While I understand the point @DavidAFrench is trying to make in his newsletter about CRT, it relies on a fundamental misunderstanding of how CRT operates in practice. It is not something that can be held subordinate, because it would analyze that as a
hierarchical imposition, likely one rooted in "white supremacy." CRT explicitly rejects the West and all that comes along with it. Trying to squint at it the right way to find some good in the steaming pile of ideological shit is how it infects (their language, not mine) an
institution and remakes it in its image.
I see this error a lot in @DavidAFrench's thinking. There is a desire (laudable in many instances) to give the benefit of the doubt to a position that is prima facie objectionable; we could call it "lawyer thinking."
It makes him vulnerable to motte-and-bailey approaches that are specifically meant to take advantage of someone's goodwill.
@DavidAFrench's fundamental misunderstanding of CRT is that the "extremes" that he waves away are the mainstream within the philosophy.
We do not need CRT to suss out issues of oppression in our society, not because it can't see real oppression, but rather because that is all it can see and it is therefore a useless analytical tool that wildly overgenerates results. On top of this, it treats oppression as the
Ultimate Evil™ which must be destroyed, and all who disagree with their assessments as servants of that Evil. @DavidAFrench sees CRT as a tool; CRT sees him as a servant of the Enemy because he is white, male, straight, Christian, and a believer in liberalism.
No orthodox Christian should view CRT as an approach that legitimately belongs in the Church, as it is a philosophy that explicitly rejects fundamental precepts of Christianity. I think it likely that one could solidly argue that it is explicitly heretical.
I can understand Arianism, Pelagianism, Apollinarianism, Monophysitism, etc. without saying they are legitimate views of the Christian Truth that should be used by the Church in any position subordinate to Scripture.
CRT deserves the same rejection.
There are times to incorporate the arguments of one's ideological opponents to strengthen one's own views. This is not the case with CRT. It is a corrosive poison that will deconstruct and destroy all that it touches because it seeks to remake the world in 𝘪𝘵𝘴 image, not that
of Christ, and all who oppose it are Enemies.
I would also like to point out that it is not the case, as @DavidAFrench portrays it in his newsletter, that opponents of CRT are limited to the Right (a frustrating simplifying tendency he seems to exhibit about conservatives a
great deal of late). No, some of the most vociferous opponents of CRT and Critical Theory more broadly are on the Left. I find it hard to believe, but perhaps French is ignorant of the work of @ConceptualJames, @HPluckrose, @peterboghossian, @MikeNayna, @BretWeinstein,
@HeatherEHeying @BenjaminABoyce, @EricRWeinstein, @JohnHMcWhorter (and many others)? Many of them are legitimate experts in this field and have been sounding the alarm for years at this point.
Maybe @DavidAFrench will object that what these people have warned us about is just an extreme fringe. All I can say to that is that he is being hopelessly naïve. I think that is his "lawyer thinking" surfacing and causing him to treat illegitimate arguments as worth confronting.
In sum, CRT and other Critical Theory approaches are a dangerous, corrosive ideology that has no place in either a modern liberal democracy or any denomination of the Body of Christ. It does not deserve your goodwill. It deserves no ideological quarter.
Stop giving them the benefit of the doubt. This is how proponents of dangerous ideologies have taken advantage of several civilizations over the last century.
It does not matter that they are a small contingent of true believers. So were the Bolsheviks.
(See also the work of @wokal_distance and @realchrisrufo in fighting back against CRT.)

• • •

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21 Feb
I love how conservatives are supposed to be the model of the Western intellectual tradition, but it's OK not to "fully forgive" someone for a stupid commercial he made three years ago.
Florida has a governor that has, by all reasonable accounts, done an impressive job governing his state.
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'Cause nothing says, "I care about the unborn," like telling everyone that they aren't good people if they don't vote for Joe Biden.
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I know this is hard for some people to understand, but something can be bad without being white supremacist in nature.
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Just think of a Venn diagram of stupid and it oughta clarify things. Image
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This is tough.
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Yeah, I'm sure that this is a permanent condition in Texas.
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This, from @DavidAFrench, is quite possibly one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard.
The Democrats were already threatening to expand the Court, admit new states, retool the Senate, and dump the EC 𝘣𝘦𝘧𝘰𝘳𝘦 RBG passed. Why in the hell would we take them seriously in some Frenchian compromise, then?
After Kavanaugh, what could possibly possess @DavidAFrench to think that they will play fair?
He says this isn't "unilateral disarmament." It sure sounds like it to me.

It also sounds like "peace in our time."
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