Four times in a month: @chucktodd invites REPUBLICANS on his @MeetThePress *panel of journalists* and no Democrat

Aug. 9: Two journalists & Rich Lowry
Aug. 23: Two journalists & Gov. Scott Walker
Aug. 30: Three journalists & Gov. Pat McCrory
Today: Two journalists & Al Cardenas
Seriously what the absolute fuck is @NBCNewsPR's explanation for this?
.@chucktodd are you unable to tweet a single sentence explaining why you do this every week? DM me, call me, email me, tweet at me — this is a legitimate concern as a political party marches the country toward fascism and you give them a platform and exclude the opposition.
@kasie I know you don't talk to me anymore but wtf is going on here
*Trump declares victory on election night and refuses to leave office*

CHUCK TODD: Joining us for our panel are two NBC correspondents and the president’s new Brigadier General of the new Law And Order Police, Stephen Miller. Stephen: What’s your take on the unlawful rioters?
.@chucktodd your show ended two hours ago and you’ve read all these tweets and are well aware of them. Just tell us why you do it jesus christ

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24 Sep
for no reason whatsoever here's a thread of me being right about trump not leaving office in case you want to believe me next time I say something is happening and you're like oh matt's being an alarmist when turns out the alarms exist in case there's a huge fucking fire
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22 Sep
The plan, as stated, is for Republicans to challenge the election results when they lose and cite mail-in ballots as fraudulent, taking it to the Supreme Court where an illegitimately installed justice will let them remain in power. Call this, and cover it, for what it is.
Stop pretending this is a democracy and call this what it is
If you're feeling the "what can I do about this" darkness, obviously register to vote and all that but also add your name to this list of people who will mobilize with a plan if Trump doesn't accept the results of the election:
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19 Sep
Every journalist should state: "Graham's comments in 2016 could not have been more clear. Now that he's revealed that as a bad-faith lie, he can’t be trusted to tell the truth and I will no longer be granting him the chance to lie by interviewing him and using me as a platform.”
As I typed this I could hear every Sunday show booking producer frantically emailing Graham's comms people begging for a remote interview
So much of our broken system is dependent on journalists holding liars accountable instead of rewarding them with repeat interviews. This won't change. They'll take Republicans at their word now, and on Nov. 4 after Trump baselessly claims "mail-in ballot fraud" to stay in power.
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19 Sep
It doesn't matter how many times Republicans said they wouldn't confirm a new Supreme Court justice in an election year. They were lying about it. They can, and will, confirm one. And despite lying, the news media will always quote them in good faith and invite them on TV.
If journalists cared about holding them accountable they would start and end every interview with “Remember, Senator Graham/Kayleigh McEnany/Sean Spicer previously said X, and then later said the opposite of X. So you can’t believe what they’re saying now.” But that’s “opinion”!
Sarah Sanders, who lied about everything every day for two years, was on GMA LAST WEEK TO PROMOTE A FUCKING BOOK Image
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14 Sep
This party endorsed Roy Moore! Repeatedly! An actual child molester! Their defense was that the molesting happened decades ago so it’s OK! It’s legitimately insane that Democrats don’t end every interview with “by the way every Republican endorsed child molester Roy Moore”
This guy and his dad love Roy Moore, an actual child molester! Nothing hypothetical about it! Roy Moore was like yes I dated a 14-year-old it was what I did. And Republicans were like fuck yeah dude, get in the Senate. This happened!
I am the Homelander of microtrending
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13 Sep
Guess how this stupidly predictable story ends ImageImageImageImage
“Peter Navarro is a dishonest, disgusting liar smearing a doctor trying to save us because he only cares about himself and has no regard for the health and safety of American lives, and he joins us next so don’t go anywhere”
Willing to bet my entire life savings that the news media will gleefully shift gears seamlessly from “the president appears to have claimed victory prematurely” to “joining us now is the White House chief of staff to share the administration’s view on why they won” in 51 days
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