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13 Sep, 20 tweets, 7 min read
@NathalieTocci let’s see a few thinks regarding “how great this thread” is by @sinanulgen1 and let me remind you are member of HRVP as you state at your bio, ie regarding EU foreign affairs and security policy. Let’s start 👇
1️⃣ Lesvos,Chios, Samos and Icaria can be partially militarized

according to Treaty of Lausanne, at art. 13. Can you notice saying we can’t have monitoring station, air base or any specific procedure regarding the number of soldiers or police forces?
2️⃣ Regarding Lemnos, Samothraki, Imvros, Tenedos and Lagouses Islands

According to articles 4,6,7 of the Treaty of Lausanne regarding the regime of the Straits, should be totally demilitarized.


At 1936 we have the Montreux Convention regarding the regime of the straits👇
Turkey requests to refortify the Straits and change the regime as it was stated at the above articles of the Treaty of Lausanne at Montreux Convention(1936) and gets approval to change the articles 4,6,7. of the Treaty of Lausanne.
There is no specific reference ++
which islands, because it refers to the change of regime regarding the Straits ie all islands which were mentioned in articles 4,6,7 -> let me repeat them Lemnos, Samothraki,Imvros,Tenedos and Lagouses Islands.
Turkish Ambassador Rusen Esref send a letter to Greek PM Ioannis Metaxas (06/May/1936) stating

«On behalf of my Government... we totally agree regarding the militarization of your two islands (Lemnos,Samothraki), at the same time with the fortification of the Straits.
Isn’t it an unlawful conduct regarding military status when Imvros, Tenedos and Lagouses Islands are military fortified according to Montreux convention but Turkey not allowing Greek Islands to be fortified which are part of Straits regime? 🤔
3️⃣Regarding Dodecanese

How can 🇹🇷 make claims about military status of those islands when the Treaty of Peace with 🇮🇹(Paris, 1947) was signed b/w 🇮🇹 and victorious powers of WW2. 🇹🇷 was not a contracting party of this Treaty thus her demands constitute res inter alios acta.
4️⃣ According to UN map


🇬🇷 after 1974. according to art. 51 proceeded to necessarily defense preparations, if it needed, according to our lawful right and let’s see why.
🇹🇷 used her power as a guarantor member in 🇨🇾 and invaded two times 🇨🇾 during 1974 which 🇹🇷 stated was for “peace, stability and restoration of democracy” but here we are 46 years later and still 40% of an E.U. country territories are illegally occupied by 🇹🇷 🤔
🇹🇷 established the 4th Army of Aegean with the headquarters in Izmir under the excuse of 🇬🇷 political turmoils, it has a great number of landy crafts and every year they do a military excercise of how to take over 🇬🇷 islands. Another thing to mention this Army is not part of NATO
So the problem is 🇬🇷 being military prepared under every lawful way but not 🇹🇷 moves? 🤔 🧐

As for islands CS and EEZ.

Mrs @NathalieTocci you now ALL E.U. members have signed UNCLOS? It is a prerequisite to become a member? 🇹🇷 is a candidate member. BUT
still not signing UNCLOS!!

One more thing 🇬🇷 accepts ICJ jurisdiction. You can find our country at ICJ website. Where is 🇹🇷 though?

Nowhere. .

And now let’s speak about 🇹🇷 saying 🇬🇷 islands DON’T have the right of CS and EEZ AT ALL!
So what would you say to the Spanish and Portuguese citizens dear @NathalieTocci ?

-Azores, Madeira islands should not have EEZ at all according to Turkey.

-Balearic, Canary Islands should neither have EEZ and CS at all right?
-Neither Malta should have CS and EEZ at all right?

-Nor Cyprus should have CS and EEZ at all right?
-Why Greek islands should have different status and UNCLOS can’t be applied to them?

-UNCLOS recognize the same rights to Aegean and East med and in all Mediterranean Sea as a semi close sea.

And please we don’t talk about Kastellorizo island it is a complex
Which belongs to Dodecanese islands and are part of 🇬🇷 sovereignty and borders.

So please respect what E.U. lawfully supports and that is UNCLOS and think how you will protect E.U. citizens.
PS Turkey has repeatedly violated Lausanne Treaty regarding Greeks ,won’t take that under consideration?…
A few things*

• • •

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8 Sep
@FinancialTimes 1) Turkey has a revisionist approach, wants to change Lausanne Treaty, which established current borders

2) Turkey is build upon nationalism “Turkey for Turks” by Young Turks and keeps repeating while abuses minorities ++
@FinancialTimes ie Armenians, Assyrians, Greeks, Kurds, Alevis since its foundation repeatedly

3)Turkey doesn’t recognize UNCLOS not respect it, the same goes for ICJ(Hague) juridiction

4) Turkey invaded Cyprus in order to bring stability and democracy back in 1974 as a guarantor power ++
@FinancialTimes instead occupies 40% of the island, not recognizing RoC and colonizes TRNC with other citizens than Turkish Cypriots.
5) I think you missed a part at this specific map, Turkey doesn’t respect median line solution regarding EEZ and aims at TRNC annexation while ++
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6 Sep
Δεν γίνεται να περνάει χωρίς ενόχληση χωρίς θόρυβο, η λογική βιασμού αν δεν του κάτσει η άλλη για να αδειάσει.
Είμαστε ενας λαός που ιστορικά έχουν καταγράφει βιαιοπραγίες εναντίον του κατά τη διάρκεια σκλαβιάς από τους Οθωμανούς.
Κατά τη διάρκεια απελευθέρωσης γυναίκες και
παιδιά ανεξάρτητου φύλου βιάζονταν ως αντίποινα για την μάχη της επιδίωξης της ελευθερίας μας, για να προασπίσουμε την ισότητα και την ελευθερία. Ακόμα και στα Σεπτεμβριανά 2000 γυναίκες και πόσα παιδιά ιδίως αγόρια βιάστηκαν.

Οι συμπεριφορές αυτές οικειοποίησης της έννοιας
του βιασμού, θα έπρεπε να μην μένουν αναπάντητες.

Ο βιασμός είναι έγκλημα, δεν σηκώνει πλάκα.

Ποιος θα ήθελε το παιδί του επειδή δεν επιθυμεί να συμμετέχει σε σεξουαλικη πράξη να βιαστεί ή ακόμα & καποιος να σκεφτεί
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25 Aug

🇹🇷 violations of the

Treaty of Lausanne

During the period of 1970-1979
1️⃣Violations of articles 40, 42, 44

On 9/July/1971 🇹🇷 in an effort to strangle the nursery of Orthodox clergymen, discontinued the operation of the Seminary of Halki. In the 127 years from its foundation, 930 clergymen had graduated from the Seminary,>>
including 12 Ecumenical Patriarchs, 2 Patriarchs of Antiochy,4 Archbishops of Athens & 1 Archbishop of Tirana.
At the same time,🇬🇷 minority schools were required to open courses with the 🇹🇷 oath ending with the phrase 'Ne mutlu Türküm diyene', which means 'How happy I am a Turk!"
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24 Aug

🇹🇷 violations of the

Treaty of Lausanne

During the period of 1960-1969
1️⃣Violations of Articles 2,37,40

The Turkish authorities announced new restriction measures about the exercise of various professions by Greeks in Constantinople in 1960, in implementation of Law 2007/1932.
2️⃣Violations of Article 40

That same year, the 🇹🇷 authorities abolished the 3 central 🇬🇷 Orthodox boards of Stavrodromion (Pera, Beyoğlu), Halkidona (Kadıköy) and Galatas (Karaköy), which coordinated the ethnic 🇬🇷 institutions.
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22 Aug

🇹🇷 violations of the

Treaty of Lausanne

During the period of 1950-1959
1️⃣Violations of articles 38, 39, 40, 43,44

On 6/9/1955 the 🇹🇷 launched organized riots against Christians in Constantinople. Within the space of six hours:
* 72 holy places from 95,
* 36 Greek schools from 48,
* 3 Greek newspapers form 3,
* 4228 shops, companies, factories belonging to Greeks,
* 2640 houses belonging to Christians were destroyed, looted or set on fire.
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21 Aug

🇹🇷 violations of the

Treaty of Lausanne

During the period of 1940-1949
1️⃣Violations of article 37,38,39,44

During WWII 🇹🇷 , found an opportunity, due to its neutrality, to strike heavy blows on the ethnic Greeks of 🇹🇷 , taking advantage of the weakness of 🇬🇷 .. 1/x
which was struggling for the ideals of freedom and justice, at the side of the Allied forces. Thus in May 1941 🇹🇷 mobilized the prefectures in Eastern Thrace, starting from the prefecture of Constantinople. The enlistment offices were ordered, by way of a ciphered footnote...2/x
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