Phunware's "value to the Trump campaign is not in software development. 'The Trump campaign is not paying Phunware four million dollars for an app,” a former business partner of the company told me. 'They are paying for data.' "

"They are paying for targeted advertising services. Imagine if every time I open my phone I see a campaign message that Joe Biden’s America means we’re going to have war in the streets. That’s the service the Trump campaign & Brad Parscale have bought from Phunware."
"There are also channels aimed at particular demographic groups, among them Women for Trump, Black Voices for Trump, and Latinos for Trump. ... the Trump app enables users to stay fully sequestered within the fact-optional Trump universe."

cc: @thespybrief @tburages @RUMINT79
".. users must share their cell-phone numbers w/ the campaign."

Parscale: "The most important, golden thing in politics is a cellphone number. When we receive cellphone numbers, it really allows us to identify them across the databases. Who are they, voting history, everything.”
"One estimate, by Eliran Sapir, the CEO of Apptopia... is that 1.4M app downloads could provide upward of 100M phone numbers. This will enable the Trump campaign to find & target people who have not consented to handing over their personal information."

@VickerySec @ThomasS4217
"It’s not unlike how Cambridge Analytica was able to harvest the data of nearly 90M unsuspecting Facebook users, only this time it is one’s friends, family, & acquaintances who are willfully handing over the data for a chance to get a $25 discount on a maga hat."
🚨Phunware "could potentially 'sniff out all of the information you have on your phone. Any sort of registration data, your name, your phone number, potentially your Social Security number, and other pieces of data.' "

cc: @SlickRockWeb @briankrebs @carolecadwalla @jennycohn1
👀"Phunware’s leadership has also discussed their ability to geofence polling places, according to people who were present during these discussions, in order to send targeted campaign ads to voters as they step into the voting booth."

cc: @VickerySec @MountainsStars @arapaho415
Phunware "has created a 'data exchange' that 'enables digital marketers to design custom audiences within minutes using geographic, interest, intent, and demographic segments... high-quality GPS location data points from one hundred million-plus devices in the United States..' "
Phunware "also claims to have unique device IDs for more than a billion mobile devices worldwide, and to have developed what it calls a Knowledge Graph—a 'consumer-centric collection of actions, preferences, characteristics and predicted behavior' from the data it has siphoned.."
🚨"When [Phunware] bids to place an ad in an app like, for example, Pandora, it scoops up the I.D. of every phone and tablet that would have been exposed to the ad, even if it loses the bid."

cc: @VickerySec @EmmaLBriant @emlas @ninaandtito @SueUvino @Pooterbugsmom @suewall42
"The policy also notes that the campaign will be collecting information gleaned from G.P.S. and other location services, and that users will be tracked as they move around the Internet."

cc: @JamesFourM @Agenthades1 @ericgarland @counterchekist @donie @AJVicens @dellcam
Messages "were sent not only to the name and address I’d used to access the app. They were also sent to the e-mail address and name associated with the credit card I’d used to buy the phone and its sim card, neither of which I had shared with the campaign."

- @suehalpernVT

• • •

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More from @visionsurreal

18 Sep

@GovMikeHuckabee shared a provocative article yesterday entitled "Why White People Owning Dogs is Racist" and passed it off as authentic.

It's not.

It appears to be associated with a white supremacist group called "Texas Vanguard" pretending to be liberal authors. /1
The first red flag re: this article is it was posted on the website for "United Wildlife Union," which is supposedly "a non-profit and volunteer based group" whose goals are to "protect animal lives and further social justice."

No such org, however, seems to actually exist. /2
The next red flag is the other provocative content on the site, all posted by the same "author."

Perhaps the most obvious being the "How Seahorses are Breaking Gender Sterotypes" and its line:

"Becoming trans yourself is also a great way to support our marine friends." /3
Read 7 tweets
17 Sep

United in Purpose (a Christian voter op that leaked 191M voter records in 2015) collected a $506,500 "settlement" from its data firm they sued in 2018 for stealing at least $3.8M.

UiP's Bill Dallas, meanwhile, has represented himself as CEO of UiP *and* the data firm./1 ImageImageImage
My discovery of this "settlement" pertains to my thread below detailing the May 2018 lawsuit between United in Purpose and its data firm TrendMojo (dba Pioneer Data) & its principal, Jay Bartels.

The circumstances in this case are quite suspicious. /2
As noted above, Bill Dallas has represented himself as CEO of both the plaintiff (United in Purpose) & the defendant (TrendMojo, aka Pioneer Solutions).

Dallas's undoubtedly employed by UiP.

Pioneer Solutions Consulting appears to be another dba name of data firm TrendMojo. /3 ImageImage
Read 27 tweets
13 Sep

Two orgs connected to Ken Eldred (leader of UiP, a pro-Trump Christian voter op w/ data on 200 million) received PPP loans in 2020:

1. USATransform (a UiP clone): $150k-$350k to retain 0 (!) employees

2. AllSocial (now defunct SM platform): $350k-$1M to retain 35

/1 ImageImage
USATransform is a super-secretive clone of UiP that includes several of the same board members.

A 501c3, USAT compensated 2 officers in 2018. I believe they got $ b/c the 1099-MISC filing applies to them. This would include third-party vendors they pay./2
I'm curious if we'll found out one vendor USAT paid w/ PPP $ is "Pioneer Data" (aka TrendMojo).

That would be b/c UiP sued TrendMojo in 2018 for stealing at least $3.8M from UiP (which they discovered in 2017), yet USAT still paid Pioneer Data in 2018. /3
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12 Sep

It's time to get the word out that United in Purpose, a supposedly "nonpartisan" 501c4 that works to get the Christian vote out for Trump and leaked 191 million voter records discovered by @VickerySec in Dec 2015, hired a CEO in early 2020 named Rebecca Hagelin. /1
Hagelin is close to many in GOP circles, including "friend" Mike Pence, Sean Hannity, former Rep Bob McEwen (a UiP director & Exec Director of Council for National Policy), and Jim Garlow (a UiP director).

Hagelin herself has also been a director/secretary for CNP since 2013. /2
I don't intend to do a deep dive on Hagelin here but, rather, have one primary purpose.

To demonstrate that the CEO of "nonpartisan" UiP, Rebecca Hagelin, appears to be as pro-Trump as they come.

See, she wrote this op-ed on 3/8/20 referring to "Trump's freedom dream team." /3
Read 8 tweets
11 Sep

Pro-Trump "Our Future in America" PAC primarily funded by United in Purpose's Ken Eldred has launched a "Power of 10" campaign in *only the same* 4 swing states that Manafort discussed when sharing polling data w/ Russian GRU agent Konstantin Kilimnik: PA, WI, MI, MN. /1
Power of 10 campaign asks individuals to sign up to make a commitment to "encourage 10 of my friends, family members and co-workers to vote for Donald Trump!"

Eldred's UiP leaked 191M voter records appearing to have been offered for sale on a Russian crime forum in Nov 2015. /2
The Russian cybercrime forum was run by Russian hacker Aleksei Burkov, who was extradited to the US and pled guilty to his crimes this year.

The database in question would be the one discovered by @VickerySec in Dec 2015 belonging to United in Purpose. /3
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9 Sep

Christian Dominionists have a new target in their sights: our children.

George Barna aims to "transform" the 7 mountains of culture and statistically measure this transformation, as Director of Research at the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University. /1
To Barna, "America is in a period of moral and spiritual anarchy" and his CRC will "help guide the nation to sanity and health" by fostering & measuring the prevalence of a "biblical worldview" in Americans.

CRC's studies will "provid[e] useful information to decision-makers."/2
CRC is part of ACU, which is "organized around & responsive to the 7 mountains of cultural influence" (family, religion, govt, arts/entertainment, media, education & business).

7M ideology mandates Christians *take control* of these 7 spheres to accelerate the return of Jesus./3
Read 22 tweets

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