Recently former supreme court judge markantey katju appeared in UK court proceedings, in favor of Nirav modi, against his extradition. He compared India with Nazis&claimed that Nirav modi is a victim. U think katju is a fool? He's a cunning fellow. To understand this, u need 2..
under how big this "hiding fugitives business" in UK really is. It's billions of $ business. These financial fugitives will deposit the looted money in UK, help to launder money, in return, they'll help the fugitive against extradition. The courts in UK will decide in favor of..
such people if there's a threat to the fugitive's life or persecution if extradited to home country. Can you now see why Markantey Katju is in this game & why he's appearing in favor of Nirav modi& saying that India is like Nazi Germany & Nirav modi is a victim& so on? U think..
that old man is out of his mind? Absolutely not. He's using his former position in d supreme court in another country's court to gain credibility. If former Indian SC judges are saying that India's like Nazi Germany, can u understand how it is going 2 affect the decision making..
process of judges in UK? Nirav Modi&his lawyers are playing the human rights angle here to stop extradition, as they know, it's the only chance 4 him

So they bought a former Indian judge to say all these things against India like Nazi Germany. Katju is not a fool. He's making..
some big amount out of this. Those who believe that he's an old man who's out of his mind, are r the fools!
The supreme court should take action against people like him. He's using the name of Indian court for such criminals. Who is he exactly & how's he an "important person" ? He's an important person simply bcz he was a former judge. He's using that position in the society, and..
that's exactly what he did in this case, to help such a big financial fugitive. He appeared as a former judge, other than that, he's a nobody. Should take action against him for misuse of such institutions

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@ApostateProphet @Cold08280131 Hinduism doesn't have caste system, even though Hindus have& had it for 100s of years. Varna system in Hinduism is totally different from caste. The fact is, even today we can see varna system around us! Doctors, engineers, teachers, scientists, the top!

@ApostateProphet @Cold08280131 We've varna system around us but it's invisible. Democracy is what keeping it unpolluted even though some ppl r misusing it. Look around. Can't u see varna system? Of course u can. ppl r arranged in the society based on their merit.. Democracy is making sure that there's..
@ApostateProphet @Cold08280131 checks and balances. The moment it is gone, you'll start seeing people reserving job for their future generations. If tomorrow doctors become powerful, and they decide that only their kids/grand kids/future generations should become doctors, what do u think will happen? It'll...
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A lot of atheists r trying to set a limit 2 insult by invoking myth vs real excuse. As an atheist I dont support it. If hurting by insulting mythical characters is fine, how can u b d final authority 2 set a limit that insulting living/dead human beings is not ok? There r ppl who
are fine with insulting living/dead human beings, just like u, who're ok with insulting mythical characters. Just like believers oppose that, you're opposing insult of living/dead humans. But why should those who're ok with insulting everything accept ur argument that insulting..
living/dead human beings is not ok? All this is just different levels of tolerance. Just like it's funny for you when believers feel pain when u insult, it might be funny for those who're ok with insulting other living/dead humans when they see crying about it. Statistically,
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Narendra Modi is not a very intelligent or cunning person. He's good 4 attracting attack against him which he doesnt deserve. But this baseless attack against him is his political strength. It helps him among Hindus as Hindus see it as an attack bcz he's an unapologetic Hindu
He unable to shake the leftist ecosystem in India. It's everywhere&it's deep. Most of the time we won't even feel like BJP is ruling. Just look at Shekhar Gupta's Theprint&most of their reports. They've amazing access to government decisions&most of the time, they break stories..
on government matters. How could a new platform like theprint, which is in digital platform only, achieve this? That's the connection Shekhar Gupta has with the leftist lobby in the Indian bureaucracy. Narendra Modi or his government can't keep a secret unless the decision is...
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Zakir Naik advising Muslims to migrate to Kerala! Plan? Move to places where Hindu population is low, become majority, kick Hindus out, establish an Islamic state! Just like Kashmir! We lost land in d name of all Muslims, to pak!stan&Bangladesh, they doing separatism in Kashmir,
after ethnically cleansing hindus, now they planning to turn Kerala into a Muslim majority place& repeat the same thing there! What a wonderful plan! Why's he not advising Muslims to move to pak!stan if they're not happy in India as that was the basis of partition, ie, pak!stan..
was created based on the demand that it's for all Muslims to go, so enough land should be given? It was given, 35 million Muslims stayed here even though pak!stan ran away with land in their names too! U know why he'll never advise that? You know why he'll never ask Muslims to..
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A lot of ppl expect Hindus to be Gandhis who will show their other cheek to slap. They believe that this is how Hindus should be, nothing else. Gandhi's ideas were actually against basic laws of nature, ie, survival. Never ever use Gandhi as an icon. Gandhi = Self destruction
Gandhi was in an Utopian dream. We're all nothing but animals. Animals fight to survive. Animals defend. No animal will ever surrender without a fight. But Gandhi wanted Hindus to do that! And if surrender like that, no doubt, ur enemy will exploit u. The British didn't leave..
bcz of Gandhi. Gandhi's method was perfect for any imperial force. They'll be like "wow, here's my prey waiting for me& inviting me". British left bcz they looted enough. And world war, Britain's financial status etc were the other main reasons. Also the political condition of..
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29 Jul
D problem with non Muslims, especially d Hindus is that they dont really understand Islam, d religion. They r always looking@ Muslims, d ppl. They consider Muslims as "good Muslims"&"bad Muslims". What they should understand is, there's no such thing. Once u understand the...
Islamic scriptures, you'll also understand that the so called "good Muslims", they're not even fit to be called as Muslims if u use the Islamic standards. Even Islam doesn't really consider them so. There's no good Muslim or bad Muslim. There's only ppl who follow Islamic..
scriptures too little & those who follow it to a great extent. It's like a ladder. Those "good Muslims" are at the bottom of the ladder. Does Islam allow such a ladder system? Absolutely not. It doesn't. It's either u agree with the scriptures fully or u dont. There's no..
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