After being in Europe for 2 weeks, I can say with confidence that this part of the world thinks the US has quite literally gone insane. They act like they're watching a car crash...morbidly fascinated & saddened, with no way to stop it from happening. My heart breaks for us.
If you can help the next generation of scientists, donate to the non-profit @BlueprintEarth - all money goes to educating students & enviro research ( or if you like science exploits you can pre-order my book "Ms. Adventure.' 🌋…

Must never be operated for profit:
1. Healthcare
2. Prisons
3. Education

Those correspond exactly with:
1. Life
2. Liberty
3. Pursuit of happiness

And of course, Black Lives Matter. Period.
Ideas on where to donate to help stop this national tragedy:…

• • •

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13 Oct 19
Seeing Barr & Rubio go on the attack in favor of "traditional values" is one of the greatest examples of hypocrisy in my lifetime.

Traditionally, the US was home to indigenous peoples before it was colonized & made the center of the slave trade to build wealth on victims' backs.
Traditionally, women & people of color didn't have the right to vote. Traditionally, we settled disagreements with duels. Traditionally, we were a deeply flawed nation with ideals of liberty & justice for all that we hadn't yet reached, but we kept trying.
Traditionally, we welcomed refugees regardless of their financial status. Traditionally, we expected presidents to behave at least somewhat like decent humans. Traditionally, we expected civil servants to serve our nation over a would-be strongman dictator.
Read 7 tweets
29 Sep 19
It's adorable that Kurt thinks that working on erupting volcanoes around the world is "safety," or that I'm not the child of one of the first female FBI agents (who is professional enough to never cuddle a gun), or that calling someone "Becky" is an insult. 😂
Here's the secret: guns don't make you tough. I work in the harshest places on the planet, miles away from help, & I stay safe using professional expertise & good judgement. If I work in grizzly country I hire a bear monitor. Calculated risks. Unlike cuddling weapons in bed.
In my professional life, I've dealt with militaries, narcotraffickers, con artists, government agencies, horse thieves, and mining roughnecks. I've been on expeditions where people have died. You don't succeed by swinging your dick around, trying to be big man.
Read 9 tweets
12 Aug 18
Major takeaway from running for Congress: Unless we reform campaign finance laws to eliminate dark money, the people we get to vote for will continue to largely be the last people we want to hold office.

The system is a runaway train, & it's plowing over honest, good people.
If you want to see what's driving the passage of legislation, follow the money trail. Lobbyists can serve a purpose in educating lawmakers about niche issues, but the way money is thrown around has corrupted that function of the role.
In order to raise enough money to run a legitimate, viable campaign, you need a network of wealth to tap into. The chicken/egg scenario at its worst. You have to have money to get endorsements, & you have to have endorsements to raise money. How does that work if you have a job?
Read 8 tweets
2 Aug 18
Former Catholic here, & I'm watching commenters say Francis isn't the real pope rather than shift their position on the death penalty to be in line with the religion they follow. Hard to claim you're Catholic when you actively say you know better than the pope.
FWIW, I've been opposed to the death penalty since I learned 156 people on death row have been exonerated so far, which means for every 10 executed one has been set free. I can't reconcile executing people when the gravest errors are made. Life in prison w/o parole is preferable.
When you add in the fact that disproportionate numbers of people on death row are people of color, and/or have disabilities or are from impoverished backgrounds, it's just too much for me to reconcile. Taking away liberty can be reversed, but taking away life can't be.
Read 7 tweets
17 Jul 18
We've spent over a year protesting Trump's words & actions, but his comments about Russia starkly reveal not only his ignorance of geopolitics & history, but also his lack of allegiance to the United States, our allies, & our intelligence community. He is a goddamn disgrace. 1/
Russia is a foreign power, & one that has taken direct action to harm our nation. They are not just a business associate. Their leader is as corrupt as they come, & he profits off of the suffering of his own people & the undermining of the democratic principles we strive for. 2/
It is up to us to define our role in the world. As citizens we have a responsibility to care of our nation. We are America. Trump does not speak for all of us. If you reject the regression he is forcing on us, ask yourself what you can do for your country. We need you. 3/
Read 4 tweets
3 Jul 18
Here's the new project I'm working on to help right the wrongs we're seeing in our country. We have a new way to give the environment a voice! Introducing #ProtectOurParks I founded this PAC to keep our parks OURS. #poppac…
The website is in progress, but it'll be up in basic form later tonight. Of our National Parks are your thing, this is the fight you want to be in. We'll be working to highlight Congressfolk who work against the Parks. What's done in the dark will be brought to the light.
You may have noticed the logo has states in green, which are where the Congressfolk who take actions harmful to the Parks System are from. Pretty widespread, unfortunately. In this day and age, nothing is guaranteed. Let's work to keep our shared national treasures safe.
Read 4 tweets

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