Imagine if a man assaulted you on average twice a year (including rape) for the last five years.
Then imagine waking up to find that same man standing over you and your sleeping child at 4am with his privates exposed, where he proceeds to penetrate you digitally...

Imagine after consoling your child, you enter your living room to find that he's gone..but see your keys, your ATM card & your car are also gone.
Through tears, imagine calling the cops to report the incident & the feelings of humiliation in describing what just happened to you.
Next, just imagine how you'd feel to learn from the cops that this man has withdrawn money from your bank account twice since he left...

Now fast forward 3 months:
Imagine learning about his arrest for the outstanding warrant relating to his past crimes involving you.
How they found him armed with a knife.
How he was uncooperative & noncompliant.
How he resisted arrest while the officers attempted to gain compliance.
How he was twice shot with tasers yet which failed to subdue him.
How he fought with the officers..
How he put one of them in a headlock before breaking free and tried to get back into a vehicle.
How after their inability to gain his compliance by using verbal, physical and less lethal methods, the officers drew their weapons.
Yet how he continued to ignore their commands..
How even with the threat of lethal force present, he ignored them - just like he ignored your commands to stop hurting you...

Can you imagine it took 7 bullets to get this man to finally subdue?
While still dealing with your own humiliation involving him, imagine seeing the violence & protesting all being done in support of the man that abused you.

Imagine seeing the man who sexually abused you, stole from you & resisted arrest having a $2.2 million 'GoFundMe' account.
Imagine having @NFL players wearing your abusers name on their helmets & @MLB players walking off the field in support of him.

Imagine the Democratic VP candidate @KamalaHarris visiting your abuser in the hospital and telling him she's "proud of him".

Proud of him for what?
Imagine how it feels to have @JoeBiden visit your abusers family or for the Democrats to throw the entire #MeToo concept out the window because they think it benefits them politically by doing so.
It's hard to imagine that the a criminal by the name of #JacobBlake is exalted as a HERO, while the true VICTIM is nameless & virtually forgotten.
2015 Felony RESISTING ARREST, 1ct carrying firearm & intoxicated
5/20 Criminal Trespass, Domestic Abuse, 3rd Deg Sexual Assault.

8/20 Restraining Order Vio, RESISTED ARREST, wrestled LEO, tased 2x, attempted to flee.

Imagine hearing him whine & offer advice..
Move over #MeToo
Move over #LawAndOrder

Kamala literally told a criminal & an accused rapist that she's ‘Proud Of Him’.…
252 people arrested
$2 million in damage to city property
$385k damage to county property

#BidenHarris condoned the violence as evidenced by their statements & actions. The #GoFundMe for their gaslighting poster boy should be used to pay restitution.…
NFL Releases List of Approved Names for Helmets & Padding.
Including Jacob Blake's name.
Given his violent history of sexual assault, this stands in stark contrast to their efforts to improve their appeal to women through cracking down on domestic violence…
..But their appeal is hypocritical anyway given their history of keeping & hiring degenerates who are regularly arrested for abuse against women.
Check out this database &
see for yourself.
#MeToo be dammed.
Right @nflcommish ?

#NFLSunday 🚫🏈
#NFLKickoff #NFLRedZone
The NFL Kneelers are back on. I won't be be watching, but for those that do, please remember:

Though SHE remains nameless (unlike her abuser) let's try to imagine HER pain.
cc @realDonaldTrump

• • •

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6 Sep
2015 Felony RESISTING ARREST, 1ct carrying firearm & intoxicated
5/20 Criminal Trespass, Domestic Abuse, 3rd Deg Sexual Assault.

8/20 Restraining Order Vio, RESISTED ARREST, wrestled LEO, tased 2x, attempted to flee.

DON'T be a criminal like Jacob Blake
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5 Sep
Nearly 700 American vets issued an open letter offering their support of @realDonaldTrump against the baseless article & media attacks.

Saying: "Joe Biden’s record simply does not stand up to scrutiny, and they seek to distract the American people from that fact.” Image
“Anyone who knows President Trump has seen his love and reverence for our military and veterans. That is why we, veterans from every generation, are writing today to reaffirm our support for President Trump" Image
“Recent baseless media attacks against President Trump from anonymous sources are just another example of the depths to which the President’s opponents are willing to descend to divide the nation and meddle in this election,” Image
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1 Sep
.@realDonaldTrump is overtaking Biden, but polls reflecting this are being hidden!
Presently, Real Clear Politics polling avgs show OLD numbers vs the updated. VERY unusual for them!
Trump's popularity is a disaster to the media's Biden Lovefest narrative!
This omission is HUGE!
@Rasmussen_Poll blows the whistle on “National Poll Suppression” as Trump Closes the Gap!
#Trump2020Landslide 🇺🇸…
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29 Aug
There are 12 sure signs of dementia. Sadly, Joe Biden exhibits ALL of them.

"Dementia,” is an umbrella for degenerative & incurable disorders that are a breakdown of the mind.

The following THREAD clearly outlines his decline.

Very simply, he is NOT fit for the Presidency.
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17 Aug
Directly from a USPS Postmaster today:

Due to the design of
Mail-in ballots, without realizing, people are writing in their vote, placing ballots into the envelope without properly refolding them -resulting in THEIR OWN ADDRESS appearing in the envelope window

Not only is this inundating the post office a 2nd time, but happening SO FREQUENTLY they've tasked someone to open the ballots to refold them properly w/ the proper address appearing in the window.
This is SOP & happening all over. This person sees ALL the votes. Are they honest?
If that isn't concerning enough, what happens when a dishonest voter returns a mail-in ballot just prior to the election & also votes in person at the ballot box?
🛑 @realDonaldTrump PLEASE intervene. Mail-in voting needs to be stopped! Image
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26 Jul
The CEO of #Goya foods met w/@realDonaldTrump and the “cancel culture” called for a boycott of their brand.

There’s a movement to take down statues, change the names of military bases, and rewrite what was “wrong” with our history.

Here is the problem I’m having a hard time reconciling:

The Republican Party was created to abolish slavery. Lincoln was the first Republican President and he did just that - he freed the slaves.

The Democratic Party was totally in opposition to freeing the slaves.
The Democratic Party was totally in opposition to freeing the slaves. They fought hard, thank God they lost, and as history shows the Democratic Party went on to create the KKK, the Jim Crow laws, and they fought for segregation of schools..
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