There was a Hollywood movie called "The Producers", which was a story of two guys, who deliberately want to make a flop movie, so that it suffers losses and they can make money in tax write offs.

However, the movie becomes a hit and the protagonists get arrested for tax fraud
As they say, fiction is derived from real life. In 1958, Kishore Kumar was making a ton of money, and was looking at the prospect of huge income tax (97.75% in those times for his income group). So he wanted to lose some of it.

He decided to make a flop movie, to show losses.
The movie he made, "Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi".

However, contrary to his expectations, the movie became a blockbuster. So much so, that it was the second highest grossing movie in that year. That left a distraught Kishore Kumar.

He was left with more money than before.
To avoid the tax, he gave away the rights of the movie to his secretary.

The tax case as a result of it, remained unsolved till his death.

Thus proving that, Death and Taxes are the only two certainties, in one's life.

• • •

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15 Sep
I love how a group of Uncles sitting in New Delhi, in 2008, decided that all Indians can have a car, as long is it is less than 4 Mtrs in length and has an engine, that is less than 1200/1500 cc.
The single policy ensured, India got absolutely shortchanged by all global Majors.

We got badly designed, horribly built cars which had no power and no features. Which were cut, because they had to stick to the ridiculous 4 Mtr stipulation.
While the uncles who made the decision in Delhi, got to move about in Ambassadors, Corollas and Innovas.

If the policy was to spur the auto industry, it failed miserably.

If the policy was to ensure we never had good cars, then it is roaring success.
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5 Sep
First Post Lockdown Road Trip.

Long time pending desire, finally fulfilled.
Some more photos from this wonderful place
Gangaikonda Chozhapuram, though being a Unesco Heritage Site, is hardly known in South India, let alone India.

Few people know about it. Fewer take the pain to visit it.

We can safely say, that it is a lost treasure.
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12 Jul
Sales Review meetings, in Gifs
Me walking to the review, in the rare month I achieve the target
When one manager comes out of the meeting room, and the other asks, How did it go?
When the boss asks the marketing dude for some data, to ask you questions.
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9 Jul
Asia's first Sugar factory, was supposedly started by the French, in a small village in Orissa, in the year 1824. However, the French being French, were not able to manufacture sugar of the desired quality. As a result, they switched production to Jaggery and tried to continue
Just like their attempt to rule India, their attempt to run the factory also failed. They sold that factory to an English Company, Called Binny and Co. The same Binny and Co, that we now shoot bad Tamil movies in.

Just like those Tamil movies, the sugar factory also turned bad.
If History repeated itself, Binny would have closed the factory, bought some more land in Chennai and that would have been that. Enter an Englishman named Frederick James William Minchin. Like other Englishmen at that time, He arrived in Madras in 1848, to make a quick buck.
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7 Jun
Thanks to Team BHP, I got to know that one dude in Bengaluru, with a company called Bren Corporation, has cars worth more than 100 Cr. Including a Maybach, McLaren and 3 Lamborghinis.
If he spends 10% of his income on cars, and his earnings constitute 10% of his Company's profits, that company must have a top line of more than 2000 Cr.

How many countries have companies that have turnovers, upwards of 300 million USD, and nobody has heard about them
And in that, there is one poverty story Also. The dude has kept his Rx 100 bike, as a reminder of his poor days.

Is it possible, to make so much money, without anybody knowing, in one lifetime, so that you spend 100 Cr on cars?
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7 Jun
Every death due to Covd 19, only makes me angrier at China and what they have done to the world.

If we keep thinking that we can never replace China, we will never replace China.

However, if we start today, maybe 10 years later, we can make a significant dent in their influence
I know people will say, the phone you are typing from, is made in China. The processors are made in China. Most of what you use, is made in China. I get that.

But somewhere govts and people, have to start moving towards the Goal of Replacing China. But we should start.
Not starting at all, fearing the extent of China's reach, will only reinforce their arrogance, that nothing can happen to them.

That will be our biggest folly.
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