Look they’ve known for over a year the Mueller team did this phone wiping.

They waited until Durham was wrapping up the investigative phase to release the documentary evidence of it.

Durham’s investigations were THAT massive.

Durham’s massive investigation spanned agencies - DOJ, FBI, CIA, St. Dept. and countries - Italy, Australia, UK.

And now we know he was looking at both Brennan’s Fusion group and at Mueller’s team.

People really seem to believe the DOJ can be **forced** to hand over material evidence from on-going investigations because Judicial Watch filed a FOIA req.

That's....not how it works.

The investigation has to END before that can happen.
Because if you happen to believe a federal judge will blow an on-going DOJ investigation because Tom Fitton filed a FOIA req., brace yourself for a shock.

That would never happen.

DOJ hands it over when doing so won't jeopardize anything.
I understand are people endlessly telling you no real investigations have been going on.

Durham and Barr and Horowitz have been involved in a massive cover up but the intrepid Tom Fitton just blew the cover up sky high by forcing the DOJ to hand over these Mueller phone records.
How about an alternative scenario?

Durham's massive investigation just ended, people are leaving the team, new people are joining in preparation of the launch of the prosecution phase.

So handing the phone records to JW at this point doesn't jeopardize the investigation.
Barr already went on the record about how we're going to know EVERYTHING that went on in 2016 and 2017.

I get that some people endlessly tell you he's just a big fat bag of hot air.

Well agree to disagree.

Trump says we caught'em and "Let's see what happens".



• • •

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30 Sep
Should be recalled Rep. Devin Nunes stated in a press conference in March of 2017 he was shown intelligence intercepts in which the private communications of Trump transition team members had been intercepted and unmasked.

And they weren't talking foreign policy or Russia.
I don't think it was just **media leaks** to the NYT's or WaPo that Durham has been tracking down for 4 years.

He was assigned to investigate a massive breach of national security where official LEO/Intel agency powers were abused for politically motivated spying on Trump team.
Right from the very beginning it was assumed that @DevinNunes was simply lying.

He HAD to be lying, you see.

Because if he wasn't lying then this was a major story.

Did the media treat it like a major story?

Of course they didn't.
Read 32 tweets
30 Sep
Democrats right now, expecting to watch Biden destroy Trump tonight:
First question is about the nomination of ACB.

Trump answers first, lays out the basic facts. GOP has the White House, the Senate.

Biden making the case you can't nominate or seat a new Justice in an election year.
Wow Joe is literally making Trump's point for him.

Awful nice of him.
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29 Sep
You think Trump lies awake at night worrying what the Democrats will drop on him?

You've got it all BACKWARDS.

Democrats lie awake at night terrified about when THIS kind of stuff will drop.

Understand something here: these documents proving Team Hillary orchestrated the RussiaGate Hoax didn't just magically appear a few days ago.

It's not like last week Ratcliffe gets shown this and goes "Oh Holy Hell, we gotta rush this out now!"

They had this and THEY HELD IT.
Who wants to bet after starting with tracking down the SpyGate leakers engaged in leaking campaigns targeting Trump associates like @GenFlynn & @carterwpage, Durham's investigation of the RussiaGate Hoax led him right to Team Hillary?
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29 Sep
Trump wiped his feet on the largest Republican field ever, one that included plenty of experienced politicians on his way to the nomination. Then he handily took Hillary out.

BUT THE POLLS SAID he was losing the whole time. Losing badly, in fact.

We’re repeating 2016. Amazing. Image
The 2016 media polls had the guy who

1) wiped out THE biggest and deepest GOP field ever & then

2) beat a supposedly strong challenger in Hillary

losing every step of the way, always behind, trying desperation measures & 11th hour resets.

Biden is FAR weaker than Hillary.
And as if to prove my point:

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28 Sep
Big if true.

Remember, an indictment is when somebody turns DOWN a plea bargain.

They tell the US Attorney "I think me and my lawyer can beat your case at trial."

It's taking chances with a jury. If convicted after a trial you get far more time

Something else a lot of commentators need to pay attention to: a prosecutor does not have to show the grand jury ALL THE EVIDENCE; this isn’t the trial.

Only sufficient evidence to sustain a criminal charge is necessary.
Though they are not seeing **everything** the US Attorney has until the discovery phase begins prior to the trial, oftentimes the defendant & lawyer **realize the prosecution has ENOUGH evidence** that escaping conviction is extremely unlikely if goest to the courtroom.
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28 Sep
The dumbasses literally think they've got Trump at last!

This is gonna be SO MUCH FUN.

Note the claim Trump paid only $750 in taxes in those two years is 100% false.

LOL. They are gonna run with this already debunked story because all they have left is desperate gaslighting. Image
Read 4 tweets

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