Self defense against a white Supremacist will get you executed by Donald Trump’s secret police in broad daylight.

Murdering BLM protestors gets you $1 million in gofundme donations and praise from Donald Trump.
Oh y’all thought this was hyperbole?
When I said “trump will come after the left if he is re-elected,” I don’t mean rhetorically. I mean the president of the United States has discovered political capital in murdering leftists and is currently BRAGGING about having killed Michael Reinoehl
And now he’s calling for 50,000 volunteers to “monitor the election” which means challenging ballots in predominantly minority communities.

Proud Boys will be at your local Missionary Baptist church precinct with their AR15s trying to intimidate old Black voters
Boogaloo Boys will be storming offices of election supervisors demanding mail-in ballots be invalidated.

Election Day will be coordinated “Brooks brothers riots” nationwide but this time with white militias carrying ar15s

Roger Stone is already organizing.
I just hope we understand what it means to have the most powerful man in the world realize he earns political points with no political penalties for bragging about killing one of our comrades.

And that that fascist is planning to force his way back into four more years of power

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27 Jul
I honestly did my best to avoid this debate, but imagine looking at this moment in history — uprisings around the country, 150k dead, 40 million unemployed, perfect ground for revolution and using your platform to decry cancel culture.

Cancel culture?!

Cancel mfking culture!?!
Imagine watching all these videos of day after day and feeling sorry for the person who is about to be canceled because of their five star racism .... and thinking you’re our ally
Imagine defending cops as working class people when at best their class traitors and facilitators of a fascistic police state.
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25 Jul
Their grandparents saw nothing wrong with taking their kids to lynchings, so why would we expect them to see something wrong with police killing Black lives?
We're literally dealing with the children and grandchildren of people who thought executing 14-year-old George Stinney in the electric chair was "justice."

He was so small they had to sit him on top of a stack of books to fit in the electric chair.
We're dealing w/the cultural descendants of the people who tortured, shot and lynched 14-year-old Emmett Till who would've been 79 today.

But we're to believe these current folks were born of immaculate conception - untouched by the society that condoned it just 65 years ago
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6 Jul
this is bullshit @KeishaBottoms and you fucking know it. White Supremacist whataboutism bullshit.
The mayor of “Wakanda” literally using the death of an 8 year old to attack the fight for Black lives. Absolutely disgusting and pathetic, @KeishaBottoms
“You gotta stop all the crime your community before you can demand the state-sanctioned murder by cops stop” is how you sound right now, Keisha
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10 Jun
Police are not apolitical. When you get pulled over odds are you’re being pulled over by a Trump supporter.
Assume that the cop that has pulled you over is #MAGA. The assumption could save your life.
Assume that the cop that is testifying in court revels in the same cruelty as Donald Trump.
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6 Jun
Feel free to ignore this thread. I'm tipsy and my bday is almost over:

I think it happened when my father died. Something ruptured in me that forced me to reject the arrogance of my youth and I no longer saw myself as special in isolation but special because I was human.
What I reject about our society is that we elevate some at the expense of others when we are all great. Literally, every single one of us is great.

But you can't stand out in a society built on greed if we treat each other as if we were all the same: great.
I get enraged is when I consider how many human lives of wasted by our society -- killed for profit, left sick and dying for profit, left oppressed for profit.

Like, how dare we waste human potential for a motherfucking dollar. For Money?? You'll let greatness waste away?
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5 Jun
We demand that @SpeakerPelosi call immediate congressional hearings into the well-documented police brutality that has seized our country in the last several days but that has been present in the Black community for generations.

Enough is enough. America has seen enough.
Contact every single congressional leader and let them know #WeveSeenEnough. It’s time for full congressional hearings and investigations into the police brutality sweeping our nation.
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