Sumanthu mama continuously saying the Govt Hospitals are not used by the Middle class people of TN. I will tell my personal experience.

1. Uncle : daily labour
He got some problem in his lower brain and it was diagnosed only by stanley medical college doctors. 1/n
The surgery was for 10 hours and after that he has to go every month to get tablets from stanley. Almost after an year the doctor who did the surgery for him, met him in the stanley pharmacy and enquired about his health and he found some issue in his voice box 2/n
He asked him to admit again for one more surgery and after that my uncle voice became better and more clearer. All these done in stanley medical college without any money
2. Uncle 2 : college lab assistant
He got cardiac arrest in midnight and his wife took him in activa to Kilpauk Medical college , doctors from KMC immediately shifted him in Ambulance to MMC. He got admitted in ICU and recovered completely after a month of treatment. 4/n
Still he gets his medicine from MMC every month and all these without paying a single penny. Both these uncles were in their early 50s now. 5/n
3. Nephew : 2 years old
She got pneumonia and none of the child specialist doctors were able to diagnose her. We took her to a private medical college and they told us to take her to Ramachandra or Apollo. But we decided and took her to Egmore Children Hospital. 6/n
She got admitted in ICU and one month of treatment and care by the doctors and nurses of Children hospital she got completely cured and till now we are taking her for monthly checkups. Tonic tablet everything was free till now.

All these done By the TN government Hospitals 7/n
I don't know what will be sumanthu mama experience with these hospitals. But all my experience in these hospitals was always good and yeah there is place for improvement and am sure we will improve. But that improvement is not NEET da dubakoors. 8/8

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12 Sep
Thread on Why NEET will be opposed even if it comes in USA.

People talk lot about reservation and entrance exams in india and they will say USA gets the deserved because of these things in india. 1/n
Few years back when I was reading Jacobin i found this Beautiful article "Rich kids aren't any smarter than the rest of us". 2/n
The article will ask the rich Americans , if your wards are smarter then whats the need for the back door admission into eminent universities. And also these admissions resulted in one of the biggest corruptions In American universities. 3/n
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The brahmin false narrative that everyone had equal opportunities But only brahmins used it to migrate to USA is a false at many levels. I will explain the reason here. 1/n
Historically indian society was divided into castes and every caste has some work assigned to them. All the castes which involved in production like pottery weaving husbandry had no direct contact with the kings. 2/n
For that matter they are least bothered about the king or dynasty which rules them. It was very few castes which has direct access to the kings. And the most important among them is brahmins. It was god Vedas and temples which controlled every activity of a king. 3/n
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Thread On Murugan and Skandan, the difference.
With all these issues related with Skandan ( The sanskritised version of Murugan ) , i want to register what Tho.Pa has to say about Murugan Worship in ancient TN.
Actually there are three different people are involved in this Murugan Version.
1. MURUGAN : He is an Angel worshipped in the ancient Tamil country. He is not the son of Shiva or son in law of Indra. Both shiva and Indra are Aryan gods. Rudhra and Indra find places in Vedas but not Murugan. 3/n
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4 Apr
Corona , Social Distancing and Brahmins:

The one advise which every doctor gave us to escape from corona is Social Distancing. Maintain a distance with other human being so that your chances of getting affected will reduce. 1/n
All over the world people considered it as a scientific advise and started following it. But only in India it was connected with mythology , manu , caste and untouchability. And the connection was promoted by Brahmins in social media. 2/n
This phenomenon didn't start after the advent of social media. This is how Brahmins operated throughout history. 3/n
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30 Mar
I wrote this about cuba three years back in fb.

கியூபா நமக்கு சொல்லும் பாடம்:

Corporate இல் வேலை செய்து கொண்டு கம்யூனிசம் பேசலாமா. சரி எங்க இருந்துட்டு கம்யூனிசம் பேச வேண்டும். இதை கடைசியில் பார்ப்போம். 1/n
கியூபாவின் புரட்சி அமெரிக்காவை எதிர்த்து நடந்தது முதல் படி, அதற்கு பின் அவர்கள் செய்த புரட்சியே இன்றும் உலகம் கியூபாவை பேசக்காரணம். ஒரு வருடத்திற்கு கியூபா உருவாக்கும் மருத்துவர்களின் எண்ணிக்கை 9000. 2/n
இந்தியாவில் மருத்துவர்களின் எண்ணிக்கை வருடத்திற்கு 50000 மட்டுமே உயர்த்தப்படுகிறது. நம் ஊர் மருத்துவர்கள் தொடர்ந்து தமிழகத்தை பெருமை படுத்தக்கூறும் அனைத்து இன்டெக்சையும் கியூபாவுடன் ஒப்பிட்டால் தெரியும் அவர்களின் இமாலய சாதனை. 3/n
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27 Feb
Classic Marxism says "ruling class is those who hold the economic power and make the decisions " . So let us talk about the indian society . Who is the ruling class in india ? Without any doubt it's the Brahmin Who rule this society and the state.
Who owns means of production :

It was the brahmins who own the means of production. See this article by EPW. 1000 top indian companies boardroom was taken into account.…
The article clearly shows it is the indian forward castes and especially Brahmins own the boardrooms and in turn own the means of production.
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