We all know Albert Einstein but we don't know Bharat Ratna and great Mathematician Maharshi Karve.
Mahrashi Keshav Dhondho Karve(1858-1962) was pioneer in promoting educating windows in the time when becoming widow was next to living in hell.
He did notable work in area of
women empowerment and highly advocated widow's remarriage.
He himself married a widow and set am example.
He shared his mathematical prowess with Einstein which is barely known.
Mahrashi Karve recieved Bharat Ranta on his 100th birthday.
@swetasamadhiya @Mahender_Chem
Correction edit : in first part of thread I have wrongly typed window instead of widow.
Kindly bear with it 🙏

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7 Sep
Rise of Magadh and Haryanka Dynasty- Part I
Early Budhist Litrature,Maharshi Panini and Aitreya Brahman make mention of 22 Janpadas in North Bharat in which Kashi, Koshal and Videh (north Bihar) were mainland of Vedic education and culture. Amongst them 16 republics were
called Mahajanpadas which were super powerful and center of trades. Before rise of Magadh, Vats(Kaushambi), Avanti( Ujjain) and Koshal(Awadh) were mighty kingdoms.
Magadh foundation was laid by Shishunag but rise of imperial Magadh begins with his 5th descendent Bimbisar in 547
Century. Binbisar was very ambitious and adopted the policy of expansionism. The Vedic term Rajan didn't satisfy him and he preferred Chakravartin Samrat. He performed many Aswamedh ceremonies to take over border kingdoms. As per his expansionism he started winning brides from
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#Thread on Cheras Dynasty aka Kerelaputra:
As per records of Tamil Sangam Litrature,Cheras territories comprised of West and North of the Pandyas.A narrow strip between Arabian sea and Konkan range of Western Ghats,Malabar Coast,Cochi and North Travancore were inhibited by Cheras ImageImageImage
In early 3rd century, Nedunjeral -adan was one of the great Kerelaputra, who subjugated the Kadambas near Goa. Nedunjeral was a great warrior who did not let Romans and Greeks make their appearance on coastal regions. This battle happened after invasion of Alaxander in North, ImageImageImage
but they could not establish their foot hold in Chera soil.
Senguttuvana was the greatest Chera ruler who is known to have fought several battles against Cholas and Pandyas. The Cheras power declined by end of 3rd century, but maintained its regional presence.Once again in 8th ImageImageImageImage
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#Thread on Pandya Dynasty of Madurai:
Tamil Sangam Literature contains account of Pandya kings and achievements but systematic history is not available.
According to available information The Pandyan territories comprised of Tirunelvi, Rammad and Madurai in Tamilnadu. Nedum-
Cheliyan Pandya was devout adherent of Vedic culture and performed many yagyas and ceremonies around 280 century.He was known for his great victory against combined armies of Cheras and Cholas in his region.Pandya kingdom abounded many magnificent temples and the rulers were
Great champion of Hinduism in South. Varaguna I, son and successor of Maharajavarman Rajasimha I, was the greatest empire builder and military general of Pandya Dynasty from 765-815.Varaguna defeated Pallavas atPennagadam and expanded his kingdom till Tanjore, Trichy, Salem and
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30 Jul
Pallava Dynasty: origin of Pallavas are bit mysterious but the most accepted theory is based on critical study of Tamil Sangam Literature which says Chola King Killi Valvan married daughter of Naga Chief "Manipallavam". A son was born out of this wedlock who became king
Of Tondamadalam with his capital at Kanchi. New dynasty took half of the word Manipallavam and became Pallavas. Their kingdom comprised Chennai, Trichy, Arcot, Tanjore etc.
Famous Pallava rulers: Shivaskanda Varman was the first great Pallava ruler from 350 to 365. He extended
His kingdom till river Krishna and performed many Ashwmedha Yagya. His son Vishnugopa got defeated by Samudra Gupta which turned them into feudatory chief and Kanchi for next two centuries. In 575 Vishnugopa's remote descendent Simha Vishnu emerged out to claim sovereignty of
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26 Jul
#Thread long thread
Chalukya Dynasty:Vatapi, Vengi and Kalyani
A. Chalukyas of Vatapi(535-753):
Chalukyas ruled Vatapi(Badami) in Maharashtra over 200 yrs. Jaisimha Sidhharaja laid its foundation in modest way.
Maharaja Pulkesin I his son ruled 535 to 536.He got epithet of
Of Rana -Vikrama and Shri Prithvi-Vallabha. He was ardent devotee of Shri Vishnu and performed Ashwamedh, Hiranyagarbh and Vajapeyi Yagya to proclaim his sovereignty.
Kirtivarman I was his son who ruled Vatapi till 597. In order to expand his kingdom he had battles with Pandyas
Cholas, Ganges and aslo battled against Vanga, Anga, Magadh and Kalinga. Mangalesha was his younger brother who assisted Kirtivarman in all his military campaigns. Chalukyas won over Maharashtra, Mysore and some parts of Tamilnadu.
Kartivarman I died young and Manglehsa became
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22 Jul
Chol Dynasty: most remarkable cultural growth in South India
Vijyalaya was the founder of Chol Empire, he captured Tanjore in 850. By the end of 9th century they defeated Pallavs and Padyas but could not win over Rashtrakuts.
Krishna III defeated Chols and took over
over their northern empire, but after death of Krishna III in 965 Chols revived again.
Rajaraja I( 985-1014) and his son Rajendra I(1014-1044) captured Trivendrum and Madurai.They annexed northern Srilanka and conquered it capital Anuradhapuri, Srilanka could not free itself
for 50 yrs. Thi lead to active trade with South Asian countries. Malabar was made center of trade.
Rajaraja I and Rajendra I marked their victory by building Shiv and Vishnu Temples in South in which Birhadeshwar is most remarkable. Brihadeshwara at Tanjorr was built in 1010.
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