#PalgharSadhuLynching is forgotten

#SivanadiyarSaravanan is forgotten (and case buried)

#Vignesh murdered and forgotten.

The Hindus of this country haven't come out on streets for any one of them.

Perchance if a kid throws a stone at a church window, see their response!
Big RW handles are spewing nonsense against NM as if he is their local constable. For F's Sake, have some sense of scale.

Go stand for an election. Don't let BJP capitalize on the dead bodies of Hindus. Let me see how many corporation council seats you will win!
Am sure this tweet will go to the eyes of those hallowed handles. I also know those handles won't have any compunction in abusing the hell out of me; in very inventive ways. With much support from followers.

Doesn't matter. You will still remain an impotent Twitter handle!
You expect an organization as big as BJP or RSS to come and act on your comments today?

Ask yourself this: how many years have you put into the organization and its activities? How many decades have you worked with them within their framework? What is your depth in this field?
Why should a party with 100M registered members or an organization with 5-10M active members, listen to a rank outsider like you (if you are an outsider)? What makes you more special than the insiders? What are your motives? How would the org know?
The only way to make an organization take you seriously, is to prove heft in your argument. This isn't scientific publishing. Proof of pudding is in the eating. You want to be take seriously? Show the numbers. Get on the streets. Work your ass off. Get real people to support you.
Coming back to the original point: why would a central govt, fighting an epidemic driven economic downturn and two aggressive enemies at the border, want to interfere in a law and order issue **when the people of the state haven't given a shit**?

Are you dumb or are you dumb?

• • •

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3 Sep
Views like these are the reason I agree with acharyas that our scriptures must NOT be learnt without the guidance of a guru!
There is a concept of sacred .. once that is destroyed by making the sacred mundane (like seeing deities as mere human forms with the same qualities) there is no going back.

If all you see is a sexy hot body, where is divinity?
And the basic human trait lust - if the divine is just a female body, what about other women in your family? Like sisters and aunts and nieces?

This is why objectification is a slope that must be resisted. It can go downhill pretty fast. For that is the nature of human mind.
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2 Sep
Some thoughts.

Loss of a loved elder hits one in many many ways.

On one hand, it is a true loss of the inner child. With a kind and benevolent elder, one is allowed to be a child. No matter what one's own age is. One is allowed to let down one's guard. There is no judging.
On the other, they teach by just being. In very difficult times, they teach lessons in conduct by just being themselves. A complete underserved kind word goes a long way in pulling you out of whatever waters you are drowning in.

And then, there is the inevitability of mortality.
An elder passing away naturally reminds you that you too are on the same journey. Headed to the same destination, and much time has passed since the journey started.

What do you do with the time left? What was their legacy? What is yours? Will your legacy be fondly remembered?
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29 Aug
Here is the problem with drawing a false equivalence in terms of Staines case ..

/ Thread follows /

0) the murder of Graham Staines and his kids has been dealt with by law without any fear or favour. The killer has been sentenced to death. No one justifies his acts ++
1) that is one case of gruesome murder in a country of 1B (at that time). It was still made synonymous with every single Hindu who opposes conversions. On the other hand, the crimes of the church were given a free pass.

2) not just the church .. other religions that do the same
++ were given a free pass too. If Hindus can be blamed for one murder, should not Muslims be blamed for Nandimarg / Anantnag massacres? There too, children were murdered.

3) shouldn't the missionaries who sell children and who abuse children on a daily basis across the country++
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18 Jul
A few thoughts on the AIT canard spread by European Colonialists, and fanatically espoused by Dravidian parochialists.

I am reading through the history of colonialism in Africa, and there are very strong similarities to what happened in India. /0
Before we go any further: Colonial history in Africa and in the subcontinent, is the same as Church history. To separate the two is to shield the cause from the effect. Colonialism and racism were a result of Church teaching its White flock that they are superior to others. /0A
In late 18th Century - Europeans, sanctioned by the Catholic church, invaded Rwanda. They found two tribes that were coexisting for possibly millennia. These tribes had no history [they had a rich verbal history tradition] of bad blood until then. The church taught them ++ /1
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