Democrats got a kid to go shoot cops.
Gang initiation typing requires a murder. This looks similar. Which means LA gangs have joined BLM. Democrats army is growing.
This is pretty disturbing development. If all gangs nationwide have been aligned with Democrats, that means every city and town has criminal cells ready with established organized crime hierarchies and territory ready to attack law abiding citizens on command from DC.
If you haven’t prepared for a civil war yet, you better start while you still can. The gangs know they will be “caught and released” if police are still functional after election. Maybe “defund the police” was in preparation for a Democrat stolen election and uprising by citizens
DC criminals will issue the order to attack to put down the uprising of patriots, activating Obama’s army of gangs nationwide. Police will have been decimated by then and will be helpless to respond.
Knowing how Democrats love to dox and cancel their political enemies I suspect they’ll use the NSA database or have “unfortunate” security breaches at Big Tech, exposing enough details of all of us to figure out who we are via IP addresses etc and then send the lists out to gangs
Arm yourself like you’re going to have fend off 50 gangbangers attacking your home for a week. That’s my best advice to you. Barr is clueless, Wray is complicit. Trump is powerless to stop it. We are on our own.
The 50-day AntiFA/Democrat “siege” of the White House starts this week. I suspect they‘re gathering NOW to avoid startling Secret Service and patriots nationwide, which would happen if a massive armed mob showed up suddenly after election. They’ll lay in wait until commanded
The coup will happen quickly. It will be coordinated and deadly and nationwide.
They’ll overrun the White House with 200,000-1M demented criminals, and Democrats will probably order patriot uprisings our down by their gangs nationwide.
Democrats have said: they have no intention of accepting a second Trump term. They will die first. This isn’t a peaceful protest. It’s got nothing to do with social justice. It’s preparation for a violent overthrow of the government.
We have seen hints at the organization behind the violence: Democrat kill teams, arsonists, coup plotters, assassinations and defunding of police to blunt their response when the shooting starts.
Strategy appears is a simultaneous attack on the WH ground by up to a million criminals to overwhelm the SS and kill Trump (cut off the head of the snake from their perspective), while simultaneously activating gang cells and kill teams nationwide to assassinate Trump supporters.
So how would they know who is a Trump supporter to target? Good question. Registered voter rolls, FEC donation database (which is public BTW), Big Tech insiders doxxing the biggest Twitter/FB/YT account owners, etc.
This is likely a (current and former) CIA operation: Paul Craig Roberts: The US & Its Constitution Have 2 Months Left…
In case you missed it: Democrat Supported Marxist Group Plans Siege on White House Starting September 17 for 50 Days Until the 2020 Election…
I’d also recommend (if you can afford it) a thermal rifle scope to be able to see the attackers at distance at night if they come for you and your family. They’re not cheap ($3k-$4k) but may save your life.
Other critical home defense items you really need to thinking about right now in this thread HERE:
So the idea of the 50-day WH siege is to not only lull the SS and patriots into a sense of complacency but also provide quick-strike advantage when the order is given to assassinate the President. Patriots will too far away to get to DC in time to help defend him.
What’s unfortunate is that all of this could have been avoided if Trump has just dropped hammer on these seditious bastards when he got into office. It is, ironically what they feared he’d do: charge them all with seditious conspiracy. Now, the snakes are planning a violent coup.
*Sorry about the typos. Small device. Hopefully you get the message anyway.
If, like me, you’ve often marveled at why the Democrats would keep pushing gun control laws but let tens of thousands of criminal gangbangers in their own cities have guns and refuse to enforce those laws, I think we’re starting to see why: the gangs will be part of their army.
There are approximately 1.4 million criminals in gangs as of 2011, with more than 33,000 gangs were active in the United States. Today that’s more likely in the 2M range. Add in AntiFA, BLM, Weather Underground and it’s offshoots, the DNC side of the FBI and CIA....
And you’re talking about a violent, armed Obama army filled with psychopaths, arsonists, child molesters, murderers, drug dealers and cartel soldiers of some 3-4M+ strong. Plus: 96% of everyone in DC. That’s quite a little army Obama and Soros have amassed against us.
Still, it’s estimated Trump supporters have an estimated 100M guns, some 60-70M strong. So with patriots having the clear numerical advantage, the plan has to be very well organized and executed to be effective to successfully overthrow the government.
The media is their ace in the hole. Propaganda wins wars. Using the “Trump won Nov 3 but then lost 3 weeks after the election in a ‘free and fair election’” narrative, they plan to get most of America behind the “the power is legitimately ours” narrative. And against patriots.
In short, they will use the Constitution to bludgeon us before they abandon it should they seize power. Claiming to be the legitimate government, they will mobilize law enforcement against us and anyone in power who refuses to obey and submit to their authority.
If you like what’s happening in Venezuela, with two governments recognized by world powers, you’ll love 2021 America.
Mattis and Coats, spoke together about taking “collective action” to remove President Trump from office. General Mattis said Trump was “dangerous. He’s unfit.”

This is the same thing that the Generals and the CIA said about President John F. Kennedy.
Back to current events, pre-coup: you can see how this all fits together

• • •

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19 Sep
Ok,I’m not saying I believe this, but there’s speculation Ginsburg died some time ago and they’ve used body doubles for (very) rare public appearances with her opinions being “filed from home” by Lawfare hacks. What would they have to gain in “revealing” RBG’s death now? 👇
In short: *enthusiasm* to get Democrats — who have planted maybe 10 Biden yard signs in total across the country — to CARE about the electing Biden.
Trump rallies, boat parades, car parades, yard signs etc have highlighted a serious problem for the Deep State/Biden campaign: their supposed base don’t give a shit for an old washed up 50-year career liar politician. Solution? A KAVANAUGH-level emotional event.
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Ginsburg had been dead less than an hour (body still warm — literally) when Schumer tweeted this:
THEN, 20 minutes later when his staff called and said “WTF?” He tweeter this:
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⚠️BREAKING: Ruth Ginsburg has died at 87.
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I'm saddened @RichHiggins_DC blocked me. In fact I think he's awesome. He spoke truth to power at the NSC and it got him fired, and he continues to speak truth today. He's a patriot. We need more like him in DC. Image
He blocked me though for pointing out a Univ. of Alaska at Fairbanks study published last year that concluded WTC7 could not have collapse from simple office fires like the NIST official report concluded. Here is the report, published in March this year:…
9/11 was such a dramatic and traumatizing event, the presentation of evidence that conflicts with the official narrative of what happened -- even hard irrefutable evidence -- cause a defensive psychological reaction called "cognitive dissonance":
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WTF?? ImageImageImageImage
The answer is, as @EthicalSkeptic has been covering: the DNC is engaged in “data laundering”: deaths attributable to other causes are being laundered in the US as COVID deaths. Deaths tied to the LOCKDOWN are being attributed to COVID. Really sick crap. All for mail in voting.
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