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17 Sep
All my papers are late. All my emails go unanswered until a second poke, except a tiny random sample that I answer within one hot second. All birthday wishes are belated. My grants go in late or not at all. Workouts have gone out the window. So have quotas on chocolate.
I’m reading 1/2 dozen novels at odd hours. My kids have unlimited iPad time. Their nails are not trimmed. My house is dusty. I probably owe you a call. I often cope by shopping online for accessories that will startle people in future Zoom calls.
I changed six lightbulbs yesterday and my husband and I agreed it was a highly satisfactory day’s accomplishment. I also decided that censoring myself by not swearing during talks is too much of an extra effort, so know if you invite me I’m swearing unless...
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21 Aug
I am absolutely obsessed with formulaic movies about dance / singing competitions and am ready to write the mental math version.
The heroine’s single father can’t afford Amherst unless she gets a scholarship, but the only one left is for winning mental math championship. Qualifying rounds are in... ONLY TWO WEEKS.
Best friend says obligatory “You are the Last Person On the Planet who can do mental math competitively” Heroine is shown fumbling adorkably in basic maths to underscore this point. The reigning math goddess and her math clique sneer at her.
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19 Aug
Young women of color in leadership roles are dissected and scrutinized at a different level and with an entirely different kind of viciousness. What happens to @AOC every day is a real-time example of intersectional harassment. Don't contribute to that.
You can see that people shot right past the "benefit of the doubt" and "curious, why is she doing that" stages and straight to the "this proves she is a traitor and pure evil" stage tonight, didn't you? How much time do we spend on the former for white men who "belong" up there?
I know we are afraid and our anxieties are playing out through our pre-existing biases. The rest of this year calls on us to bring our best selves. Give grace. Lift people up. That's how we'll be as strong as we can be on the home stretch.
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7 Aug
I was taking care of a patient the other day who was very seriously injured. And I stepped out to talk to his family briefly and give them an update. For context, he was Black. I told them what was going on quickly and asked if they had any questions. And this is what they said.
They told me that he worked for [well known company]
And that he was a [respected role] at that company
That he was on his way to work
That he is loved in the community
A good brother and son
That he was well dressed before the blood soaked his clothes
Nothing in recent memory has broken my heart as much as gradually realizing that a family of a shattered man

whose chief concerns should have been - when can i see him, when does he get out of surgery, do you know his meds and allergies, his mama gets to go in first...
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7 Aug
Question for Twitter.

Why didn’t academia take the lead on Covid information? Why didn’t schools of med & public health across the US band together, put forth their experienced scientists in epidemiology, virology, emergency & critical care, pandemic and disaster response...
... give them protected time to focus on Covid knowledge consolidation and messaging, host weekly calls for this body of experts to review new data & coordinate public health messaging and serve as a reputable body for policy recommendations and media appearances...
... draw on the tremendous networks of their alumni and their collective wealth and resources to support and amplify this work?

Individual academics are doing tremendous work. Institutions seem to be very inwardly focused.
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6 Aug
I’m not sure “clinical equipoise” has come up much this pandemic before @susandominus raises it here. Equipoise in research is why we don’t study whether parachutes work: ethically, you need a genuine uncertainty about which arm will fare better to study it.
The issue is that with little evidence base, when the norm is operating on theory and guesswork, “gut feeling” treatment has become the standard of care. It’s tough to feel that equipoise exists when you have a strong conviction about what might work.
There are many circumstances in which a patient or their clinician might withdraw from an RCT, feeling they must make independent decisions about care outside a study protocol.
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