@ReiMurasame @piccolan @ZackBornstein @picola1922 You nailed it. Except that in my worldview Peace on the Korean Peninsula has to win out. Like Dennis Rodman “I believe in North Korea” and I see the human side of Kim and Ri and how they see the US. The “cynical strategic objectives of the DPRK” are
@ReiMurasame @piccolan @ZackBornstein @picola1922 explained by Kim Yo Jong. Don’t you think a “shrimp among whales” vilified by the world for defending against a US nuclear first strike or regime change by using textbook nuclear deterrence has to be cynical? I also think the affection/respect is mutual.
@ReiMurasame @piccolan @ZackBornstein @picola1922 So I see the DPRK wanting to get to peace and normalized relations w/ the US more than Washington does. They’re faced w/ this conundrum but seem willing to negotiate their nuclear weapons if the US will accept them as a nuclear state.
@ReiMurasame @piccolan @ZackBornstein @picola1922 Dennis Rodman going to North Korea and making friends w/ Kim Jong Un promoting Basketball revealed that KJU “does not want to do war”. That’s a revelation. The fact Kim and Dennis chilled out and partied together shows another side of Kim we can relate to.
@ReiMurasame @piccolan @ZackBornstein @picola1922 Also that I’m half-Asian enables me to relate to what I perceive are North Koreans’ aspirations/dreams. I mean elite like Moranbong Band, not defectors. They want peace like I do. They want women’s fashion & better quality of life. I can relate to them.
@ReiMurasame @piccolan @ZackBornstein @picola1922 On another level, Kim Yo Jong’s commentary, inspired when she was “killing time one morning drinking coffee watching the news”, bridges the ideological gap. She hinted at a way forward in negotiations. I put a plan in writing I think DPRK would accept:
@ReiMurasame @piccolan @ZackBornstein @picola1922 So here’s this Glass-Half-Full/Empty plan I think Kim Yo Jong and Choe Son Hui have been alluding to. It could lead to ending the War right? Except that Washington hawks and the MIC would never do it. That makes the former Apprentice host Trump the X-factor. This is also why
@ReiMurasame @piccolan @ZackBornstein @picola1922 the DPRK leadership are fans of Trump. If Trump accepts DPRK as a nuclear state (and they cap/freeze/dismantle current nuclear & ICBM development programs) as a prelude to PEACETIME, we turn the page and US and DPRK could become friends like US & Japan.
@ReiMurasame @piccolan @ZackBornstein @picola1922 Another major plank in my worldview is making friends. I don’t “belong” to any single race. I connect to people just thru common humanity: Everyone has two parents. If DPRK wants 2b friends w/ the US and Trump is the only shot at it, I want Trump to win.😌

• • •

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20 Sep
@ReiMurasame @JoeBiden Re 1: An Armistice is meant as temporary stopgap right? It can go on “forever” (e.g. the ”forever war” that Koreans allude to = 70 years is a long time), but ultimately it’ll be resolved thru one outcome of a binary set: [peace treaty; resumption of war]. B/t ☮️ or war imo
@ReiMurasame @JoeBiden everyone should be all in for ☮️. To put more weight on making KJU accountable for his so-called “crimes against Koreans” than ending the Korean War could put millions of lives at risk. It’s a tug-of-war b/t war & peace. There WILL be a winner. We cannot let it be Korean War 2.0.
@ReiMurasame @JoeBiden The Korean War hasn’t ended. The Armistice is innately volatile & deceptively projects a false sense of peace. The Korean Peninsula in under WARTIME. Relations b/t combatants remain a smoldering ember until the US/UNC, China & DPRK end the war. If there’s a nuclear Korean War 2.0
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@kidtrillions @finch_rfoll Dude. Do you not know what "LOVE" is? Think "Peace & Love" of the 1960s minus the drugs but keep the music. Or "God is Love".
@kidtrillions @finch_rfoll Laid Back - Happy Dreamer

“I'm a happy dreamer
I believe in love
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I'm a happy dreamer
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@kidtrillions @finch_rfoll John Lennon -Love (Acoustic Guitar & Piano_take 31)
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“[T]his is not going to be the same society where the same people have a preeminent voice.”

CNN’s Chris Cuomo And Don Lemon Target Trump Supporters: ‘They Are Playing For A Sucker, And They Are Scared Of Crazy Blacks Burning Down Their Neighborhoods’
2/“On Tuesday evening, CNN anchors Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon used a decent amount of time on attacking white people, the myth of “Christian privilege” & everyone who supports President Donald Trump.

They both guaranteed that “America has a race problem” as they blamed President
3/“President Trump of “scaring white people” to force them to vote for him in the upcoming presidential election.

“They’re playing for a sucker,” Cuomo stated while talking down to lower-class white people. “They’re playing for a sucker,” Lemon agreed. “You are the mark to the
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All Things In The Universe Exist In Relationship

Rainy Day Conversation In 1976, NYC
2/Here’s a seldom-asked question:

Are Jews White?
3/My Dad is/was Jewish which makes me half-Jewish. But as any half-Jewish and 100% Jewish people know, if you Dad’s Jewish but your Mom isn’t, guess what? You ain’t Jewish!! That isn’t a problem for me tho since I don’t have “Jewish identity”. My Mom is 100% Chinese from
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14 Aug
US SOS Pompeo deserves the Diplomat’s Dunce Cap

US designates Confucius
Institute as Chinese 'foreign mission' for its 'opacity'
[Aug 14, 2020]
2/“Amid worsening Sino-US relations, the United States designated the Confucius Institute, a China-affiliated global education programme, as a 'foreign propaganda mission'. US State Secretary Mike Pompeo said that the government has recognised the institute as an entity advancing
3/“Beijing’s “global propaganda and malign influence campaign” on US campuses.

The State Department released a “fact sheet‘ on Confucius Institutes, alleging that the organisation delivers “skewed” Chinese language and cultural training to US students as part of China’s
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30 Jul
An analysis of an analysis

Sue Mi Terry [28:26]: “I do think that if President Trump wanted to have a meeting w/ it is possible, but not for yet another meeting that occurred in Hanoi. This is what Kim Jong Un does not want.”
2/Right. DPRK was willing to get UNSC sanctions lifted in exchange for denuke measures, but the US demanding too much became a bridge too far. DPRK has since entirely removed sanctions lifting from their agenda and Hanoi is now seen as water over the dam.
3/Water Over The Dam: Kim Jong Un's Sister Kim Yo Jong Defines North Korea's Diplomatic Position

Kim Yo Jong has in fact explained in her July 10, 2020 press statement how the Hanoi summit became a turning point whereafter DPRK removed sanctions lifting
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