Another absolutely great post on VOAT today!
The media is hiding under the pretense that they can publish whatever they want and be immune due to the first amendment. The problems they are going to have are that the first amendment doesn't protect you from intentionally
2. seeking out, or coaching people to get information for you to publish. If it falls in your lap, that's fine, but you can't be an active part of obtaining it or else it's criminal conspiracy. Furthermore, there is obviously an irregular war going on in the country. The military
3. will have to come out and designate it as such and name people who have been giving any sort of aid to the enemies they have identified for anything to really happen on that front. Over the past decades, there haven't really been cases of news people getting put in prison for
4. publications which leads people to believe they can basically operate with impunity.

In comes the legal finesse. Assange is very well known, and isn't just a publisher, he allegedly provided material aid to Manning so that he could steal classified documents and subsequently
5. leak them to Assange. When there is a criminal case that will set precedent for future prosecutions, the prosecutors will search for and choose the strongest case possible (because they know it will likely end up in the Supreme Court). Kansas v. Hendricks is a hallmark case
6. of this concept. The prosecutors sat on bringing up the issue of civil detention for a while until they found the worst possible pedophile offender to put in front of the SC for the best chances of getting the ruling they wanted. The guy was a repeat offender who said that the
7. only way to stop him was to kill him, and they got the ruling they wanted - that civil detention isn't counted as double jeopardy because it isn't "criminal punishment" in nature. I obviously don't have access to the classified information the DOJ has on Assange, but I'm
8. seeing similarities in their tactics so I'm willing to bet they have an extremely strong case. I think they are holding out on prosecuting our journalists right now because if they bring a "weaker" case against one of the journalists who was being shady with the leaks, it
9. might not go the way they want. Assange allegedly aided Manning in stealing a massive amount of classified military information and if the Supreme Court rules that journalists can be charged for being directly involved in the process of the leaks instead of a passive/unknowing
10. party, then that ruling will open the door for all of the "weaker" cases to be prosecuted extremely effectively.

• • •

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24 Sep
Just watching the News Conference in the press room & I am as disgusted as most of you with the attitude of the juvenile reporters in the Press Corps.
With that said I have come up with suggestions for all of the following: @POTUS @PressSec @MarkMeadows @kayleighmcenany cont.
cont...1. Someone in charge of the Press Corps should call the heads of each individual media outlet and tell them that if their reporters do not adhere to the new policies which I will outline, they will lose their press pass.
2. The Press Sec will pass out a list of the (cont)
cont...names of those she will call on and in what order. Perhaps each person is given a number and she can call that number & the reporter can ask a question accordingly.
3. ANYONE who yells out or talks over Kayleigh will be immediately removed and suspended from (cont)
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10 Sep
@POTUS @TheJusticeDept @DHS_Wolf A pretty good post from VOAT!
It is now being reported that the Deep State (D's, MSM, and Muppets) are planning a FF event for..... the end of October. The planned event will engage a whole new set of "terrorists" known as children.
2. Yes, you read that right!
These terrorists (ages 3 to 33) will:

* Be known as "Trickers".

* Disguise themselves in "costumes" of various types, including WHITE SHEETS. (A blatant attempt to emulate "white supremacists".)

* Act "nice" to your face in an attempt
3. to "lure you in" to their trickery.

* Openly carry "weapons" like swards, knives, sticks, chains, pitchforks, and a myriad of other dangerous devices (while they may look like plastic, they are still very dangerous in the hands of terrorists.)

* Have "handlers" who
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6 Sep
This is another great post from VOAT.
"Even the fake news can no longer call them "peaceful protestors". It is over. The rest of the country is not Seattle. Tell George Soros, we are not Ukraine."

"Technically, this is not a civil war. It is more like a gang war.
2. It is that kind of mentality. There are not enough of them. It is not even a guerrilla war. They do not have an ideology. The BLM rank and file do not believe in anything -- they are nihilists. They are sick in their heads. Sometimes when one of them kills someone, it is
3. a conscious form of suicide -- death by police. Sometimes they are just psychopaths and sociopaths. George Soros has a political ideology but the rioters do not. They are just nasty, violent, mentally ill, easily manipulated, low IQ people -- incapable
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28 Aug
From a post on VOAT:
Another important word from Amanda Grace. There will be an attempt on Potus and family. Pray.
Word from the Lord on August 26th, 2020

I am God there is NONE other. I am the God of the day and the evening. Who created the seasons,
2. the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. Have I not said and will I not do says the Lord. Is My hand too short to save? Is My might too little that it cannot intervene and change the course of events? Have I left My throne? Have I stopped Ruling? Certainly not says
3. the Lord of Hosts. I am Almighty God. The evil one is Not!! And as much as he attempts to play such a role he falls VERY SHORT! For the enemy roams around like a lion seeking whom he may devour, and the PRIDE of lions are out in packs seeking to devour, devastate, and
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18 Aug
@realDonaldTrump Dear @POTUS Please for the love of GOD why isn't @TheJusticeDept issuing some order that makes Governors/Mayors to arrest the rioters? I am effing sick of hearing 1st Amendment. 1st Amendment = PEACEFUL PROTESTS. Why aren't they arrested for disturbing the
2. peace? Why can't YOU send in the military to stop the terrorists? Tanks and all! With a few "paddy wagons" to haul them all off to cages?
These people who go to the homes and make noise and use horns and megaphones-these are illegal acts-why are they not arrested?

Things are
3. so bad that I told my husband tonight that perhaps it's time amend the 1st amendment so that the legality is actually upheld at all times. Sir, what these people are doing is NOT Freedom of Speech. For those who actually know what the 1st Amendment DOES NOT ALLOW, let me
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16 Aug
The US Post Office Files a Patent for a Blockchain-Based Voting System.
The United States Postal Service (USPS) has filed a patent for a mail-in voting system that utilizes blockchain technology. The patent, which was filed in February and published on Thursday, follows
2. President Donald Trump’s conclusion that mail-in voting would turn into “ballots all over the place” and fraudulent ballots possibly named “after dogs and dead people”.

The postal service’s patent application abstract states,

“A voting system can use the security
4. of blockchain and the mail to provide a reliable voting system. A registered voter receives a computer-readable code in the mail and confirms identity and confirms correct ballot information in an election. The system separates voter identification and votes
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