1. Your belief in matters of fact is immaterial.
2. That there are castes is a social fact.
3.Casteism is a construct which is unverifiable. Varies from exp. to exp.
4.Pitting caste against Hinduism per se is an intellectual folly or dishonesty when it comes from anti Hindus.1/n
5. One is free to choose modern identites so you may be Telgu, Hindu or Indian depending upon your vritti.
6. If casteism i.e. having fellow feelings for own caste & looking after your own fellows & as you suggest is bad then why is Sikhs looking out for Sikhs, Ms looking out 2/n
for Ms and having fellow feelings for Ms, as their religion mandates, is not bad and how is that fellow feeling not destroying Sikhi or Iman. Evidences suggest to the contrary. Fellow feeling helps them bind together. What so bad about castes is not bad about organized religions?
One needs to have a deeper understanding of dynamics of various social forces. HINDUS carried their caste identity throughout millenia & a half yet that didn't weaken Hinduism then. Suddenly, post 1947 we're dehinduized & start blaming caste for lack of Hinduness. मति मारी गई है।

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28 Apr
औड डे ईनका फट के फ्लावर होने लगता है ।
इवेन डे उसी फ्लावर के साथ फास्ट, प्रेयर और प्रोटेस्ट करते हैं ।

अंग्रेज तो चले गये पर गांधी के संघी गुलाम छोड़ गए ।
गनीमत है सिर्फ दिया ही जलाने को बोला बग्गा जी ने, बापू एडिशन २ की तरह दिये के साथ थाली, डब्बे, घंटा नहीं बजवाया। वैसे बग्गा जी प्रशांत दूषण के चेंबर भी दिया ही जला आते, कूटने की क्या जरूरत थी । नहीं 🤔

भ ड़वा जनता पार्टी। इनकी लड़ाई इनके खुद के लोगों से रहती है । दूसरों से लड़ने की औकात है नहीं । पता है कि कंबल कुटाई हो जाएगी इनकी । अरनब का कांग्रेसीयो ने क्या हाल किया। संघी फट्टू फ्लावर ।
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24 Mar
Hon'ble PM ji, after observing self imposed quarantine for 3 days as you proposed, within minutes of your declaration of complete lockdown, tonight I ran towards drugstore to buy essential/life saving drugs we ran short of..but found it impossible to get our drugs..
I can manage without my diabetic drugs(which I ran short of just now) thanks to our ancient wisdom..through ÀsanÀs.. but my wife can't..she needs her esential medical supplies to survive meaningfully..but there are no drugs available..and I hear lathi happy cops not allowing even
medical supplies...I am requesting now to allow dandadharis to allow essential supplies but if they continued with their thuggish behaviour on medical and ration supplies, I would be forced to believe the dandas are being used at your instance...Allow us meds!
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30 Jan
Gun wielding man is moving from media persons towards police with his back towards police and front towards media persons clearly shows the man was part of media present there and did not come from where police personnel were present at site. He has the gun hidden by his n/
body aimed towards the media men shooting their video not from sides but directly looking at the barrel of the gun. Apparently, media men are not afraid of getting shot which could only be possible if they knew before hand that he would not shoot at them. n/
This is proverbial "looking down the barrel". But no, no media person is flinching or running away from him. Instead they are filming him facing the gun with police in the background. Great optics for media men. Perfect setting. But then n/
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19 Nov 19
Core is bore, No?

BJP leaders and supporters would make derisive comments on kids of JNU, JU & AU...Yes, apart from mid aged free loaders there are kids among students as well...BJP would get IT cells to malign JNU as if the structures & buildings there are the culprit..
BJP IT cell would go after kids as if they are monsters...

But what BJP cunningly would not do is tell you it is the academia...it is the faculty which is the root cause of JNU kids leaning towards left...they would not tell you that entire academia is so full of leftists...
so much so that generally kids there would not survive a semester if they don't fall in line..that is if they don't toe the leftist line there..But BJP wd not do anything to induct right minded teachers there..for that would involve fight...and BJP leaders don't have it in them
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