A journalist from KPCC radio was just attacked & arrested by Sheriff deputies for no reason. She was there covering a new protest against Trump’s endorsement of police violence. This is why Assange matters
I tried posting this video several times and twitter was not letting me. Funny how the police state is protected by corporate state entities like twitter. It’s all connected folks.
Protestors were there in bc of this tweet and also for recently slain Dijon Kizzee. This woman is an award winning journalist for a Mainstream radio station. No reason for her or anyone to be tackled this way anyway but just for notes. Image
Her name is Josie Huang and she has a child. People are worried about her child so if you do know her maybe contact a friend or family member.
Here is video proof I tried posting this SO MANY TIMES to no avail. Then I had to go edit the video into another format and re-upload not writing #Assange or a caption for it to work
As you can see on Huang’s twitter she was released but what the sheriffs did is unacceptable. I’m already in a lawsuit involving the LAPD. And the Sheriffs will be hearing from lawyers if they keep going after journalists. Now more then ever we more protect the real media. Image

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17 Sep
When asked about #Assange Anacsays, “we’ll look into it.” What’s there to look into?💰$? Bc the situation has been rather clear for a while. A journalist is in jail for exposing U.S War crimes. You should support him. Your lack of coverage says it all.
Some people defending Ana are 1) under the impression this is new but this is a decade old fight against Julian 2) that “I’ll look into it” in a case that should be the most vital for journalists & really all of us who uphold freedom of speech, is anything other than avoidance.
3) This goes beyond the first amendment, to the rule of law as it can apply to those of us seeking to hold the government accountable for lying to you. The 4th estate was there to do just that but in America we have propagandists while real journalists are jailed & censored.
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28 Aug
The racists are coming out of the woodwork. They love it when I trash Dems but the moment I speak about race they block me. You want to end wars, protect your civil liberties? That needs to include ALL PEOPLE. Racism is an issue you can’t ignore just bc it doesn’t AFFECT you.
We can’t tackle the oligarchy if you don’t see a problem with what’s happening If you think others are worth less than or dismiss their plight you will never get them to join you & we need everyone. We need to go after the elites but you can’t ignore this. It has the be both.
“But Fiorella we are all one race the human race.”

Yes we are. But unfortunately too many people don’t see that. They see others as less than. They don’t value their lives. Example: We all suffer under capitalism but black/brown people suffer economically AND deal with racism.
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17 Aug
I’m FL to cover election integrity & the Primary against Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who often votes in line with Republicans. The beach is beautiful this time of year but unbearably hot.

Btw did you know that Wall Street is happy with Kamala Harris as VP? Image
Did you know that Harris jailed more Black & Brown people than nearly any other prosecutor?

Did you know Biden wrote The Crime Bill in 1994, signed by Clinton, and enabled people like Harris, Trump and others to jail Black & Brown people?
Did you know the establishment rigged the elections in 2000 for George W Bush against Al Gore & in turn he led us into one of the most costly, long & deadly wars, the war in Iraq, in our history, a distant war we’re still in which people born after 2001 were old enough to...
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7 Aug
Idk what’s wrong with the “left” but cheering for more censorship by private corporations is one of the most ignorant things you can do. The government or corporations deciding what’s fake news is not just hurting republicans you hate, but independent thinking ppl & socialists.
“Yay I’m for trump getting tweets taken down!” Even if it is proven to be fake that should worry you. They use these same tactics to say leftist shows, ideas, writings are fake news. If it’s cool with you that they do it to the right, well you’ll be fine when they do it to you.
I know because I live it on a day to day basis. I see my fellow indie media fight back the propaganda by the U.S MIC, CIA, & corporate interests & we’re constantly banned/censored. All I need to know is that the establishment is all for censorship to know that’s a red flag.
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18 Jun
So far in Palmdale murder of #RobertFuller

✅ Police refused to canvass scene or attain available video footage from businesses
✅ Neo-Nazi groups reported in the area
✅ Man shot during gunfight with L.A County Sheriff’s Dpt is Fuller’s half brother
✅ His name was Terron Jammal Boone, & he is dead from a gunfight with the deputies that took place today
✅ There have also been actions taken by the Justice Department over alleged discriminatory housing & policing practices in Palmdale & nearby Lancaster.
Here’s an article on the update nbclosangeles.com/investigations…
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9 Jun
Thread: Police Brutality

People are confused as to what defunding the police means. Let me explain:

Defunding the police does not mean, officers are out of a job. It doesn’t mean they don’t exist. It doesn’t mean we won’t have them to protect the community in times of need.
What it means is the whole system will be rebuilt. Right now officers generally do not protect & serve their communities as it’s mentioned. Right now policing in America is derived from systemic oppression. Police were created to go after slaves. That’s historic, not political.
Corrupt police often fund political candidates & vice versa for whatever favor. Right now, many police departments are funding the criminalization of poverty, jailing & citing the homeless, jailing people for low drug crimes instead of rehabilitation, severe marijuana offenses...
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