Numbers are IMPORTANT with .@realDonaldTrump.
First I think of SILVER, as it has an atomic number of 47.
Also rounding the Atomic Mass to 107.9 = 17
SILVER is used as primary means to kill Lycans in the Underworld universe, who are extremely allergic to it.
In the past, the Vampires would demand gifts of silver from their human vassals, as reparations for the Vampires' aid in shielding the humans from the ravages of the local Werewolves.
SILVER nitrate BULLETS are used to inject the silver directly into a Lycan's bloodstream
Lycans are a second breed of Werewolves created in the 13th century, descended from William Corvinus's Werewolf bloodline.
(Sound like Coronavirus?)
You thought .@POTUS was kidding when he said “monsters” ?
To become a Vampire/Lycan Hybrid, one needs to have the Corvinus gene and be part of the Corvinus bloodline. They keep inoculating themselves with the serum.
Sounds like the need for a Vaccine with SILVER for these monsters ? Far fetched ?
What would put people in the hospital?
Once, normal humans who were infected by the firstborn Lycan or another of his victims, they are unlike the first breed in that they retain their human personalities while transformed, and are capable to take human form.
In all incarnations of the franchise, a group of Lycans is called a "Pack," or a "Clan." The Leader of a Lycan Pack or Clan is called an "ALPHA”
Biden in 1993 speech pushing crime bill warned of 'predators on our streets' who were 'beyond the PALE’
As in needing to feed for BLOOD ?!
“Think MIRROR”
The Tollens Test for Aldehydes, aka-the Silver MIRROR Test, confirms if an unknown carbonyl is an aldehyde or not. This occurs by reacting the unknown carbonyl w/ Silver +1 which is reduced to metallic silver when the aldehyde is oxidized to a carboxylic acid.
CAS Ag = 23 (Pain?)
A CAS Registry Number, also referred to as CASRN or CAS Number, is a unique numerical identifier assigned by the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) to every chemical substance described in the open scientific literature
Antigen is a biotech pharmaceutical company employed by world governments to contain and experiment on Vampires and Lycans after they are captured, seen in “Underworld: Awakening”.
Antigen had discovered that Hybrids that carry the Corvinus Strain have immunity to silver, a substance which Lycans are allergic to... Following the death of the staff at Antigen headquarters and their exposure as Lycans, it is unknown what happens to the company.
The soldiers are using fire to kill Vampires...
I bet Joe knows.....
Did Hunter become the “Hunted” by his own father ??
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29 Sep
I went outside just now (5:55 a.m. here) and looked at Venus
(I mean the New JerUSAlem)
After filtering & zooming in ...
It looks like the YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS !
I’m Done ....
Are those 2 beings in the middle ?
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28 Sep

David's throne is in JerUSAlem of Judah, on Earth, not in Heaven.
“Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will raise unto DAVID a righteous Branch, & a King shall reign & prosper, & shall execute judgment & justice ON THE EARTH
.@realDonaldTrump ImageImageImageImage
In His days Judah shall be saved, and Israel shall dwell safely: and this is His Name whereby he shall be called, THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS"
~Jeremiah 23:5-6. ImageImage
Strong’s Concordance:
A Valley In Palestine ..
Might that be in Texas ?
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John Jr & .@realDonaldTrump will establish The New Kingdom.
The White House might be the Temple or The Embassy of JerUSAlem?
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✨Will Have Greater Access To The Multi Dimensional Aspects Of Yourself ✨
Very few of you are native to Planet Earth, going back in time, all of you were seeded here from intergalactic species.
#TheBestIsYetToCome ImageImageImageImage
Thousand Years of Peace begins !
Duality is falling away, & once again WE will embrace the principles of Oneness, equality for all, harmony, peace, prosperity, abundance, cooperation, & loving kindness.
“We Stand At The Birth Of A New Millennium...”
The Golden Rule -
“Do Unto Others As You Would Have Done Unto You”..
Service to ALL -
Rather than service to self..
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✨The End Of The Age Of War
And The Beginning Of The Age Of Peace ✨
We Are Entering The Age Of Aquarius ...
LEAVING the Age of Pisces
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As we look up the value of 2010 in Strong’s concordance, we increase knowledge, and see that the root means:
“permission of rest, i.e. quiet:--release”
The is the Age Of Aquarius !
The rest we all have needed , wouldn’t you agree ? ImageImage
The band called :
“The FIFTH Dimension” actually sung about the Age Of Aquarius” Image
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27 Sep
Yom Kippur is observed on the 10th day of the Jewish month of Tishrei (September 28, 2020), whose astrological sign is Libra (♎), which symbolizes the key themes of Yom Kippur: truth, justice, scales, humility, tolerance, sensitivity and optimism.
The Hebrew word Kippur, כיפור (atonement/repentance), is a derivative of the Biblical word Kaporetכפורת ,, which was the cover of the Holy Ark in the Sanctuary, and Kopher, כופר, the cover of Noah’s Ark and the Holy Altar in the Temple.
The day of Yom Kippur resembles a spiritual cover (dome), which separates the holy (Yom Kippur) from the mundane (the rest of the year), between spiritualism and materialism. The Kippah, כיפה (skullcap, yarmulke’), which covers one’s head during prayers, reflects a spiritual dome
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27 Sep
✨Adonais Chosen Pleiadians✨
✨YHVH’s Elect Pleiadians✨
If you are reading this & it resonates with you, then know that YOU were #Chosen for this time, this mission. You are the #ChosenOnes.
❤️✨❤️✨❤️✨❤️✨❤️✨❤️ ImageImageImageImage
Certain Pleiadians are highly evolved, more so than most of the human species.
The Pleiadian Realm from the Pleiades is the next step/level in human evolution.
It is for this reason that certain knowledge is being given to you by specially enlightened Pleiadian beings.
❤️🤗❤️ ImageImage
We reside at a very high frequency.
The higher and lighter the frequency, the closer to the God source one becomes.
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