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This letter is in response to an individual seeking public comment to formally petition to change the name of the Cape Cod National Seashore.
I am shocked and dismayed that a person has lost sight of reality so severely that the thought of naming a national seashore after someone who has deregulated more environmental protections than any other president in history would be a seemingly sane action.
If the state is willing to go full on sycophant climate change denying hate monger then yes, change it to honor someone who could not care less about anything except himself.
Changing the name of this coastline will attract bigly crowds of out of state, mouth breathing, natty ice drinking, Marlboro red smoking, littering, confederate flag-waving, racist trash. That is not a good look for Cape Cod or anywhere else for that matter.
As a former republican, I can say that I used to be honored to be a republican, there was once some semblance of self-respect to stand for what was once considered moral order,
but gradually throughout the years, consistently they have degenerated into a group of people who have a reputation for having no respect for the environment and value profit over nature and other humans.
I am embarrassed for you allowing the violent, racist extremists to make a name for themselves and drowning out the moderates, taking the spotlight and becoming the modern face of your entire party. Now even that remaining sliver of self-respect is gone.
You, Mr. Ron Beatty, are clearly not a moderate, as this nonsensical consideration is fully illogical and clearly a national-attention seeking move. Sad and nauseating.
The world can see that the party of anti-progress, for-profit sycophants are really getting desperate now and I advise you to wake up and grasp the reality of this president’s failed administration.
You need to put a stop to this extreme loyalty to one corrupt, vain, deranged person over the nation or lose your party forever.
Please grab a life preserver, and do it for your country; the Trumptanic has been sinking in real-time for 3 1/2 years and soon you will be out of time.
May I suggest moving to Palm Beach, Florida if you want your name to be on the lips of your dear leader, perhaps buy a membership at Mar a Lago?
This publicity stunt is NOT going to get you a job in Washington. Just ask professional groveler @SheriffHodgson in Bristol County who has emerged as the state’s premier Donald Trump worshiping sycophant embarrassment to the point that he has severely neglected his elected job.
Alternatively, you could just sit down and wait a few years until moderate republican damage control campaigns have assisted the entire party in recovering (or building back) from being known as the party that
willingly sold itself to the devil for 15 minutes of fame and/or a chance at making some money at the steep cost of the environment and basic human compassion.
We are leaving a legacy behind us and we will all soon be gone, leaving our children and generations to come as stewards of the earth. What message will we be sending them?
At this point your message translates to: “You should blindly follow liars and the self-absorbed cruel, gluttonous and lazy tyrants of the world and forfeit your own morals, and values if they promise you wealth and appeal to your lowest, most basic, racist superiority complex”.
Don’t change the name of a national treasure to that of a national embarrassment. History will not remember him kindly and you will have put the last shreds of your dignity up for sale for a chance at a fleeting recognition which you will never receive.
President Kennedy did not politicize the National Seashore and neither should you be thinking about doing so. Check your ego sir.

-A Former Republican Who Sees the Forest for the Trees-
@ronbeatyjr you are a joke.
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