Q is consciousness and I swear Q has connected me in with the mission.

I watched this and immediately was transported back to my trip to Europe in 2017 (half work half pleasure). I spent about week in Italy: Rome, Florence, Lake Como (for a friend's wedding who is a local),
and after just spending a week in Egypt, it was a surprise to feel connections here from past lives, as well. In Florence, I accidentally bought a cherry red cashmere scarf for my Mum, and realised after I paid for it, she had passed the year before. It crushed me but I was so
swept up in the moment and wanted to buy her something. I hesitated a moment, and said well maybe she wants me to to have it. I walked outside, and in the Piazza a young girl was playing the violin to Ave Maria, one of the songs I requested at Mum's funeral. The synchronicity
had me in tears, it was so beautiful. I found a profound connection to the region, instantly. But it was Venice where the visions came in, in no uncertain terms. I turned to my husband, travelling with me and said "I know its lovely, but sorry this place is evil".... (lol)...
He said "I just paid a fortune....", and I said honey, its great, but I am just saying, we can enjoy it, but this place is not what it seems. This is a veneer, there's a lot of blood money here, and there's a lot of icky energy, and traps here, I can feel it. Lets enjoy it,
but.... truly.... its fake. All of it. I said to him this is where all of the world's great minds came together, and leeched off the common man. Cant you feel it? Of course, he could not. I said this is the epicentre of the 'grand design' we are experiencing now. This is where
the Silk Road was created and ends up. All the profits are here. The whole thing, the world we know, was designed from this place. He said how do you know? I said God showed me. Very quickly I was able to read the messages from his soul, and point out his past life connections
with this place and the Vatican. And I could sense that the touristy 'fake' veneer held some dark energetic secrets. We were literally sitting and having lunch in the head of the snake, lol. It was a bit off putting for me, but I just worked on enjoying what I could. During
his time there, he was unsettled as well, a bit triggered at certain points, particularly around the bridges, and with the Gondola guys and it took a while for him to settle due to those past connections. I caught wind of a vision that the Medici family were part of the plan
with Q and are the next part of the process, so I watch with great interest to see if there is a match in what I was picking up. And a quick Gematria decode:

👉Venice is the home of the families on the top level.
👉 Gematria is very good to me lol.... Telepathic synergy you cannot deny....
👉 Shekhinah the Am that I Am's Love (how did it know!)
👉 The King that is the Bright Morning star (due soon)
👉 Wisdom Goddess.... (thank you GEM)
👉 555: Time to take America back! (Venice is part of the Maritime Law we saw in War Castles remember)
I'm a relative newby to Q but

👉 "Fellow Traveller" (2012 which is when I started this ride)

👉 "Hit the Nail on the head (521 - 71:17)

👉 "The numbers don't lie" (725 - 14 - 77)

We will see what transpires!!
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11 Sep
Gematria Decode: Trump is Archangel Uriel. This is the day that I saw his Light, the very first day I learned about Q and the children in the tunnels.... I could see this man's soul, and this man's mission, and all was revealed to me. I had been so wrong, my focus was
solely directed at the hard- ships that the Middle East had experienced, and the joke that Australia's politics had become. I was watching as the world's freedoms were eroding and I took my eyes off politics because it was clearly a train taking the world nowhere.

But that day
31st of March, 2020 changed my life, I saw his light and I fell in love with the vision which was a huge burden for one to bear. And then I learned that there were many more behind, him, a military and other intel, and that behind that were millions of souls who could also see
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15 Aug
I had guidance some support was needed for all of the Earth Angels here in need of some assistance as we journey through the next phase.

Guidance from the more strategic, tactical accounts suggesting that we are about to move through some turbulence, so here's some support.... Image
I bring this to you as God's Secret as the Declared Numerical Prophet, a 4th Dimension Chosen Messenger of God with the Holy Spirit, who has invited me to preach to all Nations Dead in Christ and invite them to rise first, with the help of the Gematria. Image
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14 Aug
1 ... You may know already that I am absolutely certain through the Akasha, that this being is all ONE AND THE SAME! After my trip to Egypt in 2012, I was struck with an illness and was meant to die. The NDE saw me taking a full 6 months to
2.... recover where I was shown my gifts and abilities. Working closely with God, I had already seen so much He showed me through my trip to Egypt, and was clearly with me in recovery, I was able to enhance my gifts and abilities, working with the Akasha and Him, where
3... where the journey truly began. He showed me what Archangels really were (the wings are a later model lol), opened me to the idea of past lives, refining my telepathic capacity, and the gift of discernment and knowing the Truth, and eventually the gift of sight.
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