Reading this piece by @tconnellyRTE I've finally come to an understanding of who Johnson truly is, and how we got into this mess. >>>…
Johnson thinks he's Peter Pan. He's not: he's one of the Lost Boys. >>>
Probably because of some trauma in childhood (and, from what one knows of his parents, this isn't at all surprising) Johnson is incapable of advancing, emotionally or intellectually, past the level of a four year old. >>>
Johnson has, like a four year old, no clear understanding of the concepts of right and wrong, the difference between truth and fantasy, and, in particular, why lying is not a good strategy in the long term. >>>
Johnson is desperate for attention. He's desperate to please. He doesn't understand that telling people what they want to hear won't please them beyond the short term. We would treat all this as normal behaviour - in a four year old. >>>
We can - we should - have compassion for people who are so psychologically damaged by childhood trauma that their emotional and intellectual development is stunted.

But we should not elect them to high office.

• • •

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7 Aug
Thread: an analogy about the world's - and Scotland's - dilemma. It's long; bear with me, I think it's worth it. #1/18
We all understand what happens if you jump out of a plane with a parachute. Before you deploy the parachute, you will accelerated downwards under gravity, and you will continue to accelerate until you reach terminal velocity. #2/18
If you hit the ground at terminal velocity, you will almost certainly die. #3/18
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23 Jan
A bit of a thread about Scots language, Scots orthography, and erasure: how our past and identity are deconstructed.

So, let's start: how many letters are there in the alphabet?

If you answered 26, go to the bottom of the class.

Next, how do you pronounce the last syllable of the placename 'Cockenzie'?

If, for you, it sounds like the Dutch 'Zee', also go to the bottom of the class. But the two answers are related, and the relationship is hegemonic.

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12 Jan
Another bloody thread on #ClimateEmergency. Sorry.

Current world enegy consumption per annum is about 14,000 million tons of oil equivalent, or about 162,820 terawatt hours. >>>
That's equivalent to 1.8 million of the largest wind turbines currently available running at peak output all the time, or 5,701 nuclear reactors the size of Hinkley Point C. >>>
Let's be clear - I don't believe we can safely build nuclear reactors at all. But if we wanted to get to carbon neutrality by 2050, even assuming energy consumption does not rise AT ALL, then to do that by nuclear energy would mean building one every two days from now on. >>>
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12 Jan
I think the main reason I listen to @PolGaloreScot is to be annoyed. Being annoyed is useful. It causes one to challenge one's own thought.

So this week, what they're being intellectually lazy about is federalism, and Scottish parties.
I have blogged about federalism rather a lot, as folk may remember. The US, as everyone knows, allocates two seats in its Senate to each state, whether that's California with 39M people or Wyoming with 0.5M people. >>>
California gets rather more seats in the House of Representatives - 53, against one for Wyoming; but that's still nothing like the 80/1 population ratio. >>>
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25 Dec 19
@PolGaloreScot @ScotParl @10DowningStreet The issue of whether #indyref2 happens before or after the 2021 Holyrood election is a tricky one. @RLMcAlpine in 'How to start a new country' makes a strong case for not having a Holyrood election between winning #indyref2 and independence. >>>
@PolGaloreScot @ScotParl @10DowningStreet @RLMcAlpine Consequently we don't have time before and we don't really have much time after; my feeling is the best thing would be to hold it on the same day (6 May 2021). >>>
@PolGaloreScot @ScotParl @10DowningStreet @RLMcAlpine You can't avoid geopolitical context in this.

1. There is a strong risk that the UK will diverge sharply from EU over the few months after December 2020;
2. There is a strong risk that the #ClimateEmergency is running substantially faster than IPCC have allowed for;
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2 Dec 19
I have a diesel car, which has run 145,000 miles. Which would be the most carbon-efficient thing to do: run it for another 85,000 miles, or scrap it and buy a new electric car and run that 85,000 miles? The answer is not simple.
#ClimateEmergency >>> My car
(Actually, there is a simple answer, which I shall come to later). >>>
The average car in the UK is currently driven about 8,000 miles per year; so 85,000 miles is about ten years use.…

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