“ If by chance we are released, we will get married “ said Ovadia to the woman he fell in love with as they were imprisoned in Auschwitz camp.

Ovadia Baruch was born in Greece and was taken to Auschwitz camp with his entire family. SS soldiers separated them, beat them and whipped them. That was the last time he saw his family.
Ovadia was among a group of young Greek Jewish men who passed Mengale’s selection and were taken to work. They couldn’t understand German and had difficulty understanding instructions and were constantly beaten for that.
Due to the hard labor, harsh conditions, and constant torture, only 5 of the group survived, and it was decided the rest should be murdered too.
Ovadia was caught stealing food and was beaten harshly. He screamed in Ladino and another Greek Jewish woman that was hold there heard.
Aliza, a beautiful Jewish woman heard his screams in a language she knew and understood, she realized that the two of them had grown up in the same area and so they began exchanging notes and fell in love with each other.
In January 1945, Ovadia was taken to the death march, his luck enlightened him and he was rescued by American soldiers who liberated the camp and brought him to a hospital. Months later he returned to Greece.
Ovadia’s home was bombed, in the city he lived in a lists of survivors were posted. No one of his family survived, not his sisters nor his parents. The only name that was familiar to him was “Aliza”.
Ovadia and Aliza met, he told her he wants to marry her. Aliza hesitated, she told him that she was subjected to chemical and medical experiments and that she would not be able to give him children and offspring.
However, Ovadia wasn’t dissuaded, told her he wants to marry because of his love for her. The couple fled to live in Israel, that was in that time under the British mandate rule.
To her surprise, she discovered that the doctor who operated her at Auschwitz had mercy on her and left her 1 ovary. The doctor of course was murdered when the Nazis found out about it.
Aliza became pregnant and gave birth to 2 children.

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