1. Friends Of Earth!

Each Of You Is Sacred And Powerful!

Everyone Is Holding A Key To What Will Be! For Reality Is Only As Each Of You Experiences It, And Haven't We Seen How A Perception Can Change In The Blink Of An Eye?
2. The Nature Of Your World Is No More And No Less Than A Reflection Of The Composite Vision Of The Present Awareness Of Consciousness.

The Perception Will Be Transformed As You Pierce The Densities Of Remembrance! What You Experience Will Resonate Accordingly.
3. The World In The Coming Moments Will Radiate The Essence Of Harmony. It Will Hold The Resonant Frequency Of The Higher Realms And Thus Be The "Heaven On Earth" That Has Been Prophesied, Throughout The Waking Dreams Of Life.
4. This Is Not Because A Man, Who Is Up There In The Sky Somewhere Made It That Way.  But Because YOU ---Each Of You--- Exercised Your Divine Will In Harmony With Divine Intent!
5. It Is You That Have Created The New Earth That Will Be Revealed In Dancing Frequencies Of Love! You Just Had To Remember Who You Are And Dismiss The Matrix Programming!

None Will Be Left, As Love Cannot Divide Itself!
6. Just As It Was In The Beginning. We Return To The Origin Of Your Sacred Soul, And You Will Be Amazed At The Perfection Of Your Creation!

We Bow In Joy!

Soon We Rise!

• • •

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25 Sep

1. Friends Of Earth!

As You Watch The Planet Seem To Be At Such Discord, We Offer Truth That May At Least Bring You Back To The Realization Of Possible Peace! Image
2. The One Creator Of All Life Does Not View In An Ego Sense As Humans Find Themselves In!

As Life Is Holographic In Nature, You May Find Comfort In Knowing That At The Smallest Pinpoint Of Each Fiber Of Being, Is An Exact Replica Of All Other Life Existing As NOW.
3. YOU, Beloved One, Are Part Of The ONE. You Are Part Of Life, As You ARE Life! 

You Are One Way That God Is Expressing In Form. All Trees, Animals And All Natures Are Expressions Of God. All Galaxies And Multiverses Are Expressions Of God.
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24 Sep

1. Beloved Friends Of Light!

We Are Ever Moving As One To The Grand Shift Of The Ages!

These Are Moments To Embrace All Aspects Of Your Being, Without Judging. To Integrate And Love The Perceived Unloveable Characteristics That In Truth Are Only Love In Disguise.
2. This Is The Work At Hand, For Those Who Have Conscious Awareness Of The Ascension Process. Attention In Word And Action In The Waking Dream, For The Completion With This Challenging Phase In Personal Transformation Is Before You Now.
3. Gathering The Fragmented Pieces Of Your Own Essence As You Learn To Accept That You Lived Each Moment From Your Current Level Of Awareness, And What You Did In Another Moment Of Memory, You Might Cringe At Now.

For You Have Learned. Have No Guilt!
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23 Sep

1. Beloved Friends!

In These Moments Of Divine Order, You Will Experience Both Bliss And Despair! 

What Indeed Is Going On?

You Are Ascending In Light And The Vibrational Frequencies Of The Masses Are Clashing For Their Place In Higher Densities!
2. The Challenges, Which Manifest Naturally In The Lives Of All Humans, Will Serve To Direct You To Higher Choices Of Perception.

There Is Always A Different Way To View An Obstacle. Maybe Something Is Blocking Your Way, Or Maybe It Is There To Protect You!
3. Indeed, You Have The Choice Of Perception!

With The Growth You Have Accomplished In Your Humanity, The Conflicts That Once Knocked You Down, No Longer Phase You! 

You Survived Every Single Hurdle! You Are Still With Us!
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22 Sep

1. Precious Loves Of My Heart!

In Sacred Words Through Many Dreams, You Found Comfort In The Words, "Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled. Neither Let It Be Afraid."

This Powerful Teaching Is Enough In Itself To See You Through!
2. In Truth, Fear Is An Illusion And Only Love Is Real. All Emotions And Thoughts Are Simply Energy Floating In Your Field Of Awareness. Allow Them To Pass By As You Observe Without Reaction!
3. The Clarity You Have Attained Thus Far On Your Soul Journey Has Served To Bring You To This Moment!

The Consciousness Of Humanity Stands Poised, An In-Breath Of Life, Awaiting The Out-Breath To Follow.
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21 Sep

1. Friends Of Earth!

Enjoy The Story Of You In This Dream That Seems So Real, But Never Let It Take Over And Cause You To Believe That It Is Anything But A False Identity Created To Experience Consciousness In Multiple Ways!
2. This Life Matters Infinitely As All Others Have; As It Has Given You Growth And Perspective As You Move And Live In The ONE.

You Are Not Bound By A Certain Decision Or Idea, Regardless Of Your Dedication To The Choice You Felt Was Solid And Absolute, Just Moments Before!
3. Energy Is Continually Moving And Emotions Are Not Part Of The Absolute. You Are Merely Observing Emotions And Thoughts From The Vantage Point Of The True Self.
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20 Sep

1. Beloved Friends Of Light!

As You Journey, We Are With You! 

The Numbers That Know We Are Here In Truth Are Growing And The Awakening Is Shifting To Light That Is Brighter Than The Planet Has Ever Known!
2. We Bow And Honor The Creator Of All Light! Beloved Ones, You Are This Light!

Your Journey Will Carry You Forth Through The Varied Scenery With Masses Of People With Billions Of Perspectives! You Need Only One Perspective. This Is The Perspective Of Truth!
3. On This Journey, You Long To Know What Is True, For You Have Been Deceived So Many Times!

We Would Tell You To Believe Your Own Heart!  Listen To Your Own Soul!  Ask God To Show You The Way!  Ask Yourself What You Are Feeling With The Information Given!
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