Fuck your corporately sponsored and shilled #BlackLivesMatter movement.
People don't seem to understand why I'm against #BlackLivesMatter , agree with conservatives, & support gun rights...

Yes I'm black but I am not shortsighted. I understand my children have a greater chance of dying because of authoritarian lunatics over "racists."
I value liberty because it gives them the power and the right to make their own future, rather than have it decided by corporate, corrupt politicians, and misguided academics, that simply want to placate an increasingly obsequious mob....

That's not the world I want for them.
If I'm to assume most cops are racist and have ill-intent or may be the tools of a totalitarian mayor, governor, or president, then of course I want them to own guns and be proficient in their use.


Its that simple.

• • •

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More from @Malcolm_fleX48

21 Sep
Imagine being a Veteran who stepped out to defend a business that he put his blood, sweat, and tears into building from crazed rioters.

Only to be smeared and pushed to suicide for NOT GETTING TERRORIZED & KILLED

This is Jake Gardner's reality. Welcome to the Democrat America.
They lied and systemically destroyed this man's life in an attempt to give the mob a target, radicalize a normal human being into an easy enemy, and score political points.

Evil human beings....

And the average person will never know. His logo did not have 1488, that was a lie.
A senator(@NebraskaMegan), an activist(@shaunking), and Big Tech Platform (@gofundme) share the same messaging and rationale for justified persecution of Jake Gardner.

This is the incestuous relationship that the Democrats have been using to foster division for decades....
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20 Sep
I don't know about others, but outside of social media, I try exceptionally hard to make my interactions with each and everyone as pleasurable for the other person as possible.

Not because I want an award, but because I know the trickle down effect 1 good interaction can have.
With maturity, understanding, and leadership being in such short supply among society, I think it's a duty for citizens to plant those seeds everywhere they can in society.

You can't claim to want a truly conservative and decent society if you're a degenerate in real life.

If we have a truly armed society like people want, but everyone is an asshole and is immature, that's just going to lead to shootouts and death.

But if we have an armed society and everyone is mature and disciplined in interacting, society is exponentially safer.
Read 4 tweets
16 Sep
Do people not understand that Joe Biden playing Despacito on his jitterbug smartphone during a rally is possibly worse than Hillary Clinton's Hot Sauce gag, the Howard Dean Scream, and AOC's mysterious country drawl all put together?
Despacito will have a special place in the hearts and minds of the political halls of cringe right next to:
Despacito will certainly top these levels of pandering. (I know he was being introduced by Luis Fonsi and it's still a clout chase pandering attempt.)
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9 Sep
Conservativism as we know it today is a movement based on a desire to return to Liberalism.

True liberalism

Conservatism seeks to conserve the authority of govt and move back to the when individual liberty and strength reigned supreme, divorced from subservience to the throne.
Conservativism draws its religiosity from the fact that Protestant Christianity is perhaps one of the ultimate liberal religions, allowing people to choose to either follow the path of God or face the consequences in the next life without immediate worldly repercussions.
By relinquishing our grasp on TRUE CLASSICAL LIBERALISM in lieu of collectivism and excessive government intervention in the human experience, we lose out on the greatest advantage over our relatively short lifespans...

The ability of each to have a unique experience & share it.
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25 Aug
There are only 2 types of people in this world:

- Those who are good at sales.


- Those who suck at sales.
People who are good at sales know how to successfully communicate an idea. They know the life cycle of ideation and can grow a concept in the minds of others from the bare soil to a sprawling tree of motivation that leads to action.
People who suck at sales lead with objections. They believe that convincing others is impossible and are convinced that they alone possess an idea that can't be accurately grasped by others. They misvalue themselves and don't realize that they're the product of a successful sale.
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23 Aug
Here is my real and honest take on the RNC Lineup.

Its a solid and safe cast.

Doesn't do much new, but it's like taking an offensive tackle with the 1st ovr pick. SAFE.

You can see they make a few bold attempts such as Van Drew, Ann Dorn, and Sandmann, but its a coasting move.
At a time where Democrats showcased their utter disconnect with the pulse of the nation and put on an elitist shitshow to rival all shitshows, this was the Republican National Convention's chance to really show the new guard of conservativism.

A lot left on the table here.
There is this entire new generation of conservative voices and rational independents that could have been picked with a few "old faves" sprinkled in that would have really drew out the independents.

Instead we see basically the inverse of this.

Its a new age RNC. Embrace it.
Read 6 tweets

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