(1) THREAD; The Similarities Between Donald Trump, and Ronald Reagan.

Its Sunday. Im kinda bored, and I thought it’d be fun to take a look at the similarities between Trump, and Reagan, and what that may mean for November!

This is all for good fun, so kick back and enjoy!
(2) Since I led off with the meme, lets start with Barr. Barr is Trump’s AG, as we all know. From 82-83, Barr was a member of the Office of Policy Development. In a somewhat interesting twist, take a look at the underlined. The dude has *always* been involved in civil rights etc.
(3) I guess one of the more obvious connections (aside from Barr), is that both men were entertainers. Reagan being an actor, and Trump of course with his larger than life personality and various reality TV Shows.

(Reagan’s IMDB Profile: imdb.com/name/nm0001654/)
(4) I actually believe this trait helped both men tremendously. Each has the gift of gab, and each possesses a personality - and sense of humor - that love or hate them, draws you to them and makes you want to listen.

Make no mistake - Reagan was as witty & savage as Trump.
(5) This is a nice little compilation of Reagan zingers. Seriously, take a little time and watch - this guy just laid waste to Liberals and SJW’s. I mean - he had *index cards* with one liners in his desk. Troll Level = Legend.

(6) Not to be outdone, and as we are all well aware, POTUS slings shade with the best of ‘em as well.

(7) I swear I have heard this somewhere before .... I just cant put my finger on it .....

(8) .. OH! I ‘membered!!!!!

(9) Both had fascinations with walls. Trump wanting to build one, and Reagan wanting one torn down. Of course, the result of each is freedom and independence. How does a US/Mexico wall create those things? I dunno, maybe ask trafficking victims? 🤷🏻‍♂️
(10) Reagan’s integral role in bringing down the Berlin Wall marked the start of the fall of Socialist Communist rule in Central and Eastern Europe. Trump erecting a wall is to keep the Socialist Commies from easily accessing the southern border. See the correlation?
(11) Both were/are marked acts against Communism. Both men have a great understanding of the dangers Communism poses. And both men took the fight on. Now, Reagan did not have the team surrounding him that Trump does, but we will get into that in a bit.

(12) Both men supporting the Military, and LEO with no questions asked. Trump, of course gaining the endorsements of the NYPD, as well as FOP, and his love for Military being obvious (despite The Atlantics utter horse apple stating otherwise).

(13) We should all be well aware of this speech by now, but Im gonna share again. Listen to these words and tell me right now that both these men werent keenly aware of the larger enemy hiding behind Liberalism.

(14) Reagan failed where Trump will succeed because Reagan was surrounded with swamp creatures he didnt, or couldnt drain. They were too entrenched at that point.

He tried to take on the Cabal, but his VP (Pappy) made sure he would fall in line …
(15) So, [they] tried to get Reagan. But, [they] also tried to get Trump. Remember this?
(16) But what else do they have in common?

• Reagan and Trump were both “outsiders”. Despite being a Governor of California, Reagan was never a member of Congress or Senate. And much like Trump, had no involvement in politics until later in life.

• Both were overlooked as serious candidates, and pundits/polls across the board said that neither had a chance of winning.

That aged well, huh? Kinda sound eerily familiar pertaining to this year as well …

• Both faced endless attacks. They were both labeled as “inexperienced” and “too extreme” to win over voters, or get the job done if they did win.

• Both are exceedingly passionate about what they believe in. Namely; America. Both men love America with an infectious and unbridled lassion that cannot be described, only felt - or experienced.

• Both have hardline views and stances on illegal immigration. Reagan, of course implementing the IRC Act in 1986, and Trump’s moves against illegal immigration are well known.

• Both men shoot straight from the hip. Reagan wore his heart on his sleeve, and what you got what was he was. Trump is very much the same. Brutal, direct, and sometimes abrasive honesty is a trait both share.

• Both men began as Liberal Democrats before becoming Republicans.

(And both men have a dislike of Marxist Communism ... infiltration not invasion mean a thing to you?).

• Both men entered office having been preceded by seriously far left Presidents. (Carter & Obama).

• Both men are strongly opposed to Unions, more specifically; the power they possess.

• Both men were in favor of overall tax reduction.

• Both men are Pro-Life. Trump; first sitting President to take part in the March For Life, and Reagan believing; “Simple morality dictates that unless and until someone can prove the unborn human is not alive, we must give it the benefit of the doubt and assume it is”.

• Both men strongly support the 2nd Amendment, and the NRA.

• Reagan was the first President to have been divorced. Trump is the second.

• Both men are/were absolutely fearless.

• Reagan was the oldest to be elected - until Trump.

• Neither is shy about faith.
(26) Now lets have some fun with numerology and gematria!!

Reagan was born on 2/6/1911. Add these together, and his master number is 11.

Trump was born on 6/14/1946 6+5=11. 1+9=10. 4+6=10. This makes 11/11. Together, they make 11/11/11.

(11 being a number of alignment.)
(27) The Number 11 is seen as a number of God, and coincidentally, it applies within the “think mirror” thought process.

Of course 11 doubled is 22, or 11/11. So here we almost have the Universe telling us Trump not just finishing what JFK began, but Reagan as well
(28) Interestingly enough; JFK’s master number was 7. Or, completion. 7 is also another number of God, and so here we have these 3 men who took on the “invisible enemy” and all are represented by Biblical numbers of God (7, 11, 11/11).

Numbers are the Universe’s comms, btw. 😉
(29) Nothing super boomy here, although it is pretty cool that Trump gets a 111, and Reagan gets a 1212. Add that together, and you get a 9, or, the Fibonacci Spiral.
(30) Some gematria comparisons now. These were just the most striking, but they had *all kinds* of similarities.

(The Seven Seals reference is dasting because “Trump-Pence/Trumpets”).

Also - anyone getting a serious “God Wins” vibe here??
(31) These two men had a lot in common, and the more you look, the more it becomes apparent that Trump isnt just finishing what JFK started, he is picking up on Reagan’s mission as well.

All 3 men were well aware of the invisible enemy, and all 3 men had the courage and
(32) conviction to take the fight on. One wound up dead. One had an attempt on his life, and as Ive shown you - Trump has had at least one attempt on his life as well.

The difference is Trump is in place because of a well designed and well executed plan BECAUSE of those two men
(33) Certain safeguards had to be initiated. White Hats knew if they wanted to finally win - they would need someone insulated and protected from all angles. And Trump is. So, if JFK is try #1, and Reagan try #2, this means Trump is try #3, and we all know about that 3rd time! 😉
(34) So how does this tie into November? Because I am a BIG believer that history is cyclical, and you know what happened after Reagan’s first term when he met so much resistance from the pundits and experts and MSM? .....
(35) He absolutely, positively, and without a shadow of a doubt beat the brakes off of Mondale. I mean - he beat Mondale as if Mondale kicked his puppy. It is still the worst election beatdown of all time.....

Until 11/3/2020 when Trump takes all 50 states and leaves a red wave in his wake.



• • •

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