Simple Tips to Gain Weight:

Take more meat, milk, yoghurts,fish and eggs; potatoes, yams, brown rice.
Eat more than 3times a day.
Use bigger plates and finish it.
Cook with more sauce/spices.
Try to rest more often.
Avoid stress and physically exhausting stuff.

RT and read on;
While a good number of people are fat and overweight, actually a high number of people are underweight as well.

And just like being overweight, being underweight also has its problems both medically and psychologically.

Not everyone is happy being “small” or being underweight.
How do I know if I’m underweight?

It is based on what we call the BMI Body Mass Index. If your BMI is less than 18.5, you are underweight. And if more than 24.5, you are overweight and if more than 30, you are fat or obese, and if more than 40, your life is at risk medically.
How do you calculate your BMI:
BMI= weight/height squared

Weigh yourself, record in kilograms. Measure your height, record the height in meters.

Do a square of the height (that means multiply the height by itself):
Now divide the weight by the answer-

What you get is the BMI.
Sometimes being underweight runs in families and there’s very little you can do about it even if you eat like a thief.

A simple way to know is look at your parents, siblings and family member- if they are generally small people, sadly, you are most likely going to be small too.
It’s good to state here too that if you notice that despite doing everything you lose weight and are skinny- speak to a doctor. Sometimes illnesses like diabetes, thyroid problems, cancer, hiv, and some infections can keep people underweight.

It’s better to be safe than sorry.
So other tips to add weight:
•Take lots of milk
•Don’t take water before you eat/while eating. Only drink water at the end. Drinking water before/during eating makes you get full easily.
•Dont smoke: smokers tend to weigh less. Stopping smoking helps people gain weight.
•Try weight gainer drinks/shakes.
You can ask from a good pharmacy/store and take advice from a nutritionist or gym trainer on which is best. They are usually high in protein, carbs and calories which can help you add weight.

There are different types of “weight gainer” drinks.
Because you are underweight, there are some things that you are permitted from time to time.

A little junk food like cake, burgers and ice cream once in a while is okay.
Occasional bedtime snack or food at night is okay.

But pls don’t make a habit- so you don’t turn overweight.
I hope this post has been helpful.
Thanks for enduring the BMI calculations and reading this article to the end.

That is awesome 👏🏿

Now please share with others,
Retweet and post on any other platforms to help someone who may have been struggling to gain weight.

Happy Sunday!

• • •

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23 Sep
To those who think SC is nothing:
•SC affects people differently.
•SC is mostly milder than SS.
But that same SC in some people led to their death.

Tomorrow you people will start sickle cell awareness but today you are actively pushing the nonsense idea that SC is no big deal.
SC behaves differently in people.
Circumstances differ. Triggers differ.

Those who avoid stress, treat infection early, eat good food, can afford good prompt medical care and have the money to take care of themselves, they will be fine.

But for those who can’t?
They could die.
Especially in a country like Nigeria where the mass majority of people are poor with no knowledge about the sickle cell disease, no means to afford good medical care- what do you think will happen to such people when they have a sickle cell crisis?

What will happen to them?
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23 Sep
Now that SC genotype is trending,
Let’s learn a few things.

“SC” is one of the sickle cell diseases. It means their red blood cells have an abnormal shape.

This may cause:
Delayed growth
Low blood levels
Frequent infections
Severe body pains
And death.

“Sickle Cell Disease” is a group of genetic inherited illnesses where a person has abnormal-shaped red blood cells which may limit quality of life, affect their growth/physique and cause death at a young age.

SS, SC, CC, SD, SE, SO, SB+, SB 0
These are all sickle cell diseases.
Normally red blood cells is disc shaped, however in people with sickle cell disease, it is crescent 🌙 shaped.

Now this crescent shaped means the red blood cells are destroyed easily, they stick together, blood doesn’t get to vital organs and this means serious health problems.
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22 Sep
Do you fear not being with your phone?
Do you get anxious when battery dies?
Do you become worried when there’s no network? Do you become restless if your phone is not with you?

Congratulations 🥳

You have nomophobia.
It’s a real psychological problem.
Nomophobia (the shortened form for 'no mobile phobia') is a funny but real word used to describe the fear and anxiety caused by not having access to your mobile phone.

It is seen as a sign of excessive addictive problematic mobile phone dependence.

And it can be quite serious.
The term was coined during a 2010 UK research into the anxieties suffered by mobile phone users.

In US they found that:
66% of people suffer from it
65% sleep beside their phone
34% answer phone during sex
20% will rather do without shoes for a week than phones

Can you relate?
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18 Sep
Alright, a clown here has come online to write all sorts about me in the morning.

He deleted it before and I ignored him but came back in the evening to continue this path of senseless slander. I wonder what his motivations are but I will address this now.

Pls read this thread: ImageImageImageImage
What’s the background to this?
Yesterday evening I was on the TL and saw someone win the Chevening UK scholarship, so I sent her congratulations 🥳 and chatted with her as it is a big deal.

Only for this guy to wake up this morning with this endless slander and bile against me.
Now he has made tweets that look like I’m trying to snatch his babe or trying to date her or whatever.


But I would now post all the chats between me and the girl- in the spirit of transparency.

Pls help me judge this situation:
Cos it’s tiring right now. ImageImageImageImage
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17 Sep
Now that Boo of the Booless is trending, it’s another good night to remind you all of this flawless performance from Chike the King:
Here is another one of my favourites of his performances:
Or that time he played with Reekado Bank’s song. Chike makes greatness look so effortless:
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17 Sep
People who scratch their anus.
They are DJs too.
They don’t get their accolades.

And before y’all just laugh this off,
there are medical reasons why some people really scratch their anus.
Causes of itchy anus:
•STD like genital warts.
•Worms especially in children.
•Not washing anus well
•Piles or hemorrhoids if the person gets constipated and also sees bright blood in their poo.
•Skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis
•Diarrhea and urine control problems
Sometimes there’s no cause.
So you may just be itching for no reason.

And the unfortunate part is that itchy anus feels sweet and the more people itch, the more they want to itch.

So there’s also the group where there’s no cause or it’s just a bad habit they can’t seem to stop.
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