let me tell u a story about what it takes to buidl @HegicOptions as a solo core dev:

2/ i've wrote Hegic whitepaper back in ferburary in city library. i knew that i had to implement everything by myself so i started to learn solidity.



my long-term vision with Hegic is not options but hedge contracts

3/ i've shipped open sourced contracts in mainnet & built UI to test z first implemetation of hedge contracts (it was a simple ETH ATM put option).

open sourced contracts:


people started using Hegic:


4/ after seein' that people love it i've started to code v1 of Hegic protocol, addin' new call options, new liquidity pools model and shipped it in april. that was z last day of peace for me in this year.

5/ i've found a bug in my code which blocked liquidity providers’ funds in unexercised options contracts forever. while learnin' solidity i haven't learned to code automated tests yet. OK, a bug is not much, right?

6/ no way. hundreds of almighty ethereum community maxis have crushed on my head

FYI i don't give a fuck about vitalik, i don't give a fuck about ethereum community, i don't give a fuck about oldfags. i'm buidlin' on ethereum protocol, not makin’ friends
7/ i've 100% refunded people who have lost funds due to z bug in my code usin' funds that i've received from people who have pinged me on discord or telegram & said that they could contibute some money back in z day.

these people are early contributors.

8/ i didn't expect to see a galaxy level shitshow on CT. so i've sent a message to every early contributor and offered them to return 100% of their money if they didn't want to work with me. some of them took their money and said bye. some of them didn't

9/ i've started to fix bugs and contrinued to buidl Hegic. after re-launchin’ it there was an economic attack vector on liqudity pools (not a technical but protocol economic mechanism bug). again LPs money was lost. again i've 100% reimbursed all of them

10/ i've released v1.1 in june

code is open sourced as always:


v1.1 is still live:
11/ finishin’. 1 of 3: if u don't like me or @HegicOptions don't waste ur time. i'm not here to please ur ego or pump ur $HEGIC bags. if u have acquired some tokens yesterday it doesn't give u any rights in any jurisdiction. if u think i'm workin' for u to become rich, u're wrong
12/ 2 of 3: i'm usin' ethereum because it's open sourced, permisionless and i shouldn't ask anyone if i want to buidl something usin' it. i don't give a fuck about ur politics, ur "ETH is money" shit, vitalik buterich or whatever else you're considerin' precious. i'm a buidler.
13/ 3 of3: i don't care if u think that early contributors' allocation of 20% $HEGIC is unfair. these people have been serving me napkins while i was vomiting all these months. their tokens are locked for 24 months. without them Hegic was already dead.

14/ Fin

• • •

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