Interesting info re Biden and other -- from "Blackberries Matter: Hillary's Blackberries May Be The Heart Of The Matter" by @GeorgWebb… via @amazon
One of George Webb's sources s - a "30 Year @JoeBiden Advisor That Looks Remarkably Like Ambassador Bill Taylor Of Trump Coup Fame"
Actually 40?

Webb: "I got a call from someone who claimed to work for Joe Biden 'for over forty years,' and he said he knew all about Imran Awan."
"I went with a filmmaker friend (at the time) to meet this mysterious person who claimed to know how all the encrypted blackberries were configured on Capitol Hill."
Remember, per @GeorgWebb -- the blackberries were the mechanism for carrying out "their" dirty deeds.
"he immediately explained Imran had come in through a program called InterAmerican which was a DNC cut-out for bringing in overseas operatives. Then he talked about DWS, Donna Brazile, Seth Rich [another topic covered in the book], and Eleanor Holmes Norton, the Rep from DC."
"He explained their was some tension between Hillary and Biden on the subject of foreign covert actions, and somehow Donna Brazile and Seth Rich got in the middle of it as some sort of referees."
The Biden aide left his BlackBerry behind (Webb suspected a trap).
Webb "Discovers The Biden [aide] Blackberry Mapped To A DIA Human Intelligence Handler Assigned To Capitol Hill, And There Seemed To Be Several Navy Intel Operatives Like Him Inside The DNC "
The phone number and bar code mapped to the SCC senate dot gov at the Senate Sergeant of Arms to a Navy cryptologist named Matthew Gonter."
"I only really remember the big surprises on the meeting

--about how Imran got into the country,

--how the blackberries planned and executed everything from Libya to the Iran Nuclear Deal, "
"--how Seth Rich was Mr. Secret Pipeline, both on shore and off shore,

--how Jeff Epstein was recruiting girls who willing joined intel teams (I had had previous experience in New York City to the contrary),"
"--and how Jeff Epstein was really all about shipping and flying weapons, not pedophelia.

I don't want to repeat what I remember about Warren Buffet, but there was a drug component there."
"There was talk about C-130 flig hts into Offut AFB in Omaha, but I really don't remember if the drugs were legal or illegal. "
If @GeorgWebb is telling the truth (and he has a witness to the meeting, plus physical evidence of the BlackBerry) -- this means that Biden knows everything listed above.
There is more.

Much much more.

George Webb isn't anonymous like Q.
Also, Webb is telling us things directly relevant to the Mossad, it seems to me.
"plying Mr. Biden Blackberry with red wine had its advantages.

"He talked with me at least 3 hours about the DNC and he also forgot his blackberry with me on the couch he was sitting on, leaving physical evidence of the meeting."
Why isn't Webb being interviewed by Congress?

One of his central themes is the infiltration of the House of Representatives.
Come to think of it, couldn't Biden answer some questions about that?
"He [Biden aide] also talked a lot more about the State Department and Diplomatic Security Services and how Hillary sort of used DSS in the same way she used State Troopers in Arkansas, as enforcers and go-betweens."

"the downside of all the wine for both of us is I don't remember if the DSS infiltrated the FBI or the FBI infiltrated the DSS, but I know the DSS was important"
"the ambassador under investigation 'routinely ditched his protective security detail in order to solicit sexual favors from both prostitutes and minor children'....a high-ranking official at State directed investigators to 'cease the investigation.'"…
"George Webb Finds Out From Mr. Biden Blackberry That Hillary Has Her Own Secret Service That Moved To FBI and Diplomatic Security Service After She Left The White House As First Lady"
Sorta sounds like Hillary diverted government resources to facilitate child sex trafficking and Biden knew about it.
.@JoeBiden's machine is indeed all about people.

Using them.

For every dollar they're worth.

Why did YouTube delete @GeorgWebb thousands of research videos?

Why do YOU think?
@threader_app compile

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