Lowkey reason a lot of conservatives see Cuties as damning to liberals and weirdly ready to call liberals pedophiles is it’s hard to square the circle of “don’t sexualize children” and “people are born with a sexuality and become aware of it and act on it before puberty”
“Don’t sexualize children except to give them hormone blockers or endorse their sexual identity” probably has some coherent rational formulation but for a lot of us it does seem kinda dicey.
This does NOT mean non cis-het people should be treated as deviant; that’s a whooooole other argument. This argument is “it is difficult to frame a condemnation of sexualization of childhood which does not also condemn a lot of progressive ideas about the development of identity”
This argument CAN provide the mechanistic basis for a slippery slope argument, but it doesn’t have to. You can posit countervailing forces. But the point is a thought like this is in the background for a lot of conservatives.
“You can give hormones to your kid to prevent puberty but not to accelerate it” is a standard you can rationally articulate but it does seem likely to face serious pressure and testing on the “but” side.
Like if a nine year old had serious discomfort at her lack of sexual maturity what would be the progressive case AGAINST trying to initiate super-early puberty using hormones?

To me this seems like a horrifying prospect but I am not sure if my intuition is widely shared.

• • •

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18 Sep
This is absolutely insane. The USPS had a plan to issue masks to every American household, and then somehow it just.... didn't happen.
It's important to understand that the US had PLENTY of "state capacity" to make a serious response to COVID. Numerous Federal and state agencies knew what needed to happen, had the capacity to do it, but were stopped by politics and fears of politics.
I talked to one state agency official who *said to me*, and I'm almost quoting here "Look, yes, centralized quarantine would save lives, bail out struggling hotels, and we have the personnel and finances to do it. I just don't think we'd survive the political fallout."
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8 Sep
My bold prediction for 2020:

Most likely Biden wins. Maybe Trump does. But whoever wins, there will be maybe a week of rioting tops, and then the inauguration will ultimately be pretty peaceful and successfully managed.
Let me add a qualifying statement:

Somewhere in the country some group of radicals will occupy some random piece of land for a stupidly long time and probably shoot someone. And maybe a car will get set on fire.
Which is all bad stuff but like folks the 2020 election is not going to lead to widespread violence and chaos.
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4 Sep
just FYI folks there WILL BE an excess death thread today
All right folks, time for your pre-weekend memento mori.

Excess deaths ARE NOW FALLING. It's a slow fall. But the direction is clearly DOWN now. R values have been below 1 for several weeks. True total COVID mortality is 300k-375k. Child mortality remains low.
So the takeaway here is.... at least as of early/mid August, we're getting through this thing. Normalcy is getting closer. The long-term forecast has fallen. "Normal by Thanksgiving" is within the real of statistical possibility.
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4 Sep
Tibetans. Uyghurs. Mongols. Hong Kongers. Rumors abound about the Hui. Hard to imagine Zhuang, and the minorities along the Laos border, won't be rounded up too eventually. China is systematically exterminating minority identity. latimes.com/world-nation/s…
The key thing to understand about this story is:
1) The Mongolian parents *are not disputing* that mandatory Mandarin-language classes will occur. They're disputing the mandatory use of Mandarin for *other* class subjects
2) The Mongolian parents *are not disputing* Mandarin's status as the national language. They aren't asking for any legal change on their behalf or extra legal status for Mongolian beyond current law.
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29 Aug
I do not know if the protests are mostly peaceful but I do know that the reason people violently protest is because they correctly perceive that peaceful protest is disregarded in America.
One way to discourage violent protest is to pay a little more attention to peaceful protest!
It's just amazing to me that the conservative response to calls for police reform has been "do nothing and then get upset when protests turn violent" rather than "Resurrect the corpse of Calvin Coolidge and break the spine of public sector unions."
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24 Aug
One of the major benefits of having kids is hold music is more fun when you have a 7-month old to dance to it with
Anyways while I wait for Canada to sort out their immigration guidance let's do an abbreviated #NBERday since I won't be able to focus on the work I should have done and Suzie has danced herself right into naptime and @Noahpinion has begun to doubt my commitment to #NBERday

Q: Does the EITC cause parents to spend less time with their kids?

A: Yes, but it depends on what kind of time.
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