Impossible to overstate how ugly this statement is.
Like all of us, I watched that video of those police officers being shot while they’re sitting in the car. It’s horrible. It’s monstrous. And there is nothing else to say about that. My heart aches for them, their families, their colleagues, & community.
I hope for their recovery and that the person responsible is arrested & brought before a court of law. And I hope for all us to be strong by being kind & focused on the overwhelming good all around us. As a local cop, I try to help my neighbors because I am lucky. That’s the job
I am very aware that there are monsters among us. People that will kill without thought. I focus on them daily but I refuse to lose sight of who I’m actually working for: my neighbors. They are not just the point of my job. They are the only way I can do my job.
Watching that video as a cop & telling my wife that there’s nothing those cops could’ve done is honestly a tough moment. Then telling her that almost all our neighbors are amazing, even the problematic ones, & by getting closer to them I actually am safer, that’s an easy moment
I don’t like where we are as a society. We are fearful & fragile. But I reject the notion we are at war with each other. I know what war is. This ain’t a war. But too many want it to be. So don’t let it be. Reject those who call for division & do the hard work every day to help

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18 Sep
I think local cops must be local in order to be local cops. I get all the reasons why not: choice, schools, jobs, etc etc etc. I just think it’s a requirement of the job as I see the job. There’s nothing like ending a shift as a cop and going five blocks to home. It’s a reality
My neighbors don’t get the luxury of commuting from my work as a cop. They don’t get to commute to where I work. Cuz I work where they live. So I shouldn’t either. I should live where I work. Where we all live. Cuz man, I can’t say it enough: we all matter or none of us do
Savannah might have 200,000 people in the area. I live in a crime adjacent neighborhood and work next precinct over. I run into people I’ve arrested or met at work a lot. I mean often. When that happens we chat & I ask how they’re doing. Cuz I don’t punk them back then. And won’t
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17 Sep
This is illegal and anti-American in the truest sense.
To all who care about local representation & governance: Cop work is intensely local. Law enforcement can be federal but it’s not cop work. Unless you respond to your neighbors’ 911 calls, you’re not a cop. You might be a law enforcement officer but not a cop. It’s not an insult
Local cops and local prosecutors and local judges and courts and defense attorneys are flawed and imperfect but they aren’t charging people with sedition because politicians in DC believe in a monarch-styled Unitarian view of the federal government. I’m a doofus but not an idiot.
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15 Sep
I read of the wrongful death settlement between the city of Louisville and the family of Breonna Taylor and I nod a bit more when people talk about defunding the police. We must not be at war with our neighbors. God I’m weary.…
No-knock warrants must be extremely rare and extremely scrutinized. Who cares if dope gets flushed in a toilet when weighed against the risks. Get them later. Stop acting like it’s Fallujah. Just look what happened to Fallujah. For god sakes we have to change what we are doing.
And while officer safety is a criteria for a no-knock, what about the safety of our neighbors. We the cops are the ones deciding when to execute the warrant. Maybe pick another time or location. Probable cause is such a low bar for these life or death situations that we plan.
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13 Sep
My useless opinion is that we have wonderful people w/ good intentions joining police departments but being police in America is not about wonderful people w/ good intentions. We need to change what is means to be police in this country. And to call the police. We need to change
Defund the police is a poorly phrased way of saying spend the money and time on all the reasons why people call the police. To get less police you need to cut down the calls for police. That requires something more than a hashtag. It requires reimagining what it is to be Police
You want to end dumb drug arrests? Change the dumb drug laws. It’s insane what we arrest people for. But I make no excuses for bad police work. We must not be excused for violating rights. Ever. We don’t accept bad performance in other professions; we must not accept it in ours.
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13 Sep
No one ever believes me but I keep saying that handling police calls is like singing a song. It doesn’t matter your intentions or what you sang before. All that matters is the song you’re singing right then in the drama. And man I keep saying harmonies are the way to go.
There isn’t an answer to our problems. There’s just a day-to-day approach. Tough guys who insist they’re the punisher or sheepdog or spartan or warrior or 3 percent are not just misguided. They’re the problem. Being a good local cop is being a good neighbor. Then doing it again
I’ve seen broken communities all around the world. I see them here now. We just have a longer fuse. Please, reject whatever they’re selling. Get closer to your neighbors. They’re not just the why of it all. They’re the how of it all. Also I have new orangey cats.
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12 Sep
Ugh. Theresa has repurposed the KITMO detention facility, which housed the worlds most dangerous detainee, MeanCat, into the Ellis Island Immigration Center for Newly Arriving Orangeys. Expect anti-immigration protests later. The Baked Potato will counter-protest that protest ...
After a few days at the Ellis Island Immigration Center for Newly Arriving Orangeys, the controversial arrivals will then be transported to the ethnic Orangey conclave known as Hell’s Cottage. There, they will assimilate into whatever crime syndicate MeanCat has cooked up.
I filed an emergency stay from the courts to stop the arrival of the potential orangeys. My executive ban on Orangey immigration supersedes the Theresa legislative branch. Chief Justice MeanCat will decide this soon. LAW AND ORDER!! They’re not sending us their best orangeys
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