There's a lot of confusion as what coding language one should learn as a beginner.
This thread will take a look at popular languages and their use cases.




🢡 JavaScript

This programming language is by far the most popular on twitter.
It is mainly used in web development and runs the entire web today.
You can do anything web related with JavaScript.

If you want to get into web dev, Learning JavaScript is a must.
🢡 Python (1/2)

Python was was my first programming language and it was fairly easy to learn.
This is the most versatile language today. There's nothing you can't do with it and!
Python is mainly used in DataScience, Ai, Backend Web Development (using Django or flask).
There's a lot more you can do with python, but there are the main use cases.

In short , If you want to get into DataScience or Ai.
Learn Python.

Want to make your back-end for your site in Python?
Use Django or Flask, both are great Python libraries.
🢡 Flutter

Flutter is used in making cross platform applications using Dart. You can write code once and then you can use it for your website, Android App, iOS app etc, which is why many startups use it.
Moreover it is incredibly efficient as dart code is compiled to native C++.
🢡 Kotlin (1/2)

This language was first launched to replace Java for making mobile apps on Android. In 2020, it is a bit of a different story.
Its main purpose is to make android apps, and now you can also "convert" kotlin code to native JavaScript.
There's also support for cross platform apps coming soon, which basically means that you can write code in kotlin once to get apps for iOS, web and Android, without having to write everything again in different languages.
🢡 Java

Java is mainly used in enterprise application (software which big and old companies use).
You can make Android apps using Java, but languages like Flutter make things easier in the sense that you write code once and you can ship it all platforms (iOS, Android etc.)
🢡 C++

C++ is mainly used academic research, making Operating System kernels, or Game Development anything that requires a language which is very fast.(executes quickly)

If you're looking to get into game development using the Unreal Game Engine, learn C++
🢡 Go

This is a rapidly growing programming language.
You can make server-side applications using it or make a blog using Hugo (static site generator in Go).
You can also make games using Godot (Game engine that uses Go)
🢡 C#

With C# you can make windows applications, websites using asp. net or Game development in unity.

As a beginner you should learn C# if you are looking to get into game development using Unity or planning to work on enterprise web applications in asp .net.
🢡 R

The main use case of R is for DataScience and Ai.
That's it! Doesn't mean it is not as useful as Python. It is an incredible language you can learn to get into the field of Ai/DataScience and python doesn't really work for you.

JavaScript ⇢ Web dev
Python ⇢ Ai, DataScience, Backend web dev
Flutter ⇢ Cross platform applications
Kotlin ⇢ Android App dev
Java ⇢ Enterprise Application
C++ ⇢ Academic purposes, Game dev
Go ⇢ Backend development, Game dev
C# ⇢ Game dev
R ⇢ Ai, DataScience,

• • •

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