Folks often forget the order of clustered timelines after a bit, but everyone needs to know when Nevaro et al say "nobody knew in February" that's total BS. It was clear this was a vast global issue *by end of Jan*.
Partly the reason I remember so clearly is because in January *I* cleared my schedule to urgently pick up physical disks from overseas and started planning for cancelling intl travel later in the year because *even then* it was clear borders and cities were going to close over it
And, lest we forget, Italy's 6mo state of emergency and closing down *all* flights to/from China was Jan 31. By Feb it was already huge, and extremely obvious that it was not "just the flu" to anyone paying attention
In early Jan, perhaps there were reasonable arguments to be made over what it was and whether it was big. But by Jan 23, with China closing cities bigger than NY over it, denying it was a big deal or "just a flu" was already extremely long past stupid.
Also some extremely next-level BS that they are using their own gaslighting from earlier in the year that "it isn't going to be a big deal" and "is just a flu" to now pretend that it was disputed and unknowable whether or not it was a big deal or just a flu.

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17 Sep
He's right that it isn't, and it is certainly true that authority in the executive branch flows up from FBI through AG to the President. But DOJ *should be* above the ebbs and flows of politics. If justice is not neutral, it is not justice, but oppression.
Any President or AG can, of course, set general policy, staffing, priorities, etc. But this is a functionalist mechanical view of it. DOJ's core purpose is not--or perhaps at least, should not--be merely to win cases for the President and put people he thinks are bad in jail
Next time Barr enters his office, he should take a moment to check the panels above the doors in the rotunda anteroom just outside the door to his office. It is a reminder made just for him.
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16 Sep
This is the APT41 / Barium / Winnti / Wicked Panda / Wicked Spider intrusion group
Some interesting points for infosec folks:
1) Very rapid turnarounds of publicly disclosed security exploits into active campaigns
2) Most of this group's activities were targeting IoT/router/VPN things that corps are less good at quickly patching
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15 Sep
Apple debuting their new A14 processor for iPad at #AppleEvent. Most of the talk obviously on performance, battery and ML performance, but for infosec, A14 is what'll bring Armv8.5-A memory tagging extensions into the mainstream. Memory corruption exploits getting hard y'all.
If this is on new iPad, pretty good chance that'll be in their new iPhone v-next in a whenever-that-comes too.
Come a long, long way from the 90s where finding a crash in a program was easy, and having a working exploit was twelve minutes of work. It is a looooooooong journey from bugs to exploits now on these hard targets.
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9 Sep
Folks do not appreciate how close the US has come to huge-scale accidental wars in the past four years and just assumes its bluff because when we rolled the dice we got lucky.
It's not the only example…
When your SecState doesn't know if it's a bluff and when DOD has planes *in the air with a target to hit* its not a strategic bluff, it's just straight up chance that it didn't end in lots of tears and broken cities
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2 Sep
Guys in infosec: we need to have a little chat about this really nasty undercurrent of misogyny in this industry. Because there's a lot to dismantle, and as guys it can be a bit awkward or difficult to see it exactly for what it is, or why it's so bad.
First things first, it's important to notice this isn't from some 12 follower alt account created last Tuesday, and it doesn't remotely bother to hide what it is. It's absolute toxic garbage *from someone well known* in the industry.
It's telling *on the whole industry* that this guy is totally cool with putting his name to this type of garbage. Because he thinks there'll be no consequences to it. In other words, it's not a "one bad apple" situation. It's a systemic issue.
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26 Aug
I mean, this is true, but a lot of that is because the issue keeps being framed as a technical violation of some obscure low-consequences law and maybe also a violation of some civic niceties norm
But folks forget why Hatch Act exists. It's more than just a technicality. It serves two important roles in keeping democracy functional.
First, it tries to stop tax dollars and the machinery of government being diverted from the actual business of government towards helping the incumbent's campaign.
Read 8 tweets

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