Mental illness is becoming more prevalent because people's readily accessible usage of the Internet. The reason why there are TikTok's that position themselves as "emotionally viable" is because of how everything is simply, konnected. I kid you not, it's as simple as that.
Because more and more younger people are not really submitting to their parents the same way they used to, philosophically it's a complete disaster, because all advice that their parents learned are simply out the window. This is why the iPad is the new parent of many children.
Undercover, there is almost a forgotten atmopshere of good advice that is seen as either "antiquated" or even more dastardly. Nonsense is the best word to describe this. But you can notice that even if you give any sort of ancient wisdom, it's met with extreme disdain.
Mental Illness is simply the result of overstimulation, over-usage, over-compensation, and over phrase. How come the "elites" that everyone seems to hate so much have narcissism but they are perfectly successful in manipulating the will of others? Because people are not touching.
Parental boundaries and respect are the basis of a healthy human relationship. That doesn't mean that you have to get along with your parents. But think about it, would you be arguing about OnlyFans content before the Internet?
I have been in and out of different therapy networks, with different forms of "treatment" that I failed to take because of my own choosing. I was labeled as mentally ill by people that were mentally ill. To showcase how devilish this koncept is, doesn't do it justice.
Everyone is built on different ground than the other person. With this being said, some either kling to that ground 2much, or relieve themselves of responsibility. This is the basis of emotional instability. Rather than accepting what is "path", they align themselves w/ labels
Responsibility cures mental illness. All mental illness is stemmed from unease, and depressive motions. If you are not moving, you are depressed. The concept of depression is what happens when you don't move around enough. When you are both mentally, and physically STATIONARY.
Either the nature of reality changes, or you change. Which one is easier? Doesn't really matter. Reality is bent to the perception of the person that lives that reality, while change is simply an exaggerated form of time machine activation.

When you change, you can.
Abstractions create a division of thought that most people are unfortunately not prepared to handle. Having been exposed to the Internet at 14 was even an early age for someone like me to comprehend how kommunication works. Kommunication is DONE for you. You don't see it.
Another cause might be the simple silence of most people during long, unstable hours. Schooling, work, even sometimes the home. Most children do not see their parents at all, they are isolated and repressed emotionally because of the way that the screen dictates emotion.
"Raise your hand." is the original artificial movement. Raise your hand if you wish to speak. Some people never leave that mindset. It's ingrained, tormented in them like a broken clock whistle. Tick tock RAISE YOUR HAND.

What if you didn't raise anything? You're depressed!
The Smartboard is a useless technology that needs to be calibrated on every use. Does that really give people an incentive to participate in discussion when most of is presented to you in Microsoft Powerpoint format? What sort of discussion comes from the presentation of factoid?
Interface Design also causes mental illness.
So does inhibited relaxation[broken relaxation]
Imagination is seen as either demonic, or forced through filters.
I notice one specific thing that is very common to twitter. There is an account, with lowercase lettering, that has some sort of plant or "energy" creator in it's handle, then it wears a faux attention gathering mask that either dictates self, or harms self. Lip gloss, and death.
I don't want to bash people's style of living or dress It's obviously not my business. BUT when these people smuggly respond as if they are careful, perfect, and responsive, is down right INFURIATING. People who think making "content" to explain minutiae are wrong!
You must learn to invigorate people, shake them to their core. Make them question where they are, who they are. That doesn't mean you go around making lame excuses 4depressed divisions. I make my videos to help people EXPLORE the bridge between man && machine, not tell them.
When something is obscure, it's usually very simple to understand.
When something is presented as simple, it's usually very obscure, hard to understand.

TikTok fails at this. So did Vine. They set limits.
For everyone I meet, I try to explain what I am about, who I am about, and what I can do to help if necessary. I believe in the conceptual nature of PROVING 1SELF 2 3THER SHOWCASE, OR ACCESS.

1 2 3.
I refuse to let others dictate a world in which I should live in. I do not feel comfortable situating myself 4 some sort of emotionally unstable character that cannot discern how 2 properly use words. Their words are not their own, && they proclaim them as little gumdrops. NO.
That's what I have to say on mental illness. People overthink a lot of nonsense that can be solved with things that people have had as a reflex before the flooding and drowning of one's breathing systems.

Breathing correctly = Correct Imagination = Healthy Mind = Healthy Heart.
We create a mental atmosphere. Through atmos we devise a spirit. And with layer of the Internet, known on the OSI model is SEGMENT layer. End-End RELIABILITY.

A mental atmosphere.
We create a mental atmos.
We R. Who we R
But that doesn't mean
We have to be who THEY R
Remember conception = creation = intutution = preparation = demonstration = elucidation = ? =



See you online...

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24 Aug
I feel high. Every. Fucking Day. How do I do it? Some fucking pill? Supplement? Drugs?
Fuck no.

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Breathing is the number 1 step. In order to optimize feelings of intersellar mentality, U need to be able 2 access machine from memory data. It's number 1. Access every single cell in your body, allow the fumes to disintegrate within it. Wim Hof, Roy Masters. Don't go overboard.
Assassinate your former self.
Your mind doesn't care whether you're Miley Cyrus or a Bodybuilder.
Your spirit however will not reject you like your mind.

Understand this.
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