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13 Sep, 15 tweets, 18 min read
@Carnett2 @kim_me153 @justinamash @realDonaldTrump We had no strategy in Iraq.

The Iraqi armed forces disintegrated TWICE--once leading to the fall of Ramadi.

The only Iraqis who stood and fought were a Kurdish general and his 40 men, who finally had to retreat.

In September of 2015, the Iraqis tried to retake Ramadi.

@Carnett2 @kim_me153 @justinamash @realDonaldTrump The operation was a catastrophe.

The Iranian-led militias took orders only from Iran, and the two Iraqi generals in charge of the operation were killed by suicide bombers disguised as Iraqi soldiers.

Obama DID NOT ALLOW ground controllers for the American air strikes.
@Carnett2 @kim_me153 @justinamash @realDonaldTrump The Iraqis paused until October, and when they started up again, the took back the city in less than two months.

They then went on to win every battle until they'd destroyed the Islamic State in Iraq.

Here's what happened:

The SAUDIS asked the Iraqis if they wanted help.
@Carnett2 @kim_me153 @justinamash @realDonaldTrump Secret help, no strings attached.

Iraq gets all the credit.

The Iraqis accepted, so the Saudis attached strategic commando units to the Iraqi forces. After October of 2015, the assault troops were never filmed.
@Carnett2 @kim_me153 @justinamash @realDonaldTrump The assault troops destroyed the enemy, and the Iraqis held the ground taken.

For every non-Iraqi commando in Iraq, one Iraqi was sent to Saudi Arabia or the UAE to be trained.

As the Iraqis were trained, they came home to resume fighting, and the foreign commandos left.
@Carnett2 @kim_me153 @justinamash @realDonaldTrump Iraqi generals were quick to adapt to the new war-fighting method:

The battlefield is digitalized, and every soldier is identified by a numbered dot.

When you pull out, you see each unit of individual soldiers.

The assault troops fought in "combined-arms micro teams."
@Carnett2 @kim_me153 @justinamash @realDonaldTrump These teams had all the necessary weapons to fight on the ground and in the air.

They were semi-autonomous, in that they were given an objective and decided FOR THEMSELVES how to take it.

This freed up generals from having to learn infantry tactics.

They simply got BRIEFED.
@Carnett2 @kim_me153 @justinamash @realDonaldTrump Generals = strategy.

Captains and lieutenants = tactics.

I just discovered that all these units have adopted a NEW innovation:

Sergeants and corporals are trained as officers.

All armies have a chronic junior-officer shortage.
@Carnett2 @kim_me153 @justinamash @realDonaldTrump The Gulf Arabs found the solution.

If they can't get junior officers, the enlisted men DO THE OFFICERING FOR THEMSELVES, without the official rank.

This breaks down the final barriers between all fighting men and women.
@Carnett2 @kim_me153 @justinamash @realDonaldTrump By the end of the war against the Islamic State, the Iraqis had enough TRAINED men to replace all the foreigners.

There's tons of video evidence that this happened. ImageImageImageImage
@Carnett2 @kim_me153 @justinamash @realDonaldTrump The adab can be performed with the left hand if your right hand carried a rifle.

The man in the tan coveralls is an Iraqi army colonel. ImageImage
@Carnett2 @kim_me153 @justinamash @realDonaldTrump The man suddenly glaring at the camera was the advisor of the bald Iraqi police commander.

He's not Iraqi. ImageImageImageImage
@Carnett2 @kim_me153 @justinamash @realDonaldTrump This gray-haired man could run like the wind.

Every time he spoke, they censored out his voice. ImageImageImageImage
@Carnett2 @kim_me153 @justinamash @realDonaldTrump There were advisors from all over the world.

As the fighting continued, the Iraqs were trained until there were enough of them to do all the fighting.

The Saudis did in two years what WE couldn't do in ten.

And this is why Trump knows that we have to leave this to the locals.
@Carnett2 @kim_me153 @justinamash @realDonaldTrump We can help in a noncombat role IF ASKED, but they have to do the fighting.


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28 Sep

Joe Biden rally.

We all saw @realDonaldTrump's peaceful protest in Pennsylvania last night, right?

I'll use this absolutely pitiful display to confirm what I said earlier about Biden's communications system.

I told you to be careful about photos.

This video PROVES that he isn't wearing insertable earpieces. ImageImage
Indoor lighting an video quality is tricky.

The best lighting is outdoor and slightly diffuse.

I used to paint military miniatures, and the only way I knew they were any good was by taking them out onto the back porch, under the translucent fiberglass awning.
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27 Sep

Your feel-good video of the day.

Congratulations on your landslide reelection, @realDonaldTrump.

So many great things!

Calmly continuing to enjoy a night out. ImageImage
No masks. Image
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27 Sep

Sky News Australia accurately predicts the landslide reelection of @realDonaldTrump.

This is why I don't listen to any "experts" in any field.

This response to the Democrats' brainless insanity is self-evident.

RIGHT ON CUE, the freaks go out and scream.…
The strategy is to wear us down so that we'll give in to them.

Why is this a pre-failed strategy?

Because they're telling us that if we DO give in to them, they'll make us pay for defying them.

"If you ever throw us out of power, we'll go back to rioting!"
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27 Sep

There we go!

First time I've been able to confirm that this technology is in the field.

For everyone worried about the safety of @realDonaldTrump:

Watch his eyes:

One to four of eight: ImageImageImageImage
Five to eight of eight: ImageImageImageImage
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26 Sep

A leftist wrote to me that I'm a "fool" for not bothering to listen to Amy Klobuchar.

I responded that after what the Democrats have done to @realDonaldTrump I will NEVER AGAIN listen to them under any circumstances.

Here's a simple illustration to help Dems comprehend. Image
When the Democrats got Obama, they became psychotically belligerent.

When their Lady of the Circus Tent didn't win, they became even worse.


I don't see the Democrats reforming themselves in my lifetime.
The Democrats are dead to me.

I don't watch any hearings or press conferences.

The only time I pay attention is when someone cleans a Democrat's clock.

Or when Democrats clean their own clocks.

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26 Sep

@realDonaldTrump you magnificent bastard! I read your book!

Erwin Rommel's book was Infantry Attacks.

He was a lieutenant in World War One serving in the 124th Württemberg Infantry Regiment.

Independently of the people credited with small-unit tactics, Rommel developed them on his own.

His were actually superior to the famous names.
In the Battle of Caporetto (October 24, 1917 to November 19, 1917) Rommel and 150 men captured 9,000 Italians in three days, losing six dead and 30 wounded.

Rommel IGNORED HIS ORDERS, infiltrated enemy lines, and attacked FROM BEHIND.

He trained some men to speak Italian.
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