A few months ago, I made a video about @TeamYouTube's woeful failure to enforce it's community guidelines about harassment when Steven Crowder tried to chase @gaywonk off the platform.

Today they gave me a guidelines strike for "harassment or cyberbullying" ON THAT VIDEO.
I am beyond livid.
I've very clearly been the subject of some sort of retaliatory mass flagging, because nothing in that video even came close to harassment or cyber-bullying.

@TeamYouTube , delete this strike immediately.
So to get the record of events correct here:
- YouTube fails to punish cyberbullies.
- In response to criticism, YouTube pushes new standards which actively harm the very people being attacked.
- They then punish me for speaking up about it.

• • •

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22 Sep
Inspired by @DrawfeeShow, I drew some of my childhood OCs.
In the center is Bob, that crystal on his head is an alien superweapon that allows his clothes to transform into extra body parts.
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a lifetime of being poor means each time you do up a monthly budget and end up with a surplus, you just end up doing the calculation again and again with more imaginary fees until you end up with a negative
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I'm watching a response video to one of my videos, and the guy said that "this is one of the most well studied issues in economics" and I shit you not, brought up an article from THE MISES INSTITUTE
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This tweet sucks shit, but a lot of people are misrepresenting WHY it sucks shit.

Soo is not saying "more 👏women 👏war 👏criminals"

She's saying that if more women were hired these abuses wouldn't occur.

That position is far worse.
She's viewing the problem as though it was merely toxic masculinity which produces police brutality, rather than the fact that the police as an institution were designed to encourage this type of brutality.
Most men are equally brain poisoned with toxic masculinity, most of them manage not to club anyone or throw tear gas at peaceful demonstrations.
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Is Dune horror? The world is presents is so fucking grim that I find it difficult not to think of it that way.
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and the world seems to be divided into classes of feudal lords with some degree of (or access to) magic brain powers that grant them this highly intricate system of subterfuge and counter-subterfuge, and miserable barely scraping by peasantry.
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13 Jul
It'd be a lot easier for me to left go of 'lefttube drama' if the people I'm trying to ignore would just leave me alone in stead of constantly escalating the conflict and sending their dipshit fans to harass me wherever I go.
It's not shocking, because I've seen them do it to so many people before me, but it's fucking irritating.
I'm just frustrated because someone called me an abuser on twitch, claiming that I lead brigades to attack people online, and I do NO. SUCH. THING.

I have ALWAYS been careful not to use my platform that way,& been careful when it comes to my attention people are being dog-piled.
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