Climate change activists say the Earth is warmer now than at any time since "records began", which is in 1914. A strange assertion, considering Earthly cycles can, and are frequently measured in millions of years. Here are some facts concerning "climate change"

@SizweLo A Harvard University study published in the journal Energy & Environment showed that today's temperatures are not even close to being the highest in the last 1000 years, and that we are not experiencing the most extreme weather patterns in history either
@SizweLo The researchers found that there had been a "Medieval Warm Period" between the 9th and 14th centuries (around the time Game of Thrones was presumably shot) when global temperatures were significantly higher than they are today
@SizweLo There was also a period - 9,000 years ago - called the Holocene Maximum, when temperatures were on average 3 degrees warmer than today. For thousands of years at a time
@SizweLo During this time of "global warming", forests flourished in North America and elsewhere and there was no global catastrophe, just as there wasn't with the Game of Thrones' "Warm Period when Tyrion walked the streets"
@SizweLo The Harvard study found that there was what they call the 'Little Ice Age' starting 500 years ago, when there was a dramatic drop in global temperatures before they rose again to current levels
@SizweLo The truth is Earth's climate has always been changing and there has always been times when it was warmer or cooler. To compare today's temperatures with those of just 600 years ago, as many do, exaggerates what is happening today
@SizweLo The evidence by the Harvard research team shows that the belief in the (and it is a belief system) 'unprecedented' temperatures of today is simply the result of studying temperature fluctuations over an excessively short period of time
@SizweLo Professor Philip Scott of the Department of Biogeography at the University of London:
@SizweLo "During the Medieval Warm Period, the world was warmer than today, and history shows that it was a wonderful period of plenty for everyone. When the temperature started to drop [in the Little Ice Age], harvests failed and England's vine industry died"
@SizweLo See, temperatures fluctuate by the hour (morning is cooler than mid-afternoon); by the season (summer is warmer than winter). Game of Thrones and Vikings period was warmer than today. It's actually small cycles within bigger, and then biggest cycles of cool and warm
@SizweLo Also, there's the matter of the sun being brighter. Yes, according to Dr Sami Solanki, director of the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research in Gottingen, Germany: "The Sun has been at its strongest over the past 60 years and may now be affecting global temps"
@SizweLo The science and history of the planet is not what climate change activists want to even open a discussion about. To them it's an open-shut case: we are the cause of "rising global temperatures" and this is by definition a bad thing. Case closed!
@SizweLo Anyway, Dr Solanki says they found that when there were fewer explosive emissions from the Sun, called "sunspots", there was a cooler period on Earth and vice-versa, that over the last 100 years, the number of sunspots has been increasing and so has the temperature
@SizweLo When the sun produces more intense radiation, the planet enters a warm cycle: global warming.

Sidebar: other planets are warming up too, and there are no exhaust fumes and coal factories on Mars. I think. But over here it's my fault so I must pay a "carbon tax"
@SizweLo What's the point of this thread? There's no point, except to point out you're being lied to. Daily. About everything. And it doesn't matter what environmentalist hippie guru masters; furious Greta or DSTV channel 180 say, the common sense on this is unimpeachable
@SizweLo But why would anyone go to such lengths to lie so much and for so long about this? Well...
@SizweLo Sources:……

The David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy (and how to end it)

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