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1. - Twin Towers Treason Comms

09/11/2020 17:34 Q4674 17:38 Q4675
Q posts text in the shape of the twin towers.

James Comey Treason 10 x 5
John Brennan Treason 12 x 4

I think I understand the comm here, and it's a big one. So let's begin the decode.
Context is important.

Comey FBI Head 2013-2017
Brennan CIA Head 2013-2017

Both were at the top of the intel community for much of Obama's tenure.

Q used the word TREASON to define them in relation to the twin towers.

Consider 2014-2017

Timeline of the Chat logs
SWC is what they used to coordinate ops. Brennan talking to Comey was essentially the FBI plotting treason with CIA.

So, what did they plot?
One thing they plotted involved ousting Flynn.

10/16/2019 Phones used by Joseph Mifsud part of intelligence plot to entrap Michael Flynn, attorney says

"likely as early as 2014 to arrange"

SWC was playable via PHONES.…
Obviously their rise to the top of INTEL came long after 9/11, so what connection do they have to it?

I'll return to that.

Why was Brennan chosen as CIA head?
This is much more interesting when you reconcile it with another thread I made.
Brennan manipulating passport data in 2008?
My giant thread about a subject our POTUS was once very vocal about. The point being he was trustworthy due to being involved in a coverup in the past.

So, now, does this mean he was involved in 9/11? No!
More likely them being at the top of the Intel world means 9/11 treason involves the continuing cover-up 2014-2017

Something likely on the chat logs.

Consider this post Pope 9/11 comms? This is interesting when reconciled with my next post.
COMEY + POPE both sending comms about THE STORM on the same day.
Comey's post specifically involves SINGING.

Know who posted about a storm next?
That'd be the White House "not in this storm alone"

So why is the White House with Comey?

Well, as I've extensively decoded Comey flipped and so him "Singing" is exactly that.

Which means....
Meaning Comey likely already sang about John Brennan + 9/11 cover-up activities!

This is why Brennan 4, 4, 4, 4, 4 lines while Comey was 5, 5, 5, 5, 5.

5:5 = Clear signal comm (covered many times in the QMAP)

And what is 4?
4 is a comm I cover over even more frequently that 5:5 - as it is a comm for INCOMING EXPOSURE. Hence the comm is as follows.

Q4674 Comey singing about 9/11 Treason (Clear signal)
Q4675 Brennan 9/11 treason to be exposed.
So, what might have been covered up? Well,

Q 117
Who financed 9-11?
Why, recently, are classified 9-11 pages being released?

Note some 9-11 documents are still being held by Barr despite promises.
I suspect the answer is covering up money connections of Al Waleed in SA There's a reason his arrest heralded 1/3 of the pyramid falling after all.
Interesting connection with Brennan + Comey both being former communists perhaps explaining some of the methodology of hiring.

Thread also includes Comey's secret twitter account... which is amusing to say the least.
09/13/2020 US Judge Rules Saudi Royals Must Answer 9/11 Lawsuit Questions…
Relevant thread Note all the corn + Harvest + Comey posts there are. (More I didn't include as well)

Most recent Q post is Q4698. Corn Harvesting prep.

All that's left is cutting out the info damaging to friendlies before it goes public?

• • •

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16 Sep
1. - Slow Joe Comms.
09/15/2020 Joe Biden dances to 'Despacito'

Do you know the lyrics to Despacito?

It starts as follows: "I want to breathe your neck slowly"

Not a joke.

Isn't that.... something Joe is known for? Let's dig into this.
05/01/2020 'I Have Never Treated A Woman Inappropriately,' Joe Biden Whispers Into Journalist's Ear While Sniffing Her Hair.

Parody article, but you are surely aware this is a thing he does.…
So now why would he highlight that?

Well... he has had a lot of gaffes recently. One after another, and now he's literally dancing to a song about sniffing hair.

Is there a deeper plan here? I think so.
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15 Sep
1. - Project Rose Comms?
09/08/2020 Britney Spears defends wearing the 'same top 17 times': 'It's for Project Rose'…
"Project Rose"
Note Musk trashing Twitter Rose.


I've been decoding an op of him + Celebs as of late.

Specifically military utilizing flipped/turned star power to spread messaging thru the MSM filters.

How does Rose + Spears fit?
Note Spears thanking NASA for her rise to fame 4 months ago. Same month as this one.

So given Musk is trashing "Twitter Rose" would that mean these two are opposed? No. The keyword there I believe is TWITTER + ROSE

So let's decode "Rose"
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14 Sep
09/13/2020 Account I occasionally decode for comms with frogs reaching proper speed comm with cell phone control.
Pepe comms, and the sequence makes it a bit more clear the point.
The post just before it 4 second video of a baby dancing in headphones.

So new media. Likely this is comms about the TikTok Takeover which is just about to hit. A platform for Pepe/Qanon to reach the proper speed.
Note the post directly after the frogs hitting proper speed.

1 legged high jumper. "Zhong"

Zhong = Chinese surname.

Comms of China losing a leg (TikTok) but doing fine.
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11 Sep
And reversed again... thread was about TikTok being used to help DECLAS thru China help. Reversed when China changed their mind months ago, but now seemingly committed again as of last month.

So that means it may be back on.
We have "justsomedude187"…
"The Ramen King" making the rounds with another meme.

Thread started by deconstructing his comms, and he is continuing.
I wasn't sure what to make of the "King" part of the comms in this one.
But it's becoming clearer.

Note the "RamenKings" last post being about it looking like the apocalypse.
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10 Sep
09/08/2020 - Trump Tweet Comms

Trump calls Cohen a "lier" instead of "liar" Mentions many tapes between Cohen and Cuomo (Fredo) tapes that reveal how sick they are and that Cohen may return to jail for lying.

So lier vs liar comms?
Liar = Untruthful
Lier = An Ambush.
Lier = Standing horizontally.

My friend @MarvinsArmy208 thought perhaps the standing horizontally could be a reference to sexual perversion.

Given the next tweet is a "bad bunny video" that comm is plausible.
The audio tape is here with Tucker giving commentary.

09/09/2020 Tucker uncovers more audio between CNN's Chris Cuomo and Michael Cohen

Tucker defines Cohen as a textbook sleeze in this program, but most of it is about how the tape proves CNN is fake.
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9 Sep
09/07/2020 Trump Tweet Comms
Trump tweeted/retweeted a specific account yesterday exactly 17 times. (I verified)

I suspect there's a comm in this, so let's dig into it.
Now when dealing with comms like these the meaning is often revealed in the sequence.

So, the tweet before the sequence is Trump giving a winning golfer praise.
then a 33 second video about the MSM "I think we're all done here"
The golf reference is curious given Trump has a golf club in Jupiter Florida.

A place he visited today to give a speech.
Jupiter comms?
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