My first ever Twitter thread, and consider this my invitation to #GeneralConference
When someone invokes the name “Jesus” in a political discussion, you can usually discount whatever else they have to say.
Most of these invocations of “Jesus” aren’t referring to a real person.
People often create an imaginary avatar of God who serves to validate their worldview, their opinions, and their partisan loyalty. They name this avatar “Jesus.”
They conveniently ignore the fact that Jesus was devoutly Jewish, which has traditionally been a really upsetting fact for progressives and believers alike.
But a de-Judaized Jesus avatar created in our own image, or in that of our woke boyfriend or favorite politician, is no more based in reality than is Santa Claus. That is why I created this as a quick primer.…
A “Jesus” who only ever confirms my thoughts and feelings and my partisan anger is no more based in reality than the current configuration of my Mr. Potato Head.
I rarely use the name “Jesus,” because I want to avoid this common trap of trying to create a God who thinks and acts like me, and whose purpose is to validate me.
Instead, I use the phrase “The Revealed Christ.”
The Revealed Christ is a real individual. Any encounter with Him is on His terms, not ours.
He wants to be known personally, not imagined in the abstract.
Christ is revealed or He is not known. If you want to know Him, prepare to enter a relationship characterized by peace and love in depths beyond your comprehension.
Also, prepare to be constantly challenged. Prepare to allow parts of your soul to painfully die and be reborn in the image of God. Prepare to give up things that you currently cling to, like resentments, sins, and fixations on other people’s shortcomings.
Prepare to give up any aspect of your personal ideology that is not in His image. No, The Revealed Christ does not hover over the shoulders of depraved politicians. He does not look or think like any of the flattering Caesars that we have unfortunately come to worship.
You can spend your soul's energy coming to know The Revealed Christ, or you can spend your soul's energy mentally and verbally stoning the men and women He has ordained to be His servants. You have to pick one or the other.
To know the Revealed Christ is to make every other rival identity subordinate to the identity He gives us.
All of this was expressed long ago by a man who correctly intuited the cost of personally knowing God:
“if there is a God, and if thou art God, wilt thou make thyself known unto me, and I will give away all my sins to know thee...” (Alma 22:18)
You cannot know The Revealed Christ without becoming like Him. Make room in your heart for grace, because it is part of the character of The Revealed Christ. Grace is not cheap or sweet; it is deep and transformative and creates a new view of the world.
People whose souls are infused with God’s grace, want everyone to experience its disruptive and transcendent power. Even “bad” people. Especially “bad” people.
If you want to find The Revealed Christ, go where He is. Spend time among the broken-hearted, among simple people. Spend time in nature, and in holy places.
Spend time in the scriptures, and in sacred music.
Spend time with witnesses. A witness is someone with experience. For some, the experience of the Revealed Christ is a subtle awareness of that relationship, that grows over a lifetime. For others, it’s like a lightning strike that upends our world. For me, it has been both.
The Revealed Christ is sometimes referred to as The Great Healer. His most powerful opponent is sometimes referred to as The Great Accuser. Both are cloning themselves. The Revealed Christ is creating healers, and The Great Accuser is creating accusers.
If you want to see what a healer looks like, watch this.…
Larry Echo Hawk says he personally knows The Revealed Christ. I don’t doubt that. Look at the peace and strength and healing that he radiates, and compare it with the frantic fear and rage in our online voices and in our popular accuser-commentators.
I too know The Revealed Christ. I strongly relate to Paul, who considered himself completely unworthy and undeserving of the knowledge he had been given (1 Cor 15:9). If a human train wreck like Paul or myself can come to know The Revealed Christ, I’m confident you can too.
I’m grateful for men and women over the years who have pointed me to Him. I’m looking forward to hearing from some of those people in #GeneralConference on October 3-4.…

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