@TentacleBunnyTV @Joseph_wolfstar @AspieHuman Keep trying. I am making some headway. Still pre-assessment. I think there is a way to meet in the middle.

Everyone knows that there are many ways to see the same facts often. And that emotional/sensory/anxious/nervy responses are a fact of life that can become practical issues.
@TentacleBunnyTV @Joseph_wolfstar @AspieHuman We can remind people & challenge assumptions, challenge general patterns of punitive/dismissive/suppressive reactions. Or find and use our own power and means to reinforce a point.
However I hate it when everything feels like melee & doubled down. Not 100% catastrophising there!?
@TentacleBunnyTV @Joseph_wolfstar @AspieHuman On schoolwork right up to failing uni, I always got ´needs to be better presented and more logically structured´ - got misunderstood and comments about colloquialisms (echolalia/stock phrases?), about tangents, idealism, but also impressively thoughtful/insightful & passionate...
@TentacleBunnyTV @Joseph_wolfstar @AspieHuman Those practical barriers went virtually unaddressed, I was unable or too scared to tackle stuff/ask for support, didnt think they were able to give it nor able to see me as able to improve/fit the box - even if that was because they did not like to be mean fascists re the boxes!?
@TentacleBunnyTV @Joseph_wolfstar @AspieHuman Challenging, delving into the whole conceptual framework around those boxes & rubrics, their ideas of how grammar, educational performance and the system works? Pushing into ableist assumptions/forces there, without dx, the very points authority figures were sensitive about!?😬🤯
@TentacleBunnyTV @Joseph_wolfstar @AspieHuman These are the challenges, barriers and edifices I am up against talking to the teachers then and also throughout my 42 years talking to friends and loved ones, peers etc *with* the emotional dysregulation and the effect it has on relationships, trust & social standing. 🎉🤣 /s
@TentacleBunnyTV @Joseph_wolfstar @AspieHuman /s = space-saving code some other autistics use more than I do informing the reader of sarcasm: emojis were an amused sarcastic yay. Because it is ALL a bit much. And that is what I was saying with the other emojis, the (pain/sadness/anxious) grimace and exploding head.
@TentacleBunnyTV @Joseph_wolfstar @AspieHuman I still over-edit and get lost in trying to be complete or correct, am not good with pragmatics, what is most important to the listener and how I handle criticism. I think I clutter & do circumstantiality & pedantic speech, to chuck out some *terms* &/or I start with anger/panic?
@TentacleBunnyTV @Joseph_wolfstar @AspieHuman Because I think ´oo, they want to know about human things´- also I get angry, despairing, panicky, emotionally dysphoric thinking about the person I want to talk to in particular ways in ruminating & working up the motivation to have the important conversation.🤣 I am so easy! 🤣
@TentacleBunnyTV @Joseph_wolfstar @AspieHuman But even all of that does not make it hopeless with some kind of equally natural finality. It can´t.

• • •

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26 May
1. Discussion as to how we avoid being Stazi or Magdalene Nuns or Gotham baddies

2. Still leave some room for narratives that go somewhere inside of a realistic idea of an evolving complex polycentric internationalist (free/collaborative) socialism. As a setting.
Capital vs Society
1. What does capital mean?
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Neighbour/enemy: Have a collection of random objects in the room and some sticky labels - tag them up with a glossary. Also have some rope or string or looped elastic to draw venn diagrams with.
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@chromesthesia @commaficionado I suppose Lyra is a bit of an NT fantasy in some ways, a bit like Elsa. A normalised and accentualised (just made that up or it came to me - like a combo of accent and actualisation) - and was like a combination of who people in the community told me I was supposed to be
@chromesthesia @commaficionado and my actual ideal self, who I wanted to be or was in my head. Quixotic complex passion, sometimes naive but without fault in that since it was coming from a good place and made outside the box.
@chromesthesia @commaficionado My son who is diagnosed and much more academically consistent and much more atheist than I am embodies these qualities. And he's definitely a boy but also GNC.
On the other hand, Will had different streetsmarts, executive function and he knew how to make himself invisible.
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1 Aug 19
#IHateWhenPeopleAskMe when I am coming to bed or doing anything useful even if am not happy with my procrastination or general listless lackadaisical mix of compulsive agitation and ennui.
It's not completely laziness in the sense of deliberate inaction but it is not exactly inability either.
The question of deliberate action is a Pandora's Box.
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23 Jun 19
@iainmacwhirter We could say, use the term 'natural-born vulva' instead!?
I like to think of people as something more than one single level of identification. Fighting biological oppression and other forms of sexism is not the same as forced identification/suppression of identity.
@iainmacwhirter We call the conservatives Tory's and the origins of that is based on ancient anti-Irish prejudice. Everybody throws around ableist terms in ways that try to keep disabled people out/shamed and/or demonise enemies by tagging that way!? Nobody is using terf or cis that way.
@iainmacwhirter Yes, slurs can have very specific usage windows and still be slurs - except cis isn't in any way shape or form a slur in my head (only just thought of it but I don't know it's related to cissy) and whilst terf is thrown in annoyance and terfy can be used in analytical thought ach
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31 Mar 19
@GeorgeMonbiot How do we get 'political mobilisation...addressing these vast issues: demanding structural and systemic solutions to structural and systemic problems.' - it's vitally important, otherwise this is just sounding off &yet devolving any responsibility for what kind of revolution, eh?
@GeorgeMonbiot So - plastic and Carbon emissions are linked by the power issues, the industries are the same: petrochemicals is fossil fuels and vice versa (I knew that really, somewhere!) so they aren't entirely seperate pots of environmental responsibility/guilt as I said last night, (thread)
@GeorgeMonbiot ...trying to compassionately quash the idea that a bit of plastic nullified any energy consumption reduction efforts.
I still don't think it does, exactly.

Sometimes political mobilisation has come from glossier sanitised, generalised beginnings.
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25 Mar 19
Can the state ever deliver either compassion or effective mental health or disability care!? Or any organisation or body? Is it just too faceless and compounded by structural and personality issues and conflicted interests? Why isn't pessimism the answer? Why's capitalism narrow
How can we be sure of anything? Is it all hopeless? CMHT sent a guy to 'assess'/visit a while ago - he just bamboozled me with info-dump about coping strategies - and as I induced him to admit he was mostly just trying to bump me out of my frame of mind; I found that abusive but
I managed to talk him round to a positive end so I felt unable to complain there and then. And is cat-and-mouse complaints-based consumer-power the way to ensure a service is properly run; what is properly anyway; can't it just work? Lol. Expectation management v authoritariansm
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