Every retail worker who has ever worked through the last days of a big chain like Circuit City or Toys R Us can recognize what is happening in American government.

It's all too familiar.
The store hits a point where for one reason or another, it discovers it's not competitive anymore.

Instead of making a fundamental shift in the business model, management tries to assure everyone things are fine.
The store tries to put effort into promotions and sales to get people into the doors.

Trying to breathe life into a business model that is obsolete instead of adapting.

Eventually the resources directed toward infrastructure and maintenance gets redirected toward promotion
The causes for the shifts are different with every company but the reality on the ground for the employees tend to look the same.

Their jobs become LOOKING like the place is still running while it is clearly falling apart.
The floors get dirtier.
The shelves start falling apart.
Brands and products begin to disappear.

Stocking the shelves begins to mean moving items around so it looks like they're still full.

But staff knows no new orders are coming in.
Customers come into the store and immediately can't shake the feeling that something is very... off.

It may take a bit for them to put their finger on it because it's gradual, but they begin to notice it's not the same place anymore.
Eventually, customers begin to wonder why they're there.

Everything of quality they used to purchase has been replaced with cheap knock-offs

There's also a sense of doom that pervades the air.

You look around and realize everyone's just waiting to lose their job.

Checked out.
Frequently, by this point, there have been a number of crossroads in which the company could have taken a step back, looked at its situation and made the choice to change course rather than double down or panic.

And the retail staff could have explained it to them.
While management looks at aggregate data, retail workers are engaging with actual humans and having real interactions containing important information.

But nobody listens to them because "If they knew anything important, they wouldn't be working retail"
However the company gets there, the endgame is usually the same.

The company cannibalizes itself.

Either by corporate greed or managerial ineptitude.

The company itself becomes its last remaining product

It gets sold bit by bit.

Lighting fixtures
Eventually, it's in everyone's best interest to extract every ounce of remaining resource for themselves in whatever manner they have access to.

Cause the resources are going elsewhere one way or another.

• • •

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30 Sep
For everyone who is appalled and outraged that a sitting President would show open support for white supremacists, your outrage is justified.

But please try to wrap your head around the fact that this is pretty much the only historical Presidential tradition Trump has upheld.
The government openly supporting white supremacy was a social norm within the lifetime of our current President.

He's not even diverging from the America he grew up in.

The government NOT being openly racist was a shift that occurred in Trump's ADULTHOOD.

It is NEW.
A lot of us grew up in a weird period in American history where it was socially tacky to be openly, aggressively racist in society.

This period has lasted maybe 40 years?

Historically speaking, it's a hiccup.
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28 Sep
I get that

It's just. The high road isn't a suicide pact.
If the institutions and rules were functioning correctly I would agree that their honorable use would be of paramount importance.

But they have already been subverted and corrupted.

That is the reality we are working with. We cannot pretend we aren't.

We must adapt or die.
One can situationally shift their morals while maintaining their ethics.

Like "I don't steal... Unless I'm desperate and starving"

"I don't kill... Unless someone is trying to kill me"

"I follow the rules... Unless the rules are unjust and being used to subjugate or harm me"
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26 Sep
Only if you presume that a brief pause in one tactic in favor of more situationally effective ones is abandoning dissent.
Retreating from the frontal assault stalemate on heavily guarded castle gates to infiltrate unguarded flanks is not abandoning a siege.
Particularly if the effect of frontal retreat is to destabilize and confound the enemy's expectations and disrupt their plans.
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25 Sep
The very act of saying Black Lives Matter, of validating Black people without centering whiteness somehow makes most white people die a little inside

And that speaks to the paradox of whiteness -- it cannot exist without anti-Blackness anymore than a shadow exists without light.
The OP is correct.

Black Lives Matter is not a radical concept in a vacuum

But it IS a radical concept to a society that was literally built upon the premise that they don't matter even the slightest bit

Black Lives not mattering is the root of American society

Radical = Root
The national resistance to Black Lives Mattering isn't about not understanding what that means.

Its literally an immune response to an existential threat.

Bringing down racism brings down America.


And white America knows this in its collective consciousness.
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24 Sep
So I translated the Declaration of Independence into plain English.

Ironically, Most people don't recognize it. But many feel it "speaks to them"

“A New American Manifesto” link.medium.com/tAXwOduF29
A number of people have remarked that it's really staggering to see all of Trump's bad acts itemized and listed together.

What's amazing is that I just copied all the original charges against the King. Barely had to adjust anything.
Reading the Declaration in basic everyday terms makes you realize that Fox News would rail against it 23 hours out of the day.
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24 Sep

1) Antifa =/= Anarchists
2) Anarchists hate Biden
3) Only white folks tag BLM because it's the actual words Black Lives Matter that are important.

Try again Klansters!
By the way. In case it isn't clear

"BLM" is used most commonly by white people who just can't get the words Black Lives Matter to fit in their mouths.
It's a way for white people to discuss Black Lives Matter as a movement without ever actually having to say the words themselves.

It's like they see it as some sort of deep magic, if they say the words it will rob them of their whiteness.
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