply lack the resources to fight misinformation.

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11 Sep
Nineteen years ago, I was an eighth grader sitting at an unleveled desk on the third floor of Bueker Middle School.

That morning was a Tuesday—mom’s day—so I had filled my backpack with clothes, my sparkly gymnastics leo for practice that afternoon--

and my heavily worn copy of the Goblet of Fire that I had read about seven times. All of this made it difficult to dig for a perfect #2 wooden pencil.

Mechanical pencils were insufficient for some reason.

In home room, Mrs. Berry’s class, I sat annoyed that we had Terra Nova standardized testing that day. Luckily, about half way through, Vice Principal Tobin interrupted our testing.

I hoped he’d cancel the whole thing—

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10 Sep
Since launching my campaign, I have had close to a dozen private citizens come forward and confidentially share their stories of harassment and discrimination at the hands of Vicky Hartzler, because of her radical anti-LGBTQ+ prejudice.

I have heard stories of Vicky speaking to young people when she was a teacher—urging them to deny the identity they knew to be true.

I have heard stories of Vicky using her Mennonite church to force young people into conversion therapy camps.

I have heard stories of Vicky calling parents, writing letters to children, and publicly shaming families who love their children anyway for embracing their truest identities.

Vicky Hartzler holds conversion therapy summits at the Capitol.


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9 Sep
On a cold day in February, I put on my favorite church dress and winter coat and took the 40 minute subway ride to a Manhattan courthouse.

I sat in a room with a few dozen other attorneys and took my first oath of office—to be an attorney and counselor at law.

A Thread 🧵
I wanted my parents to be there—but I had just started practicing and didn’t have the money to fly them in and they didn’t have the funds for a spur of the moment trip half way across the country.

I rehearsed the oath like I did the Lord’s Prayer.

“I do solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution if they State of New York, and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office of attorney and counselor at law...

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6 Sep
I get asked a lot by folks in #MO04 and around the country to explained what happened here.

How did we go from a democratic stronghold, with the giant military champion Ike Skelton to where we are now—a woman who took $500k in PPP money while others struggle.

Here you go.

My answer is simple—the people haven’t changed.

But money in politics has changed how much my community is cared about.

Folks out here are hard working people who do what it takes to get by and don’t bother asking for help because they know it’s not coming.

For decades we’ve been promised better roads and schools and jobs and there for a while we believed it.

And for a while it was true, especially around Whiteman Air Force Base and Fort Leonard Wood.

But then the 2008/2009 economic crisis happened.

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